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  1. I had this dream that I was a WaReZ courier from the future back in 1980. A time of Apple II, 300 baud modems, and AE Lines.

  2. Keatah

    RetroN 77

    The one advantage is that it features a highly accurate emulator. The next step up in this category of things is a PC.
  3. Keatah

    RetroN 77

    That's right. True enough. Yes you can. Again, true enough. It simply sounds like the Retron77 isn't the right device for you. Not a big deal. You'll eventually come to terms with it.
  4. I think Blackberry was more prevalent and widespread than PPC. And I tend to get the impression that PPC did less (because of tech at the time) than implied.
  5. The home environment permits one to have custom or semi-custom controls superior to what's on 40-year old ratbaggy cabinets. Ergonomics and implementation have improved over the decades. Things like an X-Arcade stick (with or without mods), scissors keyboard & mouse, or a gamepad or basic 8-way stick, are more comfortable & responsive. They offer choice and perfect matches instead of one size fits all. Couple all that with modern emulation or FPGA simulation for the best classic gaming experience possible.
  6. I might guess the smaller mass of the trackball. Smaller balls = smaller lag.
  7. And so it is. Never would have thought of looking for that. This also shows with level 10 I believe! CrystalCastles was rather difficult and demanding for me. Ramped up too quickly. And the controls were unforgiving because of the precise positioning required. Totally opposite of shooters where you could lay down blanket fire to hit rather large targets. Front or sides was sufficient to take it out.
  8. The tower and case, with some assembly required, gives a sense of personalization. This. Is. Mine!
  9. Blind buy.. Too bad about the limited run. I tend to buy things over time, especially if it's a collection.
  10. Is that a standard rom that came with the cabinet? Or a hack?
  11. I let the boss know about it. And now there is a fixed version that works everywhere. ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/games/collections/san_inc_prodos/ There are times that a program can be faulty and won't work on real hardware. But as emulators are incomplete, they may still run it by overlooking fine details.
  12. I had one back in the day. I rather liked it. Its sound circuitry had different tonal qualities compared against then-contemporary consoles.
  13. Keatah

    Later Facebook

    Phone calls or letter writing still works well. Even a bit of risqué texting doesn't hurt.
  14. Do you recall where you played this game? Perhaps it was a proto or something? There's also StarStrike. But I don't recall that being in the arcade, only home like on Intellivision.
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