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  1. I can confirm it is working. Zaxxon, The A-Team and Buck Rogers all work now. Thanks.
  2. I just made and flashed my uno2600 cart but im having a problem with the new firmware. zaxxon, the A Team and Buck Rogers don't work. They work if i put the firmware from the uno2600 github site. Any idea's
  3. I have found that if the eeprom-writer.hex is flashed after the sdrive.hex file it doesn't always work propperly for some reason. Also i have found that the uno won't work properly on 5volts from the usb lead and that the sdrive can be a little slow running from anything with 5volts and that includes powering from the atari.
  4. I use Eolas Beige (Bone on there website) Eolas Grey and the silver is Prusament PLA at the moment. and im using Dagoma Chromatik pla Beige at the moment as Eolas was sold out on amazon.
  5. I have ordered a 2.4 screen. When it gets here hopefully in the next month i will modify the case to fit the screen better.
  6. Looks good. Is the empty footprint for a crystal?
  7. Here's something im working on to fit my board better.
  8. Here's the last case for abit, might do a 800 case not sure yet though. STL file is below. Enjoy . Atari XL Case with Stylus holder.stl
  9. Case update. Now with a stylus holder Atari Sdrive Max XE Case with pen holder.stl
  10. It's just me I'm afraid at the moment. As for price I can do just the case for £13 that includes standard postage without tracking. Or I can do case sio cable (wired) with the sio fix for £18 with postage as above or the complete package for £47 and that includes the postage with tracking. On my eBay site the complete package would be £54 with the postage.
  11. I have an update for this case just need to make sure things are good before i release the stl file. I think the line on the case was when i paused the print.
  12. I have an update for this case just need to make sure things are good before i release the stl file. I think the line was when i paused the print.
  13. I'm in the UK but I'm sure I can sort you one out.
  14. I used .2 for resolution infill was 25% I think and filament was prailine pla light grey. I printed on a prusa i3s using simplify3d. You might have to adjust your settings thou as the prusaslicer one was stringy.
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