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  1. the roms wont load in Handy either so I think its just bad roms...thx
  2. Thanks....I checked the rom files and they are def LNX. When I try to load them I either get stuck at loading from the defautl BennVenn menu or it loads then shows INSERT GAME for a few sec and goes back to the loader. Bad roms maybe?
  3. I received my card as well and everything works great and fitment is perfect for both the SD card and in the Lynx units. There are some games that fail to load however so I just wanted to make sure if all games were supported or if some games are locked out due to rights issues? Just wanted to confirm as I would understand both ways but the main issue is that I have an original copy of Daemonsgate card and several other ROM board carts that wont fit in my Lynx I and I was hoping to play it through the Elcheapo.
  4. I bought my physical copy at PRGE 2019 and its an amazing game! Highly recommended!
  5. Subbed as well...interested in the SGM2 and controllers thanks!
  6. Hello would like to request 1 to the US. thanks for your work on this!
  7. Looks awesome! Will this game ever be made in a physical cart with box? Would love to pay for and support the effort.
  8. Thanks for having your awesome game for sale at PRGE Karri! So glad I stopped by and was able to grab a copy of the game....I streamed it this past week to show off your game and loved what I played so far! Will need to go back and finish the game at some point but great job! On Duty starts 23 minutes in:
  9. No problem @unoclay hope you find a good solution....I just hope someone learns from my mistakes on the path I took to try and see what worked best! Let me know if you have any other questions 😇
  10. Yes I imagine its your display that is stretching the non native res which is common for most modern displays. You would need some processor/scaler in between to force the intended aspect ration I imagine.
  11. Please add me to the list for the standard Lynx II model thanks!
  12. Will you be selling any of the games in stock on your website there? @Songbird I was about to order a few more but might be better just to pick them up there.
  13. Awesome! Will def stop by to spend some money and say thanks for the efforts!
  14. I stream with my Mcwill modded Lynx on stream so might be able to help here. The output resolution on direct VGA would be 640 by 480 with the game in a smaller display area within that size. If you connect to a standard VGA monitor than it should be accurate aspect ratio but just in a smaller display size. You can use a decent VGA to HDMI box to get it the signal out to a tv or capture card but the quality varies wildly in terms of noise so may a bit more for something decent and make sure you buy the right direction as its a one way signal. You will need one of these converts to connect to a Frameister so again the best quality you can send it will help. Once there I find the image a bit soft so add sharpness to +1 but in general it seems good and of course you can use the zoom feature to fill out your display. There is no color profile that I am aware of but I would recommend to add some saturation. I am going to test with an OSSC soon to see if it looks any better but here is some video so you can get an idea of what it might look like: in this stream I am going from Lynx--> VGA to HDMI converter-->Frameister--> El Gato HD60 Pro PCI capture let me know if you have any other questions!
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