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  1. Sorry for not getting my scores in the last couple of rounds -- this group needs the support. I can see Mr. Do's Wild Ride becoming insanely addictive though.
  2. Anybody know how to get the potentiometer (I assume that means a paddle) to work in MAME?
  3. Good to see the group going again, even for a one-off. Do you have the ROM?
  4. The Sun of Star Quadrant Jupiter, an aurora flare and a planet(?).
  5. While we're in Imagic mode, here's Moonsweeper for my entry.
  6. Hey Cynicaster -- any news on the new season yet? Not being pushy -- just wondering.
  7. I have to say something here. Bonus challenges used to be really good for less-competent players to redeem a few points. I've noticed a recent trend where bonuses have been tied to the player's competency at the main challenge. Personally speaking, I would prefer if bonuses would revert to the older approach. Subterranea is a very hard game -- at one time I was able to figure out the patterns of the tunnel-dwellers and the entryways but this time I've been lost. If any game qualified as a two-weeker, it would be this one.
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