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  1. Gotta love (hate really) the new SMR drives that CANNOT PHYSICALLY WRITE SEQUENTIALLY. They have to clear blocks just like in SSD, but only 140x slower.


    In fact, these drives have to be trimmed and optimized.

    1. RevEng


      Ugh, thanks for putting these on my radar. Apparently drive manufacturers are quietly substituting these in their consumer lines.


      I was wondering why some 8TB drives jumped down in price. Now I know.

    2. Keatah


      Let me rephrase that, they can ONLY WRITE SEQUENTIALLY. Random writes have to sit in a cache while the HDD clears several adjacent tracks to make room for your incoming data. There is no direct overwriting like in PRML.


      That's why they have these big caches. A reasonably accurate way of testing for SMR is to use Crystal Disk info and look to see if it supports TRIM. And the data sheet to see the cache size. 128MB/256MB is a dead giveaway.


    3. RevEng


      For sure. First thing I did about learning about these things was look up the details.


      I'm just going to avoid them for now. It seems they're more sensitive to vibration, and I don't trust that they'll have the same lifespan as more traditional drives. Maybe after some more years of other people testing them out for me, I'll take another look.

  2. What system was/is Champ Galagon for?
  3. When I was a kid in the late 70's there were like 40 something carts available for the VCS. More or less. So each game was highly sought-after. And every time there was a new release my grandparents made a big stink about it. They followed the releases as much as us kids. And then they bought home carts every now and then. Very unpredictable. And each time was a big surprise because of that.   Well it seems we have it happening all over again with this release! Minimal hype and teasing. No crowdfunding. No nothing. Good old-fashioned fun.
  4. With Applewin not having .woz or .a2r support, what's the next best a2 emu for the PC?   I suspect it might be OpenEmu, or MicroM8. I would've said MAME, but it has a lousy interface and is too cryptic for the average user. Not to mention those assinine "software lists".   What are you guys using?
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