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  1. The Sun of Star Quadrant Jupiter, an aurora flare and a planet(?).
  2. While we're in Imagic mode, here's Moonsweeper for my entry.
  3. Hey Cynicaster -- any news on the new season yet? Not being pushy -- just wondering.
  4. I have to say something here. Bonus challenges used to be really good for less-competent players to redeem a few points. I've noticed a recent trend where bonuses have been tied to the player's competency at the main challenge. Personally speaking, I would prefer if bonuses would revert to the older approach. Subterranea is a very hard game -- at one time I was able to figure out the patterns of the tunnel-dwellers and the entryways but this time I've been lost. If any game qualified as a two-weeker, it would be this one.
  5. Thanks for the great season -- it's introduced me to some great games I would never have heard of before (Ali Baba and Thunderpop come to mind). Thanks for the consolation awards for less-than-stellar players like myself. Look forward to the new season.
  6. Small improvements in everything but Frogger: Time Pilot 170,800 Ali Baba 32,000. Grobda 14,560
  7. Seeing as it's almost the half-way point, I thought I'd provide an update: Time Pilot 154,700. Frogger 11,260. Like Donkey Kong, Frogger is on my bucket list of games to master. I still have a ways to go. Ali Baba and 40 Thieves 17,900. This game is winning me over. Nothing for Grobda yet. I've played it a few times but have gotten frustrated at so often blowing myself up by shooting an enemy tank that's too close to me.
  8. Excitebike 68,745. This is as far as I've been able to get going from Beginner forward.
  9. Re: Vs Excitebike. It was never made clear in the original competition whether we needed to select the "beginner" track each time or whether we could select a more difficult track to start. Cynicaster, please clarify.
  10. Boogie Wings 127,880. Edit: I just remembered I achieved this score before the redemption round started, so I'm removing it from competition.
  11. Is the new round coming up or are we now in the redemption round?
  12. Donkey Kong 34,600. I'm taking a new approach to this competition. I'm not looking at anyone else's scores or comparing mine to anyone else's. If I beat my own scores, that's great, but I can't even come close to competing with you guys.
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