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  1. Second! That Jag is alot cleaner than mine, as she sits atop my NES lol.
  2. I just found a listing for the ps2 adapter on ebay. I think they're still made by MacRorie if the seller name is thebrewingacademy. Hell I even found a Jag to USB adapter to use with Virtual Jaguar.
  3. Scrolled back above, and answered my own question lol.
  4. How can I tell if its fully PS2?
  5. OK, I have a copy of Star Wars Arcade coming, and am wanting to get the adapter for the Jag to use a PS/2 mouse. With cruising eBay, I've been coming across a lot of optical mice, rather than standard ball mouse. Will the optical mouse work on the Jag or does it have to use a ball mouse?
  6. I have two Jags, only one is currently working. The second has a new U38 and recapped, but has a no picture or sound A/V issue. If anyone has any insight to fix it, let me know....
  7. Apparently you've never played a Call Of Duty, or Battlefield game.... I find that laughable when compared to most "modern" games.
  8. My copy of Rebooteroids just came today. I freaking love it. I just got my new go to game for the Jag. I love games I can just drop in and play. Tetris for the NES, Shanghai for the SMS, and now Rebooteroids for the Jag. Now to score a Tempest 2000 as well.
  9. It looks like a mashup of American Gladiators and the movie Rollerball. I plan on ordering Speedball 2 and Astrostorm with my tax refund.
  10. My first experience was buying Juno First for the 2600. It was my first ever homebrew purchase, and it took awhile to get my order. I'm not gonna lie. After sending the somewhat angry where's my order email, I found out Al builds these carts and boxes from scratch and all by himself. I really felt stupid afterward. It never occurred to me that most if not all homebrew carts were built to order. But the quality is FANTASTIC!! It was well worth the wait. One of these days, I need to order the boxart for Juno First lol. I've been really wishing I had bought the game CIB rather than cart only.
  11. My copy of Rebooteroids is in there! Yes, the AtariAge store definitely is top notch. I've now made 3 orders, and plan on making several more. Especially for one of the new pro controllers.
  12. Seconded. I've been drooling over whether to just buy the DreamCast version over the Jag, that is if they don't make any more carts. Though I'd rather get the Jag version to bolster my collection. Plus then I'll know for sure its not a bootleg. I'd rather support the developers.
  13. My Jag is the prize of my collection. Though I've only been slowly collecting for it. I've been debating on whether I'd like to shoot for a complete set or not. I've really been drooling over the Jag homebrews here at AA. As far as my favorite three systems? The Jag, SMS, and the Saturn are the ones I've been on the hunt for most as of late. Even though I have all the NA Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Sony, Microsoft home consoles.
  14. Agreed. I'm still a member at RCGroups. They've had a similar setup for many years now. The ads have helped keep the site afloat. Though for the most part, the ads there generally lean toward companies associated with the R/C hobby. It would be great to see something similar here at AA. Advertising for CollectorVision Games, Nintendo Age, Piko Interactive, just to name a few.
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