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  1. I set my dip switch to 8. EDIT: Just out of curiosity, I tried the game on Difficulty 1 and it's still hard as balls. I thought I could easily beat my Diff 8 personal best on that setting but actually couldn't. I have since set the DIP back to 8, although I don't think I've posted any Juno First scores since that time anyway.
  2. Gorf 6,800. I concede. I hate this game and the fact that I had to play it for a second time this season. I think I need to take a season's break from the HSC. I never get better and always wind up in the silver bracket every time (I know that's not terrible, but I would really like to improve). When it's not fun anymore, it's time to go.
  3. First off, great picks! New Rally-X 65,100. Juno First 33,790.
  4. Berzerk 7,500. Finally reached 7K. Still think I can do better. I should be careful -- if this game can cause two perfectly healthy teenagers to have heart attacks (or so the urban legend goes) imagine what it can do to someone my age.
  5. Gorf 3,800. I hate this version of the game, but I'm still grateful I'm not playing Frankenstein's Monster.
  6. Mercs 72,050. Berzerk 6,960. Just can't seem to reach 7K.
  7. First off, congrats to all! *Favorite Game from Season 9 H.E.R.O and Pressure Cooker *Most Surprising Game from Season 9 Fantastic Voyage, Tutankham. *Worst Game from Season 9 Frankenstein's Monster, Oink! (Don't be fooled by the grades on my site -- that was before I played them competitively. FM took a deep dive when I discovered how much the game robs you of points.)
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