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  1. Hi Michael, Thanks so much for the reply much appreciated. I was able to download the files and thanks to your excellent guide I was able to get the HSGPL emulation under MESS up and running. am playing with the different GROM bases at the moment and generally getting to know my way around the HSGPL "board". I must say that the emulation of the hardware under MESS thanks to yours and the TI communities activities is superb, I actually lost myself in the emulation and thought that I was using my real TI that is in storage now..... Thanks again for your help. regards, Mark.
  2. Hi guys, Am new to the forums, but wanted to know if anyone knows where I can get the .ZIP file for the complete package of the HSGPL DSR files? Either the 40 column or the 80 column package would do. I have tried to download the DSR package from the SNUG website, but each of the files takes me back to the homepage and does not download the file. if anyone can post or point me to where I can download them from (other than the SNUG site) it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help. regards, mnielsenau.
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