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  1. It ain't easy -- that's for sure, although I've found in the past a good mouse will suffice. If I don't get a non-jumpy mouse by the time this round ends, I'm not even going to post a score.
  2. This is a wretched version of a game I've come to really like. And no, it's not a case of "I hate it because I'm doing crappy and will like it when I start getting better" -- it's truly one of the worst 2600 ports I've ever seen, possibly worse than Pac-Man (hot take, I know). I had never played Gorf when I did my original review on my blog so I had no idea how unfaithful it was. What graphical limitations prevented CBS Electronics from including the shield in the Space Invaders and mothership levels? Why can't you move up and down and diagonally? I understand the absence of the Galaxian level (copyright issues) but why in the world wouldn't they include explosions in the second screen? Half the time I have no idea if I hit something because enemies seem to disappear at random. All this actually makes it harder than arcade Gorf, which is no walk in the park itself but was at least expertly programmed. But I'll probably keep playing it because I'm a sucker for this HSC.
  3. My apologies. I had the score down on paper but must have missed it when entering. S. Baz has 19 points total, including the +4 he received for his participation in Bagman. He did not play Magic Sword (please correct if i'm wrong S.Baz) and did not participate in Round 3. Sorry again for all the confusion.
  4. That's weird. I looked at my hard copy and I have you down at 19(+4 from Week 2). It looks like Leto is doing the totals again -- I will bring this to his attention.
  5. Millipede 47,690. I dedicate this score to Zoyous. As someone who thinks Millipede beats Centipede by a country mile, Zoyous' opinion to the contrary inspired me to put extra effort into beating his score. All in good fun, of course. 😀
  6. I certainly hope not -- not for my sake, but many competitors wait until the second week to post scores. EDIT: No word from Leto27 yet. Don't know about you guys, but until I know otherwise I'm going to assume the August 4 date is a mistake. If it's not a mistake, so be it, I guess.
  7. Round 2 Tally Bagman 1. Leto27 66,640 2. Cynicaster 42,290 3. zoyous 24,600 4. AtariWarlord 24,060 5. Floyd Turbo 23,820 6. youxia 23,580 7. S.Baz 23,370 8. jblenkle 23,220 9. hero2billions 4,520 Magic Sword Heroic Fantasy 1. Leto27 451,854 2. hero2billions 174,770 3. youxia 141,894 4. Cynicaster 112,935 5. zoyous 93,530 6. Floyd Turbo 77,738 7. AtariWarlord 69,074 8. jblenkle 34,600 9. roadrunner 31,440 Standings After Round 2 (Bagman and Magic Sword Heroic Fantasy) Cynicaster 32 (+16) Leto27 30 (+20) youxia 30 (+14) zoyous 25 (+14) AtariWarlord 25 (+11) Floyd Turbo 14 (+11) hero2billions 14 (+11) jblenkle 11 (+6) roadrunner 11 (+2) patbb 7 Mangia-boy 4
  8. Sorry I haven't got to last round's stats yet. Expect them this week.
  9. Would be nice to see more participation in the Arcade/MAME HSC. Leto27 routinely comes up with some relatively obscure but fun games. The current round is Bagman and Magic Sword: Heroic Fantasy.

    1. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      I'd participate, if I had the time.

  10. Magic Sword 69,074. Thanks Leto -- thanks to your advice I finally destroyed the first boss.
  11. Nobody answered my last question (figured it out myself: the third button does nothing), but I'll try again with a new one. Why does your vitality run out in Magic Sword even if you don't get hit by anything? Does it deduct for both hits and energy loss? Inquiring minds would like to know because I sure would hate to end this round without conquering the first boss at least once.
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