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  1. I must have done about 50 odd jousts, not won one yet! I reckon my win rate for raiding is about 20% with the strongest sword player so abysmal really.
  2. I'm in the UK and all my purchases come through fine. Anyone playing this or just me?
  3. Anyone got any tips for raids my sword fighting is abysmal? I used to find the CDTV Version of this easy back in the day but either this version is harder or I am just craper.
  4. Hey Marss, Is this a one shot jag development for you or are you working on other games. I'm loving UWOL it's a blast!
  5. Nope not found the code, managed tge 250 coins yesterday though!
  6. I think this is a fair review, the price point is just too high for me to justify for a pair of really average at best titles. I say that having bought both Dizzy's, Speedball, Xenon, UWOL and Switchblade. There's so much great homebrew content coming out I feel moving forward the likelihood that I will be buying these st ports from piko will be much more restricted.
  7. Just got this from the postman today. Have given it an hour or so this afternoon and have to agree this is a quality release. Beautifully produced box, manual and cartridge. As for the gameplay, it's fantasticly fun and highly addictive, I reckon I'll have many fun hours with this one! Congratulations on a great release.
  8. That looks like loads of fun to play and the art is beautiful!
  9. Yes it does look very embryonic but then again I imagine that a large propotion of the development has been in the engine itself which will be common to, as suggested, several releases. Hopefully the tracks can become much more varied with a range of sweeping inclines, declines , corners and curvature (akin to a bobsleigh track). The range of motion looks far too limited in these initial shots to retain interest, however it does look very promising and exciting.
  10. Thanks Vlad great to get more detail on your vision. How many different types of vehicles do you anticipate creating, the one in the video looks great but as with most things variety is the spice of life! Also what sort of backgrounds to you anticipate, will you have a range of atmospheric conditions, day, night etc.
  11. Does each area have a different look to it?
  12. Looking forward to seeing the video! Think everyone needs to stop being so melodramatic, maybe it's just a byproduct of the creative process but forsure whichever way you turn there are some great jag games emerging from a range of talented people. It certainly is a good time to be a jag player.
  13. Looking top notch it's so damn quick!
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