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  1. Love the looks of the TRS-80 Model II. And the Lisa systems from Apple. The Model II being futuristic industrial. And the Lisa looking like it'd be home in a future eco-library of a sorts.
  2. My SpeedPaks are on the move again!

  3. Well, one way might be to use a large capacity soldering iron, not necessarily a high-wattage one. And use it as a shovel to push a piece of copper braid around. With some flux. This is the equivalent of mopping the floor so to speak. Probably the safest. It reflows the immediate area underneath the braid and will absorb some the rust. But, you know what, it doesn't have to be perfect. These larger area ground planes are usually purely functional.
  4. Never got into LightGun games much. So I don't know what to expect.
  5. Maybe there could be a calibration or adjustment for the left-right position of the aim point for lightgun games. What I mean is that, say, like, for shooting gallery. The first part of the game with the squares. When shooting the square on the left side, you have to be closer to the center than you do on the right side. The target takes a hit more readily on the right side. It registers a hit by just hitting the edge. Left side not so much - gotta more inwards more.
  6. Noticed that part of a destroyed building was left floating in the air while the bottom part was removed/erased. Any way to get more detail on the moon? Something like the one rendered on the splash screen? Also, when the game is over, if you press fire, you don't have a chance to see your hi-score. It's wiped out with the start of a new game. Any way to delay that or require the press of the reset button? Because it's all to easy to be firing away, lose, then instantly start again.
  7. I played with two of them, Shooting Gallery and Sentinel. Seems to work fine.
  8. In the past I've used a small wire-brush or simply scraped it away. You can even use a small screwdriver or pin. There's always the option of reflowing it to refinish the surface. I also see some rust stains on the green part of the board, more specifically the copper plane with green resist/insulation where nothing was etched at the factory. Hopefully none of the rust got between anything and it will come off with rubbing, but DO NOT scrape there or you will cause the green insulation to flake. then you're gonna pissed.
  9. I'm afraid to start playing with mine. Might get too excited and put other long-overdue projects on the back burner to explore it.
  10. A recent want that I want is to build up involved completely gutting a TRS-80 Model II or Model III. And once that's done, put in an i7, a MiSTer, and an R-Pi 4. The nostalgia wave has come and gone for both those models and I wouldn't have any issues with it. The Model II shell is HUGE and would hold all that hardware and more. The Model III slightly less so, but still could hold all of it and then some. For bonus, the Model II disk housing could easily be converted into a storage cabinet for cables and controllers. We do have a working Model II left over from the recent purges and it isn't being used. And not likely ever. It's loud and limited. It's not like there's any games or anything worthwhile either, just stupid CP/M and accounting stuff. Alternatively I thought of mounting a MiSTer and R-Pi into my existing i7 Shuttle XPC rig for the ultimate combo mix. Space it already at a premium in these and that only adds to challenge of can it be done?
  11. I'm not a fan of the R77 because it's emulation on cheap hardware. And emulation is best experienced on mid/high range PC straight away. You can use Stelladapter to use original controllers on the PC. And Stella on PC lets you organize your ROMs natively on the hard disk. No messing around with transferring files to microSD cards. I may suggest sticking with PC emulation for day-to-day playing. And get real hardware for sentimental and nostalgic value. Besides there can be no denying it that emulation is the way of the future. Note that all new commercial presentations of classic games are in the form of software emulation. No company is remaking original consoles and definitely not the original chips. But emulation’s models of the chips are getting better and better with the passage of time. Not unlike fine wine.
  12. Foggy, misty, drizzly, gonna take a nap. Then get up and read some vintage computer books.

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  13. Yes. And since we're now passing through the downswing of the age of SNES, and entering "Sega stuff" I only recommend a fast i7 as the minimum for emulation. Requirements are only going to increase.
  14. Yes good work has been done on the system. Though lag is still something of a problem. Ask anyone who plays Kaboom or Breakout, the paddle simulation needs much massaging and lag enters the equation there. Scores are consistently higher on real hardware. And the blargg effects are becoming dated, that part of the code I don't think has been touched in over 10-years. But then again expectations of continual change for change's sake is the order of the day today. You'll get a few here stating it's all about free games. Freeloading and being cheap. I also prefer accuracy and the additional features of save states, reliability, and conveniences. But I tend to stop at better graphic processing. I'd rather see those cycles go toward emulating how an NTSC signal behaves and looks on a CRT, or, rather, a simulated CRT.
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