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  1. lol Wow you got a lot on your plate! Carrot kingdom would look nuts on 7800. True, this is something else I need to consider and look into, the tools used. 0_0
  2. I could rebuild it, probably faster than the first time... but redoing it is what makes me feel ill lolol the 8-bit family is a pretty cute choice as well. : ) Ooooo, what are you working on for 7800? decisions decisions. I am also going to be cautious about graphic limitations and such because there comes a point when it will become overwhelming - one person to draw everything as well as program. I need a nice middle ground that I can manage : )
  3. Thanks for the nice comment Tidus : ) I have considered making a Trash for the 7800. I've considered many others as well. I've even considered using a modern engine. I can't decide though. I want to make sure if I'm gonna learn a bunch of new stuff. I believe what stops me is thinking about game play. I can imagine trash on many machines and how it might look according to each of their limitations, but I struggle with forming ideas for game play. I suppose that doesn't matter first, getting something on screen is step one lol. Still, need to decide on what to try n built a demo for next.
  4. I'm unsure what game to make next is my problem. If/when I do, I might take a look at the DPC stuff for sure. Wizardbone, I actually do not like that user name. I been meaning to change it since day 1 lolll Again, not sure what I'd change it too. And for now, gone to check out what Bone Thugs n Hatmony is : ) Thnx
  5. Yeah, you would think that's the obvious thing to do... I have no idea what I was thinking lol. I checked up down sideways and everywhere. No code anywhere lol puke I'd like to make another game for sure, it was one of my more fun hobbies over the years.
  6. I thought I left a message for the people who help motivate development. My external hard drive was stolen from my bag awhile back at a public library -_- Yup, I'm one of those idiots that never kept multiple copies of the project. It makes me sick to think about rebuilding the game lol the gameplay doesn't hold up, so I'm not gonna try to recapture it. This game is in it's final form whatever it is. Rightly called Trash.
  7. Haha yeah I clicked on your profile and realized right after. It was actually the photo that threw me off, I'm used to seeing yer face on the profile lol : ) Also, same. I hate this user name I have right now lol I been meaning to change it because I don't like when people say "Trash is programmed by wizardbone" ew, cringe lol Im gonna try both 4 player games the weekend, wooo. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the reply Karl! I believe you have a name change? Which game is your 4 player project. I'd like to have a look at it. (I'm sure i've played it, the name change is throwing me off lol) Yeah i guess I will continue with the two drawscreens, I am fine with it, just seems to bother other ppl. I figured I would post this message in case anyone had a better solution. Thanks for the reply letting me know how you go about it : )
  9. Just downloaded the final update. This game is beautiful. Not sure what you have left to fix if anything, but at this point you are looking at the exit door of the project. Tidy up any loose ends and put it on a cart! Good job man. Love the game.
  10. I've attached a .bas file as an example of creating the double sprites in T.r.a.s.h. You will quickly notice I am calling drawscreen twice. Cheating? Gross? probably lol but that's how it works for now. Calling the drawscreen twice allows you to pull out two sprites for player0, two sprites for player1, two playfields, two balls, and two missiles. I'd obviously like to rewrite the program without the flicker and still have those options available to me. Anyone have an example .bas file that can demonstrate doing this a different way? I think I'm going to tackle quality of the program first, before I redesign the gameplay to be more fun lol. The multisprite kernel seems like it might almost work for it... I may dig deeper into that one. This is a, feel free to shoot ideas if you have any to share, kinda post. I'm all ears. Learn assembly is probably the only honest answer : ) doubleSpriteTemp.bas
  11. Lol I was able to catch the beginning of the stream, but I had to leave before you got to play Trash. -_- So I will watch from the video link. And for the boss, you need to get 9000 points, then the boss will be inside a room waiting for you. There's a reason for 9000pts. You should meet him.
  12. Cimmerian, that is awesome! I wish you the best of luck getting it running haha! I've been linked to a couple videos of ppl playing it for youtube content and it failed miserably. : ( haha Hopefully it runs half decent for you on your setup. : ) I will try my best to make it to your stream. Tomorrow is a busy day, but I will try my hardest to come and watch and have a lil chat with everyone. Will it be recorded as well if I miss it? It would be amusing to watch you play and see if you can make it to the boss. : ) Also, I notice you are in Van City, I'm in Halifax. Hello from East Coast. Mr. Beefy, my apologizes for being a slacker this year. lol So much to do, so little time. I've attached a .bin file of a NEW level design I was toying with. But it is NOT a game update, Sorry. It's purely level design I was working on before I took a long... long... break. The way it works is, The score is used as a g.p.s. system (Last Four digits of the score.) If you venture left or right, the score will count up or down depending on the direction. (using two digits) And if you venture up or down a road, the score will also count up or down depending on direction you choose.(it uses another two digits) Hope that is clear? Might take a second to realize how it works, but it's fairly basic when you know how the score works as the GPS system. BTW, Davy crashes the city map and it was so frustrating it's why I took a long needed break, so for now I have a temp Character there to roam the city lol Also, i'd like to say, the .bin file attached is UNFINISHED. Most of the city is empty, I was making sure I could put buildings and objects however and wherever I pleased. So again, this is not any kinda game update, just level design using GPS system. I've also attached a image file of the city map so far, its really easy to get lost, so perhaps it will help. : ) In theory, the entire city could be 99 x 99 screens as a mass area.Which is pretty big. CitGridWithBuildings.bas.bin
  13. lol awesome. For some reason it makes me think of Baby Herman from Roger Rabbit loll Someone should make a roger rabbit 2600 game with it!
  14. Love it! Can't wait to see her in game. I'd call her foxy but ... ya know... she's a sexy rabbit.
  15. No updates yet. Thought I would share that I tried Trash on my RetroPie the other day, and it worked better than expected. Actually a lil better than Stella (without phosphor turned on). Will be trying some of YOUR guys games too later the week ; ) to add to my collection. Let me know if you are curious about your game working on it. I'll give it a try later the week. And for updates, I been tinkering with a new city map. So far so good and much-much bigger. Not sure when I'll get to the point of an update release. Too much on my plate. But I sat down for a few hours the other day. So nice to get back into it for a bit : )
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