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  1. Yeah, homebrew is your friend. That's what I use for package management, too, and it definitely gets you a SDL2 suitable for building the emulator.
  2. Sorry, missed your post. As @alex_79 says: 6.2.1 is out and fixes the mapping issue.
  3. I've released a small update as v15. This update adds support for the 4KSC banking scheme used in Space Invaders Arcade.
  4. Definitely, the upgrade does not depend on which console you are using,
  5. Fixed in firmware release 6.1.2: https://github.com/DirtyHairy/r77-firmware-ng/releases/tag/stella-6.1.2.
  6. I've released Stella 6.1.2 for the R77: https://github.com/DirtyHairy/r77-firmware-ng/releases/tag/stella-6.1.2. This also fixes a bug with the firmware not starting up correctly if there is no "games" directory on the SD card.
  7. DirtyHairy


    Thanks alot! Merged, fixed and released on Github as v14 (https://github.com/DirtyHairy/UnoCart-2600/releases/tag/v14).
  8. Done. v14 is now released on Github and support 3E+ banking, thanks to a pull request by AlNafuur.
  9. DirtyHairy


    Awesome! Just open a pull request, I'll check whether it works correctly and do a flashable build.
  10. Sorry, still don't get it 😏 The revamped, Stella 6 based firmware has been supporting TV effects from the start.
  11. In addition, the screenshot shows an aliasing pattern when scanlines are enabled. This happens because the window size is too small, and individual lines of the image are smaller in height than one pixel on your display. If you increase the scaling factor in the settings (or go fullscreen), scanlines will should look fine.
  12. I think you may have more luck with your analysis and questions in the AtariVox club:
  13. Thanks, that was a bug with the native support for retina displays introduced in 6.1. Fixed.
  14. Nope, just on MacOS (at least on my Macbook). Apple has deprecated OpenGL in favor of Metal, and it is starting to show signs of bitrot. This has nothing to do with Stella, and nothing to with other platforms either.
  15. In addition to what Stephen wrote, Stella 6.1.0 now uses Metal by default on MacOS. With OpenGL, vsync is broken - I guess that‘s the reason for the difference that you‘re seeing.
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