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  1. Just pc. Windows and Linux right now. I know someone who says they can port to mac, but I dunno, I'm not overly concerned about a mac port right now lol. It's nothing super crazy to program, I'm convinced I will be able to do it myself with time and effort. Programming is going well, art is going well, battle system has me slowed down big time. I don't wanna be a zelda knock off, or a FF knock off or any kind of knock off. Inspired sure, but not a carbon copy. EDIT: I'd like to say, no I am not using rpg maker lol
  2. I think it's funny there are still comments. It enjoyed making it, so it's nice people enjoy playing. It's motivation to build another someday. It's easy to drown in passion. I gotta keep it real. One at a time
  3. True true. For now, I don't like to talk about things until there is a playable demo. I don't wanna be the person who talks ideas and nothing comes of it. At least a demo, I say. So I shall wait and talk vague. LOL It's 2D adventure...rpg...thing. The likes of Zelda. The likes of final fantasy. Graphically and story-wise, nothing like those games. I'm hoping to have a demo done by end of summer tho. then I can free myself to work on two projects.
  4. I was searching for your game for awhile until I realized you renamed it! lol Is it finally done? I remember loving the project a couple years ago.
  5. I agree, I don't think it would be that hard to learn. Well, I'm sure it's not super simple but you know what I mean. lol I have learned a few languages over the years, I don't find it that hard lol logic is logic. Just gotta take the time to understand how it needs to be written. You so kind Although, the double sprites were a pain in the butt. Which goes back to Tidus's comment. It pushes the 2600 but, surely the game would feel more at home on something like 7800 or after. 7800 seems like the logical next step. The boss is pretty big, I enjoy him. It's for PC. More so an adventure game that I need to get out of my brain. The idea has been nagging me to do it for years, so now I am lolll I choose PC because I don't wanna use all my game ideas on retro systems. I'd like to have a game that runs on modern hardware as well. And keep the trash idea for systems I grew up playing. That is the plan anyway.
  6. SWEET! Did you ever get to the boss, Junkhead? - You need 9000 points, and he is in the "factory" and in a room with the "door on the right" LOL I only recall one person telling me they beat him. Currently, I am working on another game, different concept, and not for atari. Perhaps rude to talk about that here, so I won't. I can't pick this one back up even if I wanted, because the script is lost to time. I'd have to rebuild it from scratch. I'm dumb like that. Maybe someone knows who to get it from the game? I do not. The concept amuses me still, I do wanna revisit it. Not sure how tho. I been looking at other ways to bring it back to life, but again, it's probably rude to talk about non-related Atari things here. I can make you a t-shirt with some of the art on it if you want ? lolll jokes
  7. lol Wow you got a lot on your plate! Carrot kingdom would look nuts on 7800. True, this is something else I need to consider and look into, the tools used. 0_0
  8. I could rebuild it, probably faster than the first time... but redoing it is what makes me feel ill lolol the 8-bit family is a pretty cute choice as well. : ) Ooooo, what are you working on for 7800? decisions decisions. I am also going to be cautious about graphic limitations and such because there comes a point when it will become overwhelming - one person to draw everything as well as program. I need a nice middle ground that I can manage : )
  9. Thanks for the nice comment Tidus : ) I have considered making a Trash for the 7800. I've considered many others as well. I've even considered using a modern engine. I can't decide though. I want to make sure if I'm gonna learn a bunch of new stuff. I believe what stops me is thinking about game play. I can imagine trash on many machines and how it might look according to each of their limitations, but I struggle with forming ideas for game play. I suppose that doesn't matter first, getting something on screen is step one lol. Still, need to decide on what to try n built a demo for next.
  10. I'm unsure what game to make next is my problem. If/when I do, I might take a look at the DPC stuff for sure. Wizardbone, I actually do not like that user name. I been meaning to change it since day 1 lolll Again, not sure what I'd change it too. And for now, gone to check out what Bone Thugs n Hatmony is : ) Thnx
  11. Yeah, you would think that's the obvious thing to do... I have no idea what I was thinking lol. I checked up down sideways and everywhere. No code anywhere lol puke I'd like to make another game for sure, it was one of my more fun hobbies over the years.
  12. I thought I left a message for the people who help motivate development. My external hard drive was stolen from my bag awhile back at a public library -_- Yup, I'm one of those idiots that never kept multiple copies of the project. It makes me sick to think about rebuilding the game lol the gameplay doesn't hold up, so I'm not gonna try to recapture it. This game is in it's final form whatever it is. Rightly called Trash.
  13. Haha yeah I clicked on your profile and realized right after. It was actually the photo that threw me off, I'm used to seeing yer face on the profile lol : ) Also, same. I hate this user name I have right now lol I been meaning to change it because I don't like when people say "Trash is programmed by wizardbone" ew, cringe lol Im gonna try both 4 player games the weekend, wooo. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the reply Karl! I believe you have a name change? Which game is your 4 player project. I'd like to have a look at it. (I'm sure i've played it, the name change is throwing me off lol) Yeah i guess I will continue with the two drawscreens, I am fine with it, just seems to bother other ppl. I figured I would post this message in case anyone had a better solution. Thanks for the reply letting me know how you go about it : )
  15. Just downloaded the final update. This game is beautiful. Not sure what you have left to fix if anything, but at this point you are looking at the exit door of the project. Tidy up any loose ends and put it on a cart! Good job man. Love the game.
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