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  1. I swear this is the year I bite the bullet and buy a Harmony Cart. The difference between my scores on actual hardware versus emu with Enduro and Pole Position (just happened to have both carts) convinced me.
  2. It's really only the control setup which makes Defender as hard as it is. The thrust and reverse commands are a pain in the ass -- compare it to, say, Defender II aka Stargate on the 2600 and the ability to simply fly in the direction you want makes all the difference. I'm pretty much maxed out at 15,000 on Defender, even though I've arguably played it more than any MAME HSC game simply because -- for all of its rage fuel -- I genuinely love the game.
  3. Dragster 6.74. Not a huge improvement but when every millisecond counts...
  4. Dragster 6.78. Awful score. I know there are some tips and tricks to doing better but right now I'm more concerned with getting a time on the board.
  5. As far as console Defender is concerned, to date I've played 2600 Defender, 2600 Stargate (Defender II), NES Defender II and 5200 Defender. None of them come close to the difficulty of the arcade original, except perhaps 5200 Defender on account of the atrocious controls.
  6. Pole Position 58,660. You're really going to make me play Dragster lol? That's one of those games I enjoy once I get the hang of it but until that point my swearing can peel wallpaper.
  7. Twenty thousand-ish is better than 99 per cent of the world's population could ever accomplish on Defender.
  8. 555. I'm pretty sure I have the Enduro cart, so it may be worthwhile to pull out the old Vader and see if using a joystick can improve my score. I always find myself stuck on the fourth lap on emu.
  9. Defender 8,950. Cynicaster, I deleted defender.cfg to ensure I'm working with the same settings as everyone else. Alien vs Predator 368,100.
  10. I don't see any dip switch options for Defender. Is there a way to check these just to make sure they're correct?
  11. Thanks Rogerpoco and Fake Cortex. Thanks to you guys I think I may finally have the tools to win this thing, but I may not have enough time. Even with your solid advice, the best I've been able to get is 14 hits on the center cannon. That's far better than before though.
  12. The real question for me is how to produce a good arrangement. Your strategy of focusing entirely on destroying the right cannon first got me closer to winning than I have yet (thank you for that) but I'm still stymied about arrangement and I've tried just about everything.
  13. Renegade 18,050. I had just about given up all hope of making it past the first round.
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