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  1. What system was/is Champ Galagon for?
  2. When I was a kid in the late 70's there were like 40 something carts available for the VCS. More or less. So each game was highly sought-after. And every time there was a new release my grandparents made a big stink about it. They followed the releases as much as us kids. And then they bought home carts every now and then. Very unpredictable. And each time was a big surprise because of that.   Well it seems we have it happening all over again with this release! Minimal hype and teasing. No crowdfunding. No nothing. Good old-fashioned fun.
  3. With Applewin not having .woz or .a2r support, what's the next best a2 emu for the PC?   I suspect it might be OpenEmu, or MicroM8. I would've said MAME, but it has a lousy interface and is too cryptic for the average user. Not to mention those assinine "software lists".   What are you guys using?
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