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  1. I still have my original Atari 800XL and quite a few others and most of the components bought through the years - but my regret was shutting down my 8-bit BBS to switch to using a PC for the remainder of the time the BBS operated. I sold the 8-bit BBS hardware to someone. I regret letting go that 600XL with 64K RAM, 5" B&W TV, 256K MIO Board and a 30mb hard drive mounted in a PC case. The money returned was pretty good at the time, but I wish now I had never switched out that hardware on the BBS.
  2. Ed Hunter. And now, Legacy of the Beast.. http://ironmaidenlegacy.com
  3. The only thing wrong with the XEGS was it was too little, too late to breath life into the 8-bit line. The only 'upgrade' was a removable keyboard and the light gun. The only part of the XEGS I don't like is the pastel buttons. Every time I touch one I expect the Miami Vice theme song to play from the speakers. But it is definitely not a turd. That would be painting the entire 8-bit line with the same dirty brush. It is just an evolution of the case design.
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