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  1. The general reaction isn't something I was expecting. We did this as just a cool one off, no malice intended. If someone at the auction wants it great, if not I'm more than happy to keep it for my collection. We had demos for our games at the booth last year. We hadn't done that in previous years due to space but on the advice of some friends in the community we made sure that we had the space to do it last year. I think it worked out well especially since PRGE X was 2 player. Again I'm sorry that some people feel this is a money grab. I highly doubt that anyone in 2016 sets out to make a 2600 game with profit in mind. Personally I believe that my history of fixing dozens of consoles and modding even more throughout the years without asking for compensation should show that I'm a fan of the console. I understand that very few people here know about any of that, I don't advertise it and this is basically my first exposure/interaction to the atari community at large and so I don't blame someone for thinking the worst. We didn't plan on doing a run of new games this year since we've been busier than usual with new developments, but this idea came to me, I thought it was cool and I like working with the 2600 so there it is. I'm very happy with how it turned out, I like the way it plays, I like using the controller, the people who have played it enjoyed it and that's really what matters to me. It's all about making something fun since we're fans of the system. Anyway, that's the long and short of it. Just thought I'd pop in and clear the air a bit.
  2. We used the paddle controller for two of our releases, Polybius and PRGE Smash Hit!!! They're fun to work with and I hope people continue to use them in new homebrews.
  3. Here's a short video. Sorry about the disappearing graphics, youtube compression strikes again! This *should* work with the Edladdin twin stick controllers. The controller has the same functionality as 2 CX40 sticks so it will work for any CX40 compatible game. And yes, it is crazy to make an entirely new game and then only make one copy...sometimes my eccentricity gets the best of me.
  4. I thought a few of you guys might be interested in our new homebrew game which will be at PRGE this year. The End is an all new Atari 2600 game from us at Lost Classics which will be available at this year's Portland Retro Gaming Expo. The End is a Robotron like game and requires the use of the one of a kind Lost Classics controller (which comes with the game). This game is one of a kind and only one copy will be produced due to it requiring the specialty built controller. The game and controller will be available at the PRGE auction on October 22nd. We're crazy busy prepping for the show but I'm going to try to find the time to get some video of the game in action this weekend.
  5. Hi guys, I've had continuing interested for Polybius ever since we originally produced it for PRGE 2013 and I think it's time that we do a second, and most likely final run of carts for it. This numbered release includes a dvd style box and a new label to differentiate it from the original release. Being that it's our most requested game I've decided to do pre orders so that we can more accurately gauge how many pcbs and eproms we'll need to complete the run. The pre order period starts today and ends November 31st with production of the carts starting immediately once the pre order period ends. Games will be numbered in the order that pre orders are received so that the early birds will get the lowest numbers. Thanks go out to Rick Weis who I called crazy when he asked about the possibility of making a Polybius game for the 2600 and John Hancock as without him I probably wouldn't have even started 2600 development in the first place. Hard to believe that I've done 6 games now! Link to the store page is below. http://www.lostclassicvgs.com/…/atari-2600/products/polybius There's some info on the backstory of the game and a short mention of the 2600 version on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polybius_(video_game) (although I'd bet most people here already know the story behind the game)
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