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  1. Star Castle 5,140. It's an acquired taste for sure, but I'm starting to moderately enjoy this game. I'm still not sure what causes the red shield to regenerate though.
  2. Time to get a Ms. Galactopus score on the board: 4,930.
  3. Thanks -- I have to give some credit to you for suggesting starting the game in Australia.
  4. Hope you're feeling better. Depression is at its worst when it stops a person from enjoying the things that give them the most joy.
  5. Eastern Russia (I presume that's what it is -- it's not a very precise map). At any rate, it's the first level you encounter after defeating Australia.
  6. Spiderdroid 6,179. Vocelli, I think there has been some confusion between my scores and Atari_Warlord's scores (I will probably have to give up my user name at the end of the season because A_W had it first and it just causes too much confusion). Also, my current, already-posted high score for Spider-Man is 1,960. I'm posting it here again for your convenience.
  7. Rush 'n Attack 18,100. After my first experience with this game I wasn't planning on competing for it at all, but I figured I should at least get a score up on the board. I'm actually starting to like it.
  8. Spideramidardroid 2,936. I think Spider Fighter might have been a better choice for a spider game, just sayin'.
  9. Star Castle 4,050. In my humble opinion, I think whoever suggested the game (lookin' at you S.BAZ) should give us an idea how to play it. Not looking for tip freebies but it would be nice to know about some of the quirks that make it so hard to play (starting with my earlier question of why you can't see your own lasers).
  10. Thanks -- that doesn't make us feel any better🤪.
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