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  1. Thanks for the quote. I've actually been thinking about dusting off the old blog again.
  2. Ah 2600 Spider-Man: a familiar old nemesis. Very clever to write an Amidar clone off as a spider game😄.
  3. Star Castle 3,460. This game isn't nearly as hard as Rush 'n Attack (which I find damn near impossible) but I still haven't figured out any kind of strategy. Only time I've ever shot the middle ship was completely by accident
  4. Snow Bros too. I think it even has some of the same characters. On another note, I've never played Star Castle before. Is it typical that you're not able to see the shots you fire?
  5. Eyes 139,040. This is not a terribly hard game once you figure out some tricks, so I suspect that many of you will beat me handily. In the meantime I'll bask in my moment of glory.
  6. I've been practicing Eyes in anticipation of this moment. It's ... a strange game.
  7. Last minute question out of desperation re Devil World: why do you seem to lose energy even if you haven't been hit? Are you actually penalized for using weapons too much or is it just a timed quarter-gobbling thing a la Gauntlet?
  8. 18,600. I can't believe I'm actually enjoying this game.
  9. Pull the Band-Aid off early I always say: 5,600.
  10. THE Speed Rumbler 27,200. It's taken me the better part of two weeks just to get the hang of the controls for this game.
  11. Devil World 115,300. Glad there's at least one game I'm doing okay-ish at. I'm proving absolutely hopeless at Speed Rumbler. Excuse me: THE Speed Rumbler.
  12. Condor Attack Game 0: 5,868. At least I think it's Condor Attack -- my snapshot identified it as "Vulture Attack - K-Tel Version." I'm assuming it's the same game until I'm told otherwise. We all know how some of these fly-by-night companies cannibalized each other's games.
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