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  1. Loving the cold wet weather. Perfect for vintage gaming and classic computing. Even better for reminiscing about the early days of MAME. And Stellar 7 and Nova 9.

  2. Yes. At the same time that'd create more demand and raise the prices even faster.
  3. Maybe you'll need to use two modes, relative and absolute. Make an option to toggle between them. Emulator Altirra does exactly that to accommodate the needs of different software.
  4. Well I use AppleWin almost exclusively. By selecting the mouse as the joystick controller, you get to use Blazing Paddles and Koala Micro Illustrator as if they were modern paint programs. Both buttons work and overclocking the emulator eliminates the mushy momentum/lag that was present on original hardware. Artifacting is good, and you have a choice of several monitors to get the right look. At present be sure to use Version, because and have regressions that are still WIP. And don't forget Ciderpress if you want to manipulate disk images.
  5. C64/128, Atari 8-bit, early TRS-80 Model I/III (and maybe others) made good efforts to be compatible, if not cross-compatible. As kids we didn't appreciate that "feature" much, just hoped for the best. It's not like we were running a corporation and had to consider upgrading costs. At the same time when I moved from a II+ to a //e I had asked the salesman, back when I still trusted salesmen, if all my old games and programs would work. He said yes they would with a few tiny minor exceptions. Something to do with text mode inverse or something and something to do with a ROM/firmware entrypoint. He said not to worry. And he proved right. Not only that, but all my peripherals workd too, with a couple of exceptions. The RamCard to take a II+ from 48K to 64K didn't work, it was built in! So was the LowerCase chip and Shift-Key mod. My modems, printer, clock, controllers, drives (floppy+HDD), monitor, speakers, and more, gave no trouble at all. Even the 80-column card, but it was obviously redundant and not needed. What I was disappointed in was losing the functionality of the Videx Keyboard Enhancer. This was a keyboard encoder card replacement for use in the II/II+. It provided programmable function keys and a type-ahead buffer. I loved the 1-touch "CATALOG" command, among other macros, I so laboriously set-up. Eventually I may get around to designing something similar for the //e.
  6. Tech is too much about statusing and peacocking.

    1. GoldLeader


      The Statussing,  I mean, well sure...Statistically speaking some will always status, but the peacocking?  My God!  I think it's enough to be crowing about something...Maybe woodpeckering...wait is that a thing?

    2. bubufubu


      @GoldLeader  Woodpeckering has always been a thing, unfortunately.  Noisy jerks!  *shakes fist* 

    3. Swami


      That's what your friends told me about you, LOL.

  7. What is notable, if not impressive, is how much the memory map and architecture stayed the same since the first II units were made in 1977. I always like to imagine what the next model of the II series would've been like had the lineage kept going. Would it have been possible to keep going and still stay relevant?
  8. In what way is the IIgs more backward compatible than the Platinum?
  9. Building a period-correct PC means you get to experience the same issues as other people did 30 years ago. Not necessarily a fun thing.


    Many of those issues disappear in DosBox-X with the click of a button.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. littaum


      If you use DosBox-X, how would you emulate the slashing of fingers on razor sharp metal inside the case?

    3. Keatah


      Replaced with soldering burns from making custom controllers.

    4. Hwlngmad


      Gotta love emulation.  What a world!

  10. Should prove to be a most reliable machine, all Platinums are. Low parts count. Different memory layout, same from a logic point of view however. Low temperatures. The most common repairs would involve the power supply because of aging. And any intermittent keys - solder joints. That's it.
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