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  1. Fair enough. I'm simply not one to chase after the smaller one-off FPGA projects. They're too specialized for my tastes when it comes to sharing the experience with friends, family, kids, neighbors and the whole damned town. Like I'm hoping to find time to get into and evaluate the new R-Pi 4. The 4GB model and a few accessories comes in at around $100. And it's because it's so generic and cheap everyone can have access to it. It's a lowest common denominator. It's like when I introduce emulators and small form factor computing (R-Pi or Intel NUC) people think it's cute and immediately want one. And software support for both those platforms is comprehensive and global. Can't beat that!
  2. Well I agree with all these points. I don't believe I'm gonna spend $500 on a new/old computer that has no software available. I could take that $500 and upgrade one of my emulation rigs, or outright build 2 low-cost general purpose rigs or put it toward an upgrade. Or a dozen other things. As for an easy environment there's tons of options and flavors available. Just about every old-school computer is emulated and comes with pseudo-support for modern filesystems, via that emulation. Drag'n'Dropping disk images of junior's graphical experiments and 1st game attempts can't get any simpler. And if emulation isn't your thing. There's always ebay to get the REAL thing. Point is is that there are tons of options to help get yourself into a proven vintage system. No need to fight learning a new system at the same time you're learning to program.
  3. It's amusing to realize that core rope ROM can easily last thousands of years if not millennia. All you need to do is keep it away from moisture and other corrosive things. The "secret" is in the pattern of the wires and how they crisscross over each other. I'm fairly certain it's the most physical type of storage ever devised. You can't get more bare metal than this. Having said that. My informal long-term HDD storage evaluation continues on track. A 10MB drive from 1984/1985 continues to retain all its data as does a 212MB drive from 1992. Compare that against the few years of a modern SSD. So it would seem the bigger and cruder the storage devices are the longer lived they are. For those of you interested in the AGC and its significance both inside the Apollo program and outside for spinoff tech why not read these. Some are written like the theory of ops section of the early 8-bit computers. So they make for a quick evening reading. https://www.amazon.com/Apollo-Guidance-Computer-Architecture-Operation/dp/1441908765 https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Apollo-Machine-Spaceflight-2008-04-04/dp/B01N1WJJZ7 https://www.amazon.com/Journey-Moon-History-Guidance-Computer/dp/156347185X https://www.amazon.com/Sunburst-Luminary-Apollo-Don-Eyles/dp/0986385905 https://www.amazon.com/Apollo-Flew-Springer-Praxis-Books-ebook/dp/B00DWKPN02 https://www.amazon.com/Landing-Eagle-Inside-Cockpit-During-ebook/dp/B07PKRV5QM This resource contains a frightening amount of information like the original code, info on modern-day simulations, hobbyist project/build reports, original schematic scans, and so much more. https://www.ibiblio.org/apollo/index.html https://archive.org/details/virtualagcproject
  4. Because of their nature and technological limitations "things space" are slow going and quite outside of normal everyday experience. It isn't like in a videogame where you push a button and rocket launches. Real space stuff takes place on a larger time scale. Often years or even decades. It requires a mindset or brain configuration that smartphones and immediateness of the internet wholly and completely short circuit. Smartphones encourage a state of mind that if it isn't happening right now, instantly, it doesn't exist or isn't important or has no meaning. That constant repetitive nudging slows down or eliminates the deeper thinking necessary to make advancements on all the fronts of technology necessary for space exploration. Space exploration is proceeding slowly because we're not developing the materials and propulsion necessary for anything faster than the plodding efforts of the past 70 years or so. For instance - I know of no one within a 50 mile radius that would be using their 2GHz 64GB 8 core smartphone to run interplanetary trajectory plots, or simulations or visualizations of new materials like a graphenic-carbide lattice. But give me 1/2 hour and I can introduce you to more than 10 people that are using the same device to keep up with celebrities and what color underwear they are wearing (or not wearing). Give me another 1/2 hour to get to the local mall and together we can observe hundreds doing that and yet even more tedium like which rock star is taking the stage at what time or if they are dating and all that other minutiae. To make matters worse they're using a multi-billion dollar planetary-wide communications network to spread this gibberish, this utter-nonsense. Such a horrible waste. No kid is interested in that toy telescope over there. But give them a smartphone an they'll toil themselves away into isolation for hours on end. This state of affairs is all but guaranteed to keep everyone bottom-feeding and grinding through the day.
  5. The moon landings were all about politics. If it wasn't for the one-upmanship game with the Russians the landings would never ever ever have happened. The science was really an afterthought and nowhere near a prime motivator. It be like what they gonna do once they get there? Ahh! Train them in geology and make them collect rocks. And once the race was won there was no reason to go back. Plain and simple. 50 years later and we're still stuck on this planet.
  6. Why sick of ebay? It's likely your best hope.
  7. I agree the Shuttle should not have ended as soon as it did. Technically it would be a better craft if built today with modern materials and design techniques and whatnot. Yes. But PowerPoint gets in the way. Do gooders making useless presentations get in the way. Politicians only support something if it meets their agenda. The right mindset doesn't exist. Peoples attitudes are too influenced by big-data, advertisements, smartphone distractions, and so much more from modern contemporary life. None of that is conducive to doing what happened in the 60's.
  8. Marketing retrogaming to the general public is much harder than many think. It's not like McDonalds or anything. Genuine hardcore retrogaming involves a lot of specialty hardware. FPGAs, fast and properly set-up PCs, emulators, certain kinds of SoCs, R-Pi's, stuff like that. And the non-specialty retrogaming hardware seems to sell just fine at like Wal-Mart or other department stores. No need for a unique or dedicated store-front.
  9. Me and my buddies saw the Space Shuttle as like in Moonraker. With lasers and stuff. We also imagined using it to patrol the space colonies we were supposed to get. All that space stuff is like so fake and bullshitty. Just as bad as hollywood. And worse than empty promises by maneuvering politicians. Don't know what to believe!! And now they're (NASA, Gubbament, Sci-Fi buffs, and armchair astronauts) talking about sending men to the Moon AGAIN and to Mars? You know, they been say'n that for the past 14 years. AND NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! NOTHING!
  10. The back end looks a little busy and overdone. But at least it doesn't have that 90's CERV III melted look. Or that Oldsmobile Alero roundedness. And it has a proper 8-speed automatic!
  11. Pampers Lumi diapers have wifi built in and sends a text when your kid pisses its pants.

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  12. Why the hell are they celebrating something that didn't really happen?
  13. Going to get a Snowmobile from Amazon to move my emulators cross-country next year.

  14. Anything "short-throw". Do I dare say the arrow keys on a scissors keyboard?
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