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  1. Asteroids 28,370. Diff A Game 4 Once you hit the first 20,000, the rest come relatively easy.
  2. Galaxian default setting 14,020. Not a huge jump but making progress.
  3. A slight improvement. Took almost a week to do it.
  4. Finally: a score that I'm not entirely ashamed of to put on the board. I hate, hate, hate this game.
  5. 2,660. I think I like this game better, at least as a competitive game.
  6. 5,400. I have to reteach myself the jumping maneuvers every time I play this game.
  7. OK -- getting better. I find fatigue can set in really early in this game. Just got to keep trying.
  8. Well, good to see you're all doing really well. I have no idea how; this game is really, really hard. I find I can't even see my own cannon when it's on that accursed blue on grey stage. Then again, I'm using emu (don't have the software) -- I'm sure I could do much better if I could use a trakball or even a joystick.
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