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  1. 14,620. This is the best I'm going to do. At least I beat my even more pathetic previous PB.
  2. 20,742. Probably the best I'm going to do. Wish I could have dedicated more time to this game because it's fantastic. I really hope we get more Imagic games next season rather than Activision.
  3. Astroblast 22,475. That's as good as I'm going to do. God, I hate video games that take your score away.
  4. Colony 7: 77,425. DoDonPachi: 4,265,750. Wouldn't normally post scores two days in a row but I'm really proud I made it on the board.
  5. DoDonPachi: 3,394,060. Preferred ship is the top option with laser shot. Colony 7: 24450.
  6. Not sure I understand. Does this mean we add the additional credit for more firepower or do we not?
  7. Oh I'm not done with you Tumblepop. Now it's personal (which is to say that it's no longer within the boundaries of this competition and therefore no one will care).
  8. Tumblepop 198,500. The Speed Rumbler 36,400. Figured I should post these now as I may not have a chance tomorrow.
  9. Astroblast 6,625. 12,030. Did you really think I was going to settle for my lowly four-digit score when some of you maniacs are already scoring so high? Not tonight Uncle Fritz -- not tonight.
  10. ...for the Harmony Cart order page to provide a dead-simple interface including a.) the various configurations of the cart and what they mean and b.) how much they cost? I shouldn't have to scour this forum looking for this information when it should be right there.
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