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  1. Is it just me or is the disk emulation broken on this build? I am unable to get a disk image to load on either DSK1 or DSK2 at this stage....
  2. Call me stupid, but I have become quite fond of the beige console recently.... I have both but have been using the beige one more lately and am enjoying it immensely. Just sayin
  3. @Hawkangel The TI-99/4 & the 4A were both released in Australia, and I used to work for one of the computer stores in Sydney (ComputerWave in the city) that sold a boat load of them when the unit was discontinued. I was a member of the TISHUG group for quite a few years and still love looking back at those old newsletters with some fond memories of a simpler time.... As @Ksarul mentioned, the Aussie groups were very resourceful and created lots from both a hardware (Horizon RAMdisk Clone) and software (Funnelweb) for example. I am so happy that even though there is not much happening now from an Aussie perspective, that the rest of the community worldwide has never really slowed down. I think this a testament to the resourcefulness and the resilience of the TI community and the love for our little orphan computer... Cheers, mnielsenau
  4. @pixelpedant Thanks for that I must admit I didn't realize that the OSSC had a VGA input... doh. BTW I love your YouTube videos and your sense of humor in them. As a sarcastic Aussie I really get your humor....
  5. @pixelpedant I just wanted to check that you are using an OSSC with the F18A? If so is there a specific VGA to SCART cable that you are using?
  6. Thanks for that - Guess I should have read the TIPI/32K WIKI a little more closely.....
  7. Hey Guys, I was just wondering if it is possible to use both a TIPI and a nanoPEB together on a console due to the fact that both of them provide 32K memory expansion? I am sure that there could be some bus conflicts if they were both plugged in together, however I wonder if there is a way of disabling the 32K expansion on either one of the devices so that they can be safely used together? Just want to know that I am not going to damage my system or wither of the devices if I plug them all in together. Regards, mnielsenau
  8. @wierd_w Thanks for the offer on the VGA monitor but you are right the shipping to Singapore would be HORRENDOUS
  9. Yep I definitely think it is the VGA to HDMI converter, but I think I will try the ferrite beads on a few of the cables before I invest in a Retrotink. Else I will go and buy a refurbed $30 4:3 VGA LCD monitor on Facebook marketplace.... Am loving the F18A - I don't know how I managed to get along without using 80 columns for all those years... @arcadeshopper Thanks for the tip on using Force Command on TIPI... Love that command line interface - am reliving my MS-DOS days all over again!
  10. Hey Guys, Have just installed an F18A in a beige (non v2.2) console and whilst the image on screen is crystal clear, I am getting some herringbone waves (ground loop interference) on the screen. I am using a VGA to HDMI (USB powered) adapter as I do not have a monitor at the moment that has a VGA connector. I have tried the usual ground loop correction things like having the monitor and the TI plugged into the same wall socket etc. I have also tried a number of different brands and model numbers for VGA to HDMI converters. Some are better than others, but all have some sort of interference that comes in waves from time to time. I am considering ferrite beads on all of the wires, but I just need to get some to test. I am running V1.8 of the firmware as when I tried V1.9 there was some strange blurring effects on some spots on the screen. Also the herringbone waves were still there so I downgraded back to V1.8 which at least is clear apart from the waves of interference. I also made sure that there was no interference on screen with the original 9918A chip installed before I installed the F18A. I was wondering if anyone else had seen this issue and if anyone has any advise as to how to rectify? I absolutely love the F18A and I can't wait to see its screen without the interference. Thanks for your help. Cheers, mnielsenau
  11. Hi Michael, Thanks so much for the reply much appreciated. I was able to download the files and thanks to your excellent guide I was able to get the HSGPL emulation under MESS up and running. am playing with the different GROM bases at the moment and generally getting to know my way around the HSGPL "board". I must say that the emulation of the hardware under MESS thanks to yours and the TI communities activities is superb, I actually lost myself in the emulation and thought that I was using my real TI that is in storage now..... Thanks again for your help. regards, Mark.
  12. Hi guys, Am new to the forums, but wanted to know if anyone knows where I can get the .ZIP file for the complete package of the HSGPL DSR files? Either the 40 column or the 80 column package would do. I have tried to download the DSR package from the SNUG website, but each of the files takes me back to the homepage and does not download the file. if anyone can post or point me to where I can download them from (other than the SNUG site) it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help. regards, mnielsenau.
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