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  1. One of these days, I'm going to snag one off of eBay.
  2. Just got my games in the mail today! They play great, though I REALLY need to snag a mouse adapter to play Empire. Thanks again Gaz, they were well worth the wait!
  3. That Star Wars cover looks fantastic!
  4. Awesome. I can't wait to play them. I really do need to break down and order a mouse adapter. Now I'm curious what games are coming next....
  5. Rebooteroids, and the rest of CJs game releases 😉
  6. Gaz, sign me up for a copy as well.
  7. That explains why my copy the music was so unbelievably quiet......
  8. Being thoroughly inspired to make a basic template, I made a simple straight forward template to cover the mid and late 2600 releases, as well as the 7800. With luck you should only need to copy art from artwork online, or a box scan. I left the rear empty for anyone to decide if they want either the game variant tables, or a screen shot and description like the original boxes. I will say that despite my best efforts, GIMP won't let me adjust the print size. With luck someone can figure out where I'm going wrong. My test prints were printed via Microsoft Paint at 66%.
  9. Well, I finally got a basic template made up. Despite my best efforts, GIMP has the final image blown up way to high. I have this shrunk down to 58% of the original size. The cart fits a bit loose. But then it should be a bit more snug when printed on card stock.
  10. I love that modern style artwork.
  11. Possibly I'll do the same, though I have been wanting to get the DreamCast versions on disc as of late. I haven't gotten any homebrews for the DC as of yet. Getting for either the DC or the Game Drive is MIGHTY tempting.
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