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  1. Are you going to be putting the labels in your store? I want to order more carts with them. I have some more shells coming from Igor.
  2. Put the files and directory in the root of the sd, I think it needs to be in the specific location.
  3. It was saying cart is 128k with a 0b block. I did 512 and it worked. Thanks
  4. What do you mean by check what you get?
  5. How do you know what block size to use if the auto option doesnt work when you try to read a cart?
  6. The decals I was asking about if they would be precut to the proper size. My scissor cutting skills are not up to par with my soldering.
  7. I'll be interested as well, I will need more blanks soon. Will they be precut?
  8. You do know this Thred is from 2002 right? Hasnt been updated in years.
  9. Off topic, but we need more ditto minis made up.
  10. Nice. Looks like I will have to order 2 more. Do the boxes have a cutout for the case the original game came in? or are they hollow on the inside?
  11. Do you have a link? I cant seem to find it, only mentions of it.
  12. Anyone have the Battlezone hidden game patch?
  13. Gotya, must not be in the US. Love the bbc series. I'll check it out another way.
  14. Is this a new show? I dont see it on netflix. When I do a google search on shows i get a show from the 90s but season 5 only has 6 episodes.
  15. I got it working. I originaly downloaded them when you first posted. I had to rename the lynx dir for it to redownload the newest. i didnt know it wouldnt overwrite the old files. I have been using the romutil to compare my dupes. I had a few that didnt match, then i redumped them and then they did match. maybe dirty contacts or something caused a bad dump.
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