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  1. The penultimate Tate and Adrian Atari Jaguar show!? Quite possibly! Today we reflect on the middle section of my alphabetised Jag CD games! Hover Strike, Iron Soldier 2 & MYST are all discussed and ranked! Which of these 3 is your favourite? Plus a special unreleased Jag CD game is also chucked in for good measure!
  2. Battlemorph, Blue Lightning or Baldies! What is the best B Titled Jag CD Game? I reflect on all the B titled Jaguar CD games in my collection and see what my 8 year old son thinks! The games covered include Battlemorph, Blue Lightning & Baldies! Which of these 3 games is your favourite?
  3. Amiga Top 25 Games - Video - Part 2 Any of your fave Amiga games appear in our list!? Our Top 25 Amiga games part 2 video has just be released! We run through games listed 15 to 6 place! Please let me know what you think of our choices? Do you agree? Can you guess any of our top 5? Any feedback would be very much appreciated. https://youtu.be/qK7BJibNUug
  4. The end of the Tate & Adrian crazy Jaguar A-Z show?! Maybe... Maybe not! You'll have to watch the latest video to find out! In today's video Tate and I reflect on all the Z titled Jaguar games in my collection and see what my 8 year old son thinks! Lots of opportunities to legitimately talk about my secret love; ZOOOOOOL! The games covered include my beloved Zool 2, Zoop and Zero 5. Which of these 3 games is your favourite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPcoTGREzsI
  5. Yeah, I decided early on just to go from A - Z. In a funny way it has made some of the games combined very odd, but hopefully in a good way! I will soon be doing my A-Z of Jag CD games.
  6. Thanks. I am trying to spread the Jag love to to the youth! The A-Z lists do throw up some weird combos, I agree.
  7. This feedback really means a lot to me. Thank you. Eugene was an awesome guest, I agree.
  8. Thank you. I appreciate this comment. I hope you enjoy the interview if you have time to listen.
  9. What's better: Val d'Isère Skiing, Wolfenstein 3D, White Men Can't Jump or Xenon 2!? Yup, I discuss the V, W & X games in my Jaguar collection, with my son Tate's input of course! Which of these 4 is your personal favourite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FADGlvVT0k
  10. I understand. Podcasts are not for everyone. I just shared it as I thought it was a nice interview. Especially the Atari talk. I like to spread the word of Atari and Jag and I hope people can see that I mean well.
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