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  1. Finally launched the campaign for Boss! Take a look, see what you think! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/boss-a-brand-new-atari-2600-game/x/4242934#/
  2. I wanted to say thanks for all of the great ideas! I've gone with Al from AtariAge; and have actually gone live with the campaign, if anyone is interested! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/boss-a-brand-new-atari-2600-game/x/4242934#/
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a good manufacturer for an upcoming 2600 game titled BOSS, coming through Indiegogo shortly. I've been referred away from HozerVG, and am looking for more info and sources, in a hurry. Here's the initial thread (which I probably should've posted here) -http://atariage.com/forums/topic/257218-boss-homebrew-for-atari-2600-incoming/ Thanks!
  4. Quick update. Trying to nail down a cart manufacturer, record a bit of a promo video starring my kids and the game, and if everything is cool, launching the campaign on Tuesday. Pretty excited.
  5. I do believe that I recall him saying it was an unused variant of sorts of Cyber Willy? Twist'r Shark looks rad, btw. Wish I'd heard of it before now.
  6. Not as of yet, I'm afraid. It's on the to-do list, though!
  7. Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster! Anyway, within a couple of days, I'm launching the Indiegogo for BOSS. It was developed by theloon (Jason from Gemintronic), and is a boss rush shmup of sorts. Really cool stuff, and looking forward to some high score competition, personally. Kind of letting you guys in on it first, being a dedicated Atari community and all. Not totally sure what kind of limits we're looking at on number of carts, waiting to hear back. There will be tiers for cart only, deluxe with case, and some other little bits as well. I'll follow up with more info soon, and will get the link here as soon as it's available. I hope you look forward to it, and I'm happy to finally be posting here!
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