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  1. I have found this list of development Discord servers (some of them are really nice): It is just a pity that there does not seem to be a dev Discord server/servers for the second generation of consoles… Maybe AtariAge Discord could fill the void?
  2. @kevtris Do you think there might be any potential use for the Field-Programmable Analog Array (FPAA) technology when it comes to retrohardware projects (such as yours) in the future?
  3. I guess there's no way to add the clock functionality (for the menu and games) to the Nt mini and the Super Nt using the mains frequency? See: Mains Clocking A Microcontroller
  4. This is very interesting. Have you still got the source for this information? I would love to read more.
  5. Some new findings regarding the Pinball Fantasies Game Boy emulation issues. Maybe you will find this useful Kevtris (or maybe not...).
  6. It's worth noting that the new Replay2 board is being developed.
  7. You're absolutely wrong! There's no Mysterious Benefactor, it's all thanks to the Firmware Fairy! Just put your Super Nt with the stock firmware under your pillow, and you will see...
  8. Someone asked whether the SNES code injection techniques would work with the Super Nt. I guess that person meant something like this, for instance: SNES Code Injection -- Flappy Bird in SMW
  9. It looks like someone has already done some testing with SNES surround sound games and the Super Nt: "I'm running the Super NT into a Denon AVR-S930H via HDMI, which detected and decoded the Dolby Surround from Fatal Fury Special. I can't even describe how weird and cool it is to hear SNES games in actual surround. It's bananas. Highly recommended."
  10. @Kevtris, some people mentioned problems with their screens in this thread, do you think it would be a good idea if they provided their EDID dumps for you? Is the AMD EDID Utility a good tool for this (on this page they mention a text and binary file which format do you prefer, BTW?)?
  11. Talking about an old-school CRT-like experience, I have already mentioned that UltraHDMI (also FPGA-based) has something called "Retro Mode", you can see how this looks on this page.
  12. I have just found the MLiG video about the Super UFO Pro 8 where they talk about the lock-on feature of this flashcart, so this could be related.
  13. Hmm... Someone asked this very interesting question, so I will post it here as well: "Could games from SD be tricked into using the expansion chip of an inserted cartridge?"
  14. Kevtris said: "The problem is exfat is under heavy patent protection, and you have to pay a microsoft tax to use it. Not to mention, the spec isn't even available unless you pay MS a lot of money. So I don't think that is going to happen any time soon. This is why lots of things only support FAT32. My dashcam is a good example. It will format SD cards up to 64 gigs in size with FAT32 for use with the camera since windows was artificially restricted to format only a maximum of 32 gigs as FAT32 and anything larger must be exfat. This is an artificial limitation designed to make MS money via licensing fees. As far as I know, exfat hasn't been fully reverse engineered yet. The patents for FAT32 and long file names ran out, so microsoft decided to create another patent encumbered format to keep the gravytrain rolling in."
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