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  1. If Flight Simulator scenery disks were considered DLC, then what about Br0derbund's PrintShop? There must be at least 50-100 disks.
  2. GameStop did used cellphones?? Useless crap!
  3. Doom and all the user-created levels. They are downloadable. They are content. I'm sure there are earlier examples, but this is one everyone knows. Doesn't really matter where the material was sourced.
  4. It was a good decision. I'm not aware of any 5.25" floppy equaling the 8-inch's capacity. Not till later in the PC world with the 1.2M drives. Swapping lower-capacity 5.25" back and forth wouldn't work well in a business environment.
  5. Question is why are they so averse to selling real retro stuff?
  6. Best thing that can be done is keep the discs in a low-humidity environment that doesn't experience a lot of temperature swings or extremes. Not unlike advice for storing or preserving anything else.
  7. Factory fresh. Something in the chemistry.
  8. This applies a lot to me. Not necessarily for GameStop, but for others like a certain RadioShack store. Or CompUSA, one of which is now a sporting goods warehouse with a 20meter facade and the other a used furniture shop. This used furniture shop used to be a Tiger Direct, CompUSA, and in the 1970's an OLSON ELECTRONICS! Remember playing with PET and wandering the endless aisles of discrete electronic parts like motors, capacitors, resistors, and switches. Loved those pre-made assembly packs for like calculators. Had all the parts and board pre-made, you just needed a case and battery holder. All among so much other cool stuff you cannot find anywhere today.
  9. Hard at work trying to spell out the sound my teetering can of soda makes just as it tips over.


    1. GoldLeader


      dink dink dink, FizzFizzFizz, clean clean clean...

    2. Keatah


      I think there should be more bass in there. It was on a wood table.

    3. GoldLeader


      Oh sure,  Now ya tell me...

  10. This can often mean a 2nd emulator choice. Some emulators have features unique to them.
  11. It's an ill-thought out poll. Then again, the Apple II rises above all that bullshit!
  12. Two of the worst games of the worst era.
  13. The right software is making me look good right about now. Damned good in fact!

    1. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Yeah, I enjoy Photoshop as well.

  14. 3DO and Jaguar and other systems from that time were still like shit being thrown at the wall to see what stuck. That shit-throwing practice was finally broken by PS1. PS1 seemed to highlight that in-house designed hardware was better than a marketing company (which Atari had become by that time) buying or outsourcing the core/base platform.
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