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  1. There's a Kickstarter right now and time is running out! It's called the Modern Mallard! http://kck.st/2tArF08
  2. Yup for all of the above mostly aiming towards gambling. Honestly, I'm not too fond of it as I felt they were just trying to get into this cryptocurrency hype. It's sad enough for the crypto miners to cause hurt within PC gamers and PC builders. I for once had plans to build a PC gaming rig this year and so far I'm planning on just buying a pre-built PC.
  3. It looks like Atari is planning on creating its own cryptocurrency. I'm surprised and yet not very fond of it... though still surprised. https://www.coindesk.com/game-maker-atari-planning-launch-cryptocurrency/
  4. I've made a video about interference a long time ago and posted it to a new topic here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/274279-atari-2600-and-sears-video-arcade-rf-shielding-and-switch-box-replacement/
  5. I'm already aware of the A/V or RCA composite mods out there. But some older televisions do not have composite and only support Coaxl. Nevertheless, once you modify a console there's no turning back. If a mistake is made during the modding process it can be fixed, but other times it can be permanent and once that's done only the thought of regret occurs. I know in this day of age CRT televisions are now becoming a thing of the past and sadly they are being thrown out on the streets. Flat-panel televisions, whether it be LED, LCD, Plasma, or OLED, they have become more of the household item. It seems that to truly hold something nostalgic you have embrace and cheer the past very well, even if your fond memories depend on it. That is why I made this video to hold on to the past and keep it alive as much as possible. Before you watch let me tell you something quite frightful. In these days digital inputs are on the rise and analog inputs are slowly fading away and this was planned out some years ago by Hollywood. Their efforts to convince the public that digital is the way of the future was a marketing strategy. Also, a way to prevent piracy which has always been around for a long time. They had pushed the use of HDMI for many years since it's introduction in 2003 and since then you probably have it on your television and computer. Yet the Analog Sunset has since then dimmed into darkness for a long time now and it started back in 2010. Don't Believe me then read this: http://www.audioholics.com/news/aacs-hdmi-kill-component-2010 Anyways let me explain about this tutorial video I made back in 2016 and some little history. I had this video on this site and since then it was taken down... I may never know why? And honestly, I don't really care as I'm not or have broken any rules since then. The reason I made this video was to help and also to provide an alternative to users to keep their consoles persevered the way it was originally manufactured. I'm already aware of the of the A/V or RCA composite mods on the internet as I've already mentioned this since the beginning. But since modern televisions have implemented Digital inputs and are pushing for HDMI there's no turning back! I've have heard of an HDMI mod for the Atari 2600, which I'm quite impressed. If you still OWN a CRT Television then you are in luck, because this video was intended for a television that still supports old analog signals. Tired of a snowy or fuzzy picture, the horrible buzzing video interference and sound coming from your Atari 2600. Well, this video can help eliminate RF or EMI interference from ruining your gameplay. Also by replacing the box switch with an RCA to F-type connector can vastly improve the signal quality. Enjoy and if so please like and share this video. P.S: Don't share the hate! Share your Constructive Criticism I really need to hear some feedback.
  6. 8-bit central brought me here and it was worth it!
  7. There is the internal TV tuner with Open Broadcaster Software method or recording gameplay footage onto a DVD recorder that supports RF analog signals and ripping them to your PC method. I posted something about it here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/260559-are-there-better-methods-to-record-atari-2600-video-footage-on-pc/ PS: Hauppauge seems to have hardware that still supports RF analog signals. And as for the Chroma and Color problem that could easily be done with video editing.
  8. Read it, seems like a good book for anyone who wants to start creating homebrew games.
  9. I wanted to create this topic since I made my RF shielding video a few months back. Recently I’ve seen users who have done VHS recordings and uploaded them to YouTube and other video sights. I have done this in the past and the qualities of these recordings are terrible depending on the recording speed, the VCR, and the AV or RF video output. So far I have done 2 different methods and one of them provides better quality than VHS and the other one far superior in the sense of analog recording. The first method I used so far is a DVD recorder and ripping them to my PC. It’s an SV2000 made by Funai and it allows me to record RF analog signals and I can use 3 different video outputs which are RCA, S-video, and Component. I have some DVD-RW’s already recorded with some game play footage from my Sears Video Arcade. It's seemed far better than the VHS recordings I have. The only problem I ran into so far is deinterlacing the footage and ripping them on to my PC which takes a long time to process. Though, little or less sound and picture quality is lost during this process. Unlike the VHS recordings, which I had to transfer them onto DVD, this method seems to be great if you only want to do more than pause and play. But if I wanted to record this at an HQ quality speeds. I had only 1hr to record gameplay footage. On the other hand, I found a superior method by using an internal TV turner on my PC. I manage to acquire one of these back in 2008 from a local Fry’s electronics store; before I found out Best Buy had none of them in stock in my local area. I bought a WinTV-HVR 1800 PCI express made by Hauppauge. Expensive and no longer sold by them anymore, as of 2017. I’m really happy I managed to find this and everything including the original box as I thought I gave this away after switching from Windows to Linux Mint. After searching online and trying to find some software I came across Open Broadcaster Software or OBS. Amazingly I not only could I stream, but also record game play footage from any older generation console. There are a lot of features that OBS had to offer over WinTV software. I’ve done some test and there was a huge difference between DVD and the Internal TV tuner. I didn’t see these ugly blocks in dark/black areas and the sound was quite amazing. Also, I’m able to record more than 1 hr of footage. After I examined both methods I started to use the internal TV turner method rather than the DVD recorder. I ask anyone here if they have found other methods far better than the one I stated here.
  10. Yeah! I wouldn't even bother if these pictures were stolen or taken from another website. Besides that last one does bring back some good memories.
  11. Crimson Tibiasm

    ET Fixed

    I agree those pits did cause more problems than the entire map layout of the game.
  12. Wow! I wish my Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade [4 switch] had the original box and manual.
  13. You might have to clean the cartridge. Here a link: https://atariage.com/howto/clean_cartridges.html And here's a video:
  14. Some say that's treasure and other's say that's history!
  15. I've heard and read about several Wico joysticks and I own one. I find it very smooth and easy to control. The BOSS works well with the Atari 2600, Colecovision and the Commodore 64. Though I might do a teardown of this sometime in the near future.
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