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  1. New update: 6502.ts now supports the Pink Panther prototype 😏
  2. Hi all! Over the last year there have been several versions of the UnoCart firmware floating around. In order to reduce the confusion and have a consistent versioning scheme, we (@electrotrains, @ZackAttack and myself) have decided to make future firmware upgrades available on Github. Firmware is versioned (the current release is v09), and the firmware identifies its version at the bottom of the menu (the current release reads "R.EDWARDS. 9"). For some time now, the firmware shipped on new UnoCarts supports @ZackAttack's ACE format. ACE is not only yet another scheme for ARM-enabled games, but it also allows to flash new firmware directly from the SD. Just download the "update.bin" from Github to the SD card and launch it from the menu. Don't turn off the 2600 until the screen shows "UPDATE COMPLETE". As an alternative (or in the unlikely event of a SD update gone wrong), you can flash the firmware ("firmware.hex") directly using an ST-LINK/V2 USB programmer. You don't have to get the real deal from STM, there are cheap chinese clones available on Ebay and Amazon for a few bucks that work fine. @MacRorie has posted a video of how to this here. If you are on Linux or MacOS, you can use the open source stlink tools to flash (you'll need the "firmware.bin" file for that). The current release v09 is an update over the previously released firmware versions and provides support for 256k BF/BFSC, 128k DF/DFSC and for the Pink Panther Prototype 😏 Download from Github, grab your UnoCarts and enjoy!
  3. Thanks alot, Zack! I'll try to build the updater myself first (I'd like to be able to do it), but I'll get back to you if I encouter any issues.
  4. Careful --- this was done after ZackAttack forked from me and it currently only exists in my own fork on github, it is not part of any released firmware yet
  5. They are definitely supported. I am not 100% sure about which firmwares @MacRorie currently lets you choose from, but the more recent once that supports @ZackAttack's ACE format also contains supports for 3F and 3E images with up to 512k RAM. I just checked (I haven't touched the firmware in a while), but my own fork also supports BF/BFSC images with 256k ROM. Now that the Pink Panther prototype is released, I'd also like to add support for the related banking scheme. Adding DF(SC) should be a trivial modification of BF(SC), so I'll go for an update that supports BF(SC), DF(SC) and Pink Panther.
  6. The CDFJ scheme is supported on the R77 and should be autodetected, although I haven't checked right now. Are you 100% positive that you used the beta2 image?
  7. You can't write to the SD card using the STLink programmer. You could could cut down the FW source and bundle the banking driver with the ROM image into a standalone FW and flash that, but you can do a lot of insert-remove cycles until the time invest for setting that up will pay off 😛
  8. It is worthwhile to note that HTTPS does not only encrypt the traffic between browser and server, but it also makes sure that it is not tampered with (content manipulated or malicious content injected). Chrome started the game, but I think all major browsers are now moving towards declaring HTTP traffic as insecure. Anybody running a website should think about switching to HTTPS and settings up HTTP as a redirect to HTTPS.
  9. I see potential for revenue for AA there, too. You could also offer some features to AtariAge subscribers exclusively: highscores, early access to homebrew, bonus levels that are only available on cart and in the emulator, ... This might help to convert more users into paying subscribers. Either way, paid or not, if you want to do something like this, give me a shout, I am ready to help
  10. I would definitely be willing to assist with integrating Stellerator to play games for such an experiment. It would also be possible to extend the emulator and offer an API for ROMs save highscore on the server --- think of a list that records high scores played by paying users on AtariAge.
  11. I am talking about the cycle where STA HMOVE starts, not about the actual access, that‘s the reason for the discrepancy 😏
  12. Yeah, I noted that too --- not exactly a good way to deal with an EPROM whose contents are that rare
  13. I just stumbled over this topic again. I wonder: the "ordinary" TIA has a six color clock delay before strobing HMOVE actually takes effect. I wonder if the delay is one or two cycles less on the affected consoles. This would mean that a cycle 73 HMOVE generates one of the extra pulses *before* HBLANK starts, and as a result, the pulse would either coincide with an ordinary movement pulse (which means one pixel less movement) or fill in the gap between two ordinary pulses (which would mean a right shift of one pixel).
  14. Stella starts counting with cycle 0. It seems that using the earlier cycle (71 if you start counting with 1) is unstable on some Jr. machines: Afaik, using the latest possible cycle (72) should be fine. While this trick is not part of the standard repertoire of VCS development, it is not that exotic either; there are many ROMs out there that use it. In particular, it is required to create a 96 pixel flickerblinds bitmap.
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