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  1. Agreed. I'm still a member at RCGroups. They've had a similar setup for many years now. The ads have helped keep the site afloat. Though for the most part, the ads there generally lean toward companies associated with the R/C hobby. It would be great to see something similar here at AA. Advertising for CollectorVision Games, Nintendo Age, Piko Interactive, just to name a few.
  2. Now thats an idea. I never considered using a laptop bag to carry my consoles around from my friends homes... Luckily the walmart I work at has a few on clearance for 2 bucks. Now I have reason to snag them lol.
  3. I like the Imagic carts. Like the Jaguar carts, it gives you a little extra grip to hold on to.
  4. I wish I could say the same. My Jr has finally had the two remaining screw holes break. The only thing holding mine together is gravity and electrical tape. Both my 5200 and 7800 feel....more sturdily built than my Jr.
  5. I've made 2 covers for the homebrews Endless Snow and Juno First. Though my JF cover is custom and not accurate to the AtariAge release. I've been using GIMP for my custom covers for Atari, NES, SNES, and GameBoy.
  6. Well unfortunately with my brother wanting to get married in Hawaii, I need to put off my SD cart till atleast next summer. I just wish things in Hawaii wasn't so expensive.
  7. I feel like I was using my old Systemax and Pionex PCs from back in middle school and high school again. Looks crazy weird looking at something that was likely made with Windows 98.
  8. So how would we use either the number pad on the 5200 controller for the games that support it. If I'm following you right, we can only plug in a replacement joystick or controller (2600 or Genesis) into the adapter. I'm thinking I need a second adapter for it.
  9. Definitely interested in one of these adapters. I've pretty much shelved my 5200 2 port due to the infuriating controller, and lack of composite support. I've pretty much figured now that I have the machine, the upgrades will come later. I just need to be patient. I had been holding out some hope for support for the Jag controller, since I have two of those.
  10. This thing is going to be a day one purchase easy. Ever since I before I got my Jags last summer, I've been patiently waiting for this cart to release.
  11. I watched the documentary Hard to Master: The Fate of Atari. It seemed that the one person who had the best idea of what they should be doing was Nolan Bushnell himself. Ray Kassar was more interested in pushing as many 2600 consoles as he could. Bushnell saw that they needed to begin working on what he called the VCS 2. Had he not sold the company to Warner, the VCS 2 likely would've released and the market may not have become too much more saturated than it already was.
  12. Yeah on paper atleast. It just too bad that due to Nintendo's restrictive licensing policies, we couldn't see either the 7800 or the SMS truly shine. If Ace of Aces or Phantasy Star were any indication, Nintendo could've had some serious competition.
  13. I never had the 7800 either. I really don't even remember it back in the day. But I agree, the marketing department dropped the ball with it. I don't think they should've shelved it. If they had the time to release more games and build up a more solid library, they probably would've made more of an impact when competing with Nintendo and Sega. Just the other day, I added the Master System to my collection with a nice selection of carts and cards to play. If not for Nintendo's marketing and the licensing restrictions, both Atari and Sega easily would've closed the gap. The color palettes alone with the SMS and 7800 make the NES look like a toy.
  14. Exactly. I collect my games to play, not just for looks. If I wanted to just look at the games, I may as well just do stamp collecting instead lol.
  15. Yes actually, I'm not a huge fan of digital downloads for video games. I prefer to have the cart or disc. I see the usefulness of digital only from Sony's perspective with no overhead on disc production. But having grown up with having my games on cart or disc is my preference. And if Polybius ever released on Jag, SNES, Genny, etc., I would be happy to buy the game again to have a physical copy.
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