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  1. Just got mine in the mail today. Just popped it into my PC and had to disable DSP to get any life out of it. Though I only get a rainbow Jag logo and a warp starfield. Guess I need to figure out how to rip it into a j64 image for my GD.
  2. Just snagged one! Now to make a DVD case cover for it.
  3. If we bought a copy, would it work on Virtual Jaguar? I ask, because I have had no success in making a Jag CD iso converted for use on my Game Drive.
  4. If only I didn't suck at shmups.....
  5. So far....1250 points..... though shmups have never been my strong suit.....though one of my favorite genres.
  6. Or even better, how many people will actually go out and buy a new optical drive to listen and rip the CD lol.
  7. Yeah unfortunately optical drives are becoming a thing of the past. Now we put SD cards and flash drives in our PCs just like the old days when we put the old 5.5" and 3.25" floppy disks in our PCs.
  8. Mine came early yesterday. I've been drooling over them since getting home from work late last night. Too tired to play, saving that for today. But still made some time to rip Last Strikes soundtrack into my PC to put on my phone. I'll be listening to that as I mow the lawn today to get psyched for playing.
  9. Saturn, you suck. Just Kidding lol.My order just left Texas on its way to Pennsylvania. I can't wait for mine. According to USPS I should have it by Friday. I'm glad I have that day off lol.
  10. Same, I've added one of each over the last several months. With the exception of Xenon 2. I have one of those already from Gaz lol. This will be the first time I have 3 boxed carts coming from AA. The last time I can home with so many was the Pittsburgh Retro Game Con and I came home with over $400 worth of NES and Genesis games from Mega Cat Studios lol.
  11. Just ordered the Evercade premium pack as an early birthday present. Just received my Piko Collection 1 and Mega Cat Collection 1 carts in the mail. I plan on collecting the whole lot, but I do have one question. Has anyone tried the EverSD flash cart? I've been curious about it, with being able to add games to the system that aren't included in the collections. Namely Atari and NES homebrews like Juno First, Draconian, and Blade Buster.
  12. That looks bad ass. I love how the cart lights up. Just like my 8-Bit Xmas 2020 cart.
  13. I had gotten an email from Al yesterday regarding my preorder. Looks like he was having an issue with the Jag manuals that still needs ironed out. He also said about having some issues with labels, though he didn't mention for which titles. He just seemed to be having trouble getting all the materials needed rounded up. Likely due to Covid I suspect. Shipping and shipping costs are a disaster as of late. He did sound hopeful that the games will be on their way before the end of the month.
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