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  1. @kevtris Was wondering if the Super Nt will emulate/simulate some of the chips like Super FX, DSP1, SA1 sort of like the Nt mini did with mappers. Know it is probably a long shot, but was just wondering. Thanks for your work!
  2. For those that want the black and white palette for GB games instead of the green, just load the game in the GBC core and press B+Left on the start up screen.
  3. Some games require the Japanese BIOS like Phantasy Star, others don't. Wonder Boy III is just a special case that doesn't work.
  4. I tried as many combinations as possible including the "Export" box and the FM still didn't work. I did notice when I selectws the "Export" Box, the title screen shows the US title screen "Wonder Boy III", otherwise it would default to the Japanese title screen "Monster World II"
  5. I've done some testing with the Master System Core and it seems that the FM sound will not play for Wonderboy III Dragon's Trap even if I load the Japanese BIOS or use the FM Hack. From what I've read the Master System needs the region of the console to be Japan. I don't know if just having the correct BIOS works. Is there a setting that can be added so the FM sound works for this game or is there a setting I'm already missing?
  6. Please add me to the preorder list for the cased version.
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