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  1. Twin Cobra 94,940. Finally got to the first aircraft carrier on a single credit.
  2. 14,429. This game certainly requires patience.
  3. Didn't we do Death Trap fairly recently, as in 2018 or 19 recently?
  4. Rainbow Islands 313,510. Turns out I way overthought the first boss. Thanks all for your help.
  5. Seeing as you're so far ahead, can you PLEASE offer some input on how to fight that first bee boss? I know you're supposed to knock it out by jumping on rainbows over it, but how do you avoid just landing on the bee itself and losing a life?
  6. Captain America and the Avengers 23,700. Did better than I thought on a single credit (helps to keep expectations low). Vision is still my guy.
  7. Captain America and the Avengers 5,200. Mainly just posting this to get a score on the board. Holy crap what a cheap quarter-gobbler, although I admit I enjoyed playing with Vision. Off-topic but somewhat relevant: video games that started with that FBI warning "Winners don't use drugs" just made me want to do drugs out of spite.
  8. Rainbow Islands 139,730. Getting past that first boss (which I have not yet done) is brutal.
  9. If anyone figures out how to shoot multiple rainbows in a row in RS, please let me know. I've done it but I have no idea how I did.
  10. I've gotten so used to playing with a keyboard that playing with more appropriate hardware (which I sometimes have a chance to do in the Atari 2600 HSC) feels awkward.
  11. Rainbow Island 74,140. I don't think much success with CA&TA will be in the cards for me.
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