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  1. 34025. (Please ignore the 36,690 score -- that was done by starting at a higher level. This round started at 1.)
  2. Please disregard this if it's not allowed, but is there any chance someone could send me a clean Rom of this or direct me to where I might be able to play it online using the required settings? I've become really download-shy ever since EmuParadise more or less folded. Rom Hustler seems safe enough but I'm not 100 per cent convinced. The Internet Archive has proven to be a good online place for games (it's MAME-based and you can even adjust the settings, plus it almost always uses the version Roadrunner specifies). However, this and Commando are not available. Advice?
  3. 23,020. That's as much as I'm going to bother -- it's just not my thing.
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