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  1. "ice cream, ice cream" I scream speedball 2 my most favouritist game ever! Can't wait to get these thanks so much for doing this!
  2. A 3rd run awesome news, can't wait for that hopefully this year!
  3. The backgrounds are truely gorgeous!
  4. What's the invincibility code?
  5. I like the mix of old and New think it works really well.
  6. Man I got a £17 kicker from Dizzy and Defender you got real lucky
  7. My Mrs got me the Defender and Dizzy releases, can't wait to give them a go.
  8. Supposedly there are other vid grid games, they don't seem to have surfaced though, shame as vid grid is fun.
  9. Just ordered these for xmas, can't wait to play two of my favourite games from childhood! I used to have the cdtv version Defender 2, that would be a great Jag CD addition (hopefully one day). So sad I let that collection go for a song as a teenager - doh!!!
  10. It's looking super cool, so fast and slick!
  11. So definitively is it a rights issue preventing another run or just no interest from the porter? If it's the later and not the former then is another distributer able to step in and meet demand.
  12. This is good news, honestly I was looking forward to this but the last revision wasn't what I was hoping this would be. Really glad to hear that more polish will be given to this before release. Hopefully the pixalation can be addressed along with the other issues.
  13. A question for those technically minded: The zombies gets really pixelated close up, is that due to the jags limitations and what we see is the best it can do or are the art assets just not good enough for the close ups?
  14. +1 for a new run. Maybe you could run an interest check on here and Facebook to see if the numbers add up?
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