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  1. MicroChess 2.0 for the Apple II. Published 1978.
  2. Very nice arrangement and display!
  3. It might bog down the video generation stuff in the TIA or similar. You could wire in a switch if simply doing the mod in parallel doesn't work. Switch between the mod and original RF. I seriously HATE those "mod guides" that tell you to cut up and destroy the existing RF stuff, parts, or traces. And then recommend you discard it as you won't ever want to go back. Fucking bullshit on that! You never want to do that. And you always ALWAYS want to mod in a such a way that you can go backwards with minimal fuss. Like desolder and remove and place in baggie the parts they tell you to cut out and mangle. You desolder the RF box, not cut it out..
  4. I still have to work at it, do a double-take, to tell the pieces apart. On the original VideoChess rom they are instantly recognizable. It may have something to do with the pieces being different-looking on their right sides vs the left sides. It may be they consume too much of the square they reside in, and they tend to cover the square making it hard to see the color. When I look at A1 through H1 on a fresh board I see no spacing and little or no color of the square. Could even be the Chronocolor grating-like texture. I want to like it - will be watching the progress..
  5. Audi E-Tron interior appointments are very nice. No GAUDY oversize touchescreen dominating everything.

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    2. Flojomojo


      The old joke here is that FIAT stands for Fix It Again, Tony. 

    3. thanatos


      @Goldleader if you followed Scotty Kilmer on Youtube, you might change your mind about Chrysler.  Apparently the Fiat merger has turned a lot of their stuff into unreliable junk.  Also heard AAA tow truck drivers say it's always Chryslers getting rescued for transmissions going out.

    4. carlsson


      That's sad to hear that a merger makes the product less reliable. It makes me wonder about the upcoming merger between Peugeot-Citroën and Fiat-Chrysler.

  6. Those tiny microSD cards don't really have caches or enough parallelism to compete with traditional spinner HDDs.
  7. It's one of the best-playing games of the lot.
  8. They do not refund any kind of fee. Nor should they. They do not accept those large televisions back at PoP. Just the small stuff like phones and batteries at some locations. They usually have a bin upfront for those like in Target. Some villages come by every year and collect e-waste or have you bring it to them. But that remains an annual affair. What to do with the stuff in the meantime? An important question for 1-room studio apartment renters. There is NO CLEAR and CONSISTENT answer as to what to do with larger bits of e-waste. So just throw it in the trash. They don't take it? No problem. Break it up into smaller pieces It's all going to the city dump one way or another.
  9. @mr_me This is recently released 216. --- Having more than 1 layer of emulation is amusing. You can go as deep as CPU power allows more or less. But be cognizant of diverging accuracy. Accuracy should be a main goal of all emulators. I've only done multiple levels for shits & giggles. I'm not a big fan of the latest hardware. Make no mistake I enjoy reading about where the stuff is going and all the developments. But to purchase it - that usually becomes a bank breaker. You're paying a premium price to troubleshoot stuff the industry is still refining. Not my job. And this year's performance hardware becomes next year's mainstream. I always think of the "cutting edge" experience I had with the Pentium 4. Lousy IPC efficiency and even more lousy heat generation issues. Especially on the, you guessed it, higher end of the product lineup. All it did was cut my wallet. Configuring and setting up for mainstream or slightly behind is where it's at. Everybody seems to have something in those ranges. And currently an i7-8700 is mainstream. Albeit at the top of the category perhaps. Processors with advanced instruction sets are always a good thing. The more comprehensive and versatile the instructions the more work gets done even with slower clock speeds.
  10. Are you happy with how MAME is performing on your rig? I recently got around to testing a basic mainstream i7-8700 by the numbers. And in a status update I mentioned that most classic arcade cabs idle along at 1-5% CPU utilization. That's great. And not really any more even if BGFX/HLSL/GLSL is in use - with all the ratbaggy CRT effects like spillage, scanlines, shadowmask, edge distortion, blooming, convergence failure, and NTSC noise. Of course doing all that takes the graphics card (1080GTX) out of idle and uses about 20% it. Still none of that spins up the fans yet. This is for games like Tempest and Tac/Scan, or even Assault and Blasteroids. And that's on a single CPU core floating around 2.2GHz more or less. The other 5 cores are probably causing mischief or looking for something to do. Or doing nothing because their respective charts are essentially flatlined. In Altirra the situation is even better. Playing Star Raiders or BallBlazer, one core hovers around 1GHZ and the rest are asleep or off screwing around with something else. GPU is at about 20% with or without TV effects and distortion and scanlines. If I hit the turbo button (F1) I can get like 2000FPS. So clearly mainstream hardware is a good thing and you won't go wrong with it. And the 8700 is clearly a refined part that enjoys doing emulators! ss'yeheh...
  11. For an I7-8700 mame typically runs at 1-5%. For most early arcade games.

    1. Tickled_Pink


      It would be interesting to see how an i7-9750H handles it. I've been taken aback by just how intelligent those CPUs are. At low load, they'll drop down to as slow as 1.6Ghz.

    2. Keatah


      My guess is 10-15%. In idle I've seen a stock 8700 drop below 1GHz.


      If you turn on those BGFX/GLSL/HLSL CRT tuning options, the GPU usage goes to about 30% on a 1080GTX. But the CPU usage stays the same or only adds a 1-2% more. This includes all kinds of ratbaggy CRT distortions and hum and bloom and NTSC artifacting and everything.


      It's nice because the fans don't even speed up or do much of anything.


      Tomorrow I'll be testing on an i7-8559U.

  12. Since the cab is built around emulators and virtualization, might as well virtualize that coin slot too!
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