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  1. I confirmed that it is a Sean Kelly multicart.It is sold on 4jays for $150.
  2. I already did a search and only found a pic of a Sean Kelly multicart with a blue label.However it has to be a Sean Kelly because I looked at one they sell on 4jays for $150 and it has the same games listed.So I guess Sean Kelly did several version of his multicart.
  3. I am sorry that I can't provide pics, but it is the label that is a pinkish color not the shell. I think it is a Sean Kelly cart.It comes with a couple of pages that have all the games listed and what switches to use to get to that game.
  4. I posted this in the Marketplace forum but got no response so I figured I would try here. I have an Atari 2600 256 game multicart in excellent shape. It is pinkish in color and has the switches on it.I am going to be selling it and was wondering if someone could tell me what the approximate value might be. Thanks.
  5. I have an Atari 2600 256 game multicart in excellent condition and I was wondering if someone could give me an approximate worth of it. Sorry for no pic but it is one with the switches on it and it is sort of an orangish color. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Bought some games from me, no problems , thanks
  7. Everything has been sold with the exception of a few games on hold. Thanks to everyone for their interest.
  8. I am selling off all my loose homebrews,hacks and repros. I am the original owner of all these games and they are all in excellent shape. Shipping is not included in price and will depend on where games are being shipped to. All games will be shipped in a box to avoid any damages.Buy mutiple games and save on shipping.All games are priced to sell. Everything has been sold with a few things on hold. Thanks to everyone who bought items. Gunfight w/manual $14 SOLD This Planet Sucks w/manual $14 SOLD Conquest of Mars w/manual $17 SOLD Space Treat CGE 2k2 edition #44 w/manual $18 SOLD Wanted the Wumpus $13 ON HOLD Nuts Limited Edition NTSC release $16 SOLD Pharoah's Curse Limited Edition NTSC release $16 SOLD Hozerquest $15 SOLD Secret Agent CGE 2k1 release w/manual $20 SOLD Power Off $15 SOLD Mangia' repro cart $16 SOLD Kamikaze Saucers $16 SOLD Alligator People $17 SOLD Miss Piggy's Wedding $16 SOLD Prehistoric Times $15 ON HOLD 2005 Minigame multicart w/manual $17 ON HOLD Climber 5 w/manual $14 SOLD Dragon Chase w/manual $15 ON HOLD Squish'em w/manual $14 SOLD Marble Craze w/manual $17 SOLD Pesco w/manual $17 SOLD Bee Ball w/manual $14 SOLD Sea Battle $15 SOLD Swordfight $15 SOLD Oystron $14 SOLD Fall Down blue/red color case w/manual $22 SOLD Sea Wolf blue color case w/ manual $22SOLD Swoops w/manual $14 SOLD Power Lords $30 ON HOLD Thanks for looking
  9. I have been selling off my collection and here are the last of my boxed games that I haven't sold or on hold for someone.Sorry for no pics but please check out my feedback in the user forum. Everyone I've sold to so far has been happy with what they have gotten. Shipping is not included in price and will depend on where games are being shipped. I do not gouge on shipping to make an extra buck. Frogs and Flies NIB shrinkwrapped $5 Super Challenge Baseball NIB shrinkwrapped $5 Space Attack NIB shrinkwrapped $5 Raiders of the Lost Ark NIB shrinkwrapped $13 SOLD Ikari Warriors NIB shrinkwrapped $10 SOLD Real Sports Volleyball NIB shrinkwrapped $8 Cola Invaders CIB #48 of 50 Too Many Games release $30 SOLD Entity CIB CGE release $32 SOLD Looping CIB CGE release $36 SOLD Cat Trax CIB $17 Pleiades CIB $22 SOLD Funky Fish CIB $17 Snow White CIB $25 box has 2 light black smudges bottom right of box and 1 light black smudge in middle of box. SOLD Crack'ed- CIB CGE release, $22, bottom right corner has a small amount of crimping Mean Santa CIB #33 of 100 $32 SOLD Thanks for looking
  10. I have been selling off my atari 2600 collection.I am going to sell the remainder of my boxed games in the next week or two. I'm sorry that I cannot provide pics, but I only have access to work computers so I cannot upload pics. Please check out the user feedback forum to read about the transactions I have made so far. You can also check out my ebay feedback. My ID is bkt70.I describe all games the best I can. All the games are listed at a lower price then what I paid, so please don't send me a counter offer. I am only shipping in the US and payment should be made through paypal.Boxed games will be shipped in a box and I will combine shipping.Shipping is $6.00/game .All games are in very good shape, any flaws will be mentioned.If you have any questions please pm me. Games for sale are: Power Off CIB- $40 +shipping Lasercade CIB- box has a small nick on side $40 + shipping Revenge of the Apes CIB- $35 +shipping Entity CIB $40 +shipping Looping CIB $40 +shipping Pleaides CIB $25 +shipping Funky Fish CIB $25 +shipping Cat Trax CIB $25+shipping Last Ninja CIB $20+shipping NERDS CIB $20 +shipping Thanks for looking
  11. He bought alot of games from me. Great guy to deal with. Thanks again.
  12. Good to deal with.Thanks for your fast payment.
  13. Great guy to deal with. Thanks for your fast payment
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