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  1. Is the new round coming up or are we now in the redemption round?
  2. Donkey Kong 34,600. I'm taking a new approach to this competition. I'm not looking at anyone else's scores or comparing mine to anyone else's. If I beat my own scores, that's great, but I can't even come close to competing with you guys.
  3. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but this is probably my first time playing honest-to-God arcade Donkey Kong. I've played the NES version via the Wii store, the 2600 version and Crazy Kong which is almost a straight rip of the original. What I've learned so far? It's brutal. No wonder it's so highly contested for high scores -- doing well is a remarkable achievement.
  4. Seems like a lot of folks decided to skip this round. Too bad -- these were two great games. Boogie Wings took some getting used to but there is a refreshing sense of open gameplay you wouldn't expect from a horizontally-scrolling shooter. There is no clearly-patterned recipe for success -- you just have to keep experimenting (full disclosure: I still haven't beat any of the secondary levels).
  5. Boogie Wings 84,990. Hey, an improvement is an improvement.
  6. Probably Coney Island -- it's probably the easiest (which is not to say it's easy -- just relatively so).
  7. I don't have a lot to add here, but please: less Activision and more Imagic games. Activision's great but it's a well-tapped well; there are all kinds of great Imagic games that I haven't seen in the competition and I started in 2016. A few for your consideration: Shootin' Gallery, Subterranea, Moonsweeper.
  8. This is too long coming and my apologies, but I concede. I've never been able to make 60K in Pole Position and I can't see me starting now.
  9. Qix 17,906. Not sure how I'm doing worse on the arcade version than on the Atari 5200 with its awful controls, but that's where I'm at. Boogie Wings 63,490. Okay, I'm starting to get a feel for the skyhook and what to do with it. Still don't feel like I'm making much progress though. There's so much background that my old eyes often have a problem figuring out where my man on the ground is. It's a good but extremely busy game; developer needed to lay off the coke.
  10. Okay, Boogie Wings. Can someone explain WTF I just played?
  11. 14,620. This is the best I'm going to do. At least I beat my even more pathetic previous PB.
  12. 20,742. Probably the best I'm going to do. Wish I could have dedicated more time to this game because it's fantastic. I really hope we get more Imagic games next season rather than Activision.
  13. Astroblast 22,475. That's as good as I'm going to do. God, I hate video games that take your score away.
  14. Colony 7: 77,425. DoDonPachi: 4,265,750. Wouldn't normally post scores two days in a row but I'm really proud I made it on the board.
  15. DoDonPachi: 3,394,060. Preferred ship is the top option with laser shot. Colony 7: 24450.
  16. Not sure I understand. Does this mean we add the additional credit for more firepower or do we not?
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