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  1. That looks much cleaner Jeff
  2. Looks absolutely amazing guys! I'd be interested to hear about the creative process you all go through, how do you develop the levels and game design?
  3. Recently got a copy of KA from Wave1 games. It's a total shocker imho, terrible, terrible game and light years behind cybermorph (which I personally think is great title for the time).
  4. Ordered looking forward to giving this a whirl!
  5. Ask him about Highlander 2 and 3, how much was developed and what happened to them
  6. I agree buyer beware does come into play a bit here, but if that image had a mahoosive watermark through it, somebody printed it and some random put it up on ebay, a punter would see it's a repo fairly quickly. If they don't care that's up to them, but the chances of being duped drops fairly substantially.
  7. Share it but stick a massive watermark through it with the words reproduction or some such. That way you can showcase your effort without risking people being duped
  8. Turrican 2 and 3 my all time favourite games alongside Speedball 2
  9. Its rock hard, in fact so hard that I gave up after a couple of hours play and haven't returned. The furthest I got was level 2. Shame as it looks great, very fluid just too hard, maybe if someone posts some good tips I'll give it another go.
  10. Surely that's just another subjective view rather than expert testimony
  11. 🤦‍♂️ lol don't see these often in the uk
  12. Lol I should have read that before I posted. Lucky Strike looks fabulous btw, really looking forward to getting this. Also not Outrun is another homebrew I'm excited about
  13. I'm referring to Custodian being a commercially developed game which has been ported, I know the ports only a couple of years old but the game itself was developed in 1989 by a commercial software house. As for Homebrew Rebooteroids is better than about 80% of the jag library, Downfall + is close to this proportion too.
  14. Why do you want to see games ported to a system you don't even own, seems a bit random? For me I'd also prefer to see original content. Theres some real quality homebrew games being made for the jag which are far superior to some of the 30 year commercial games being ported. Take Custodian as an example I bought it and it's a total shocker. Just my opinion but I totally wasted my money I should have copied it on to a 10p floppy and tried it out first. My bad. I bought Defender of the Crown and Speedball 2, both of which are great games but after playing them and comparing them to the Amiga and CDTV versions I've got they are definitely (imho) inferior. In these cases though as my jag is by my TV and the computers are upstairs speedball will at least get some play when me and my mates have had a few brews.
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