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  1. thefred

    Lynx to VGA

    Very nice. Great to have options. About what is the price going to be?
  2. The lynx does not power off when pins 7-11 are shorted. Sorry for the delay, I have been busy with work.
  3. I have ordered it. I have been looking forward to this.
  4. I guess my question is, what if you miss picking up an item, and save the game after. Would you have restart from the beginning? Or are all the puzzles able to be solved? I don't want to have any spoilers, just curious to know if it is possible to get into a unsolvable state.
  5. Is it possible to get lost or stuck in the game if you do something wrong? And have to start over from the beginning? Or if you cant figure something out you just keep working on it till you get it?
  6. The lynx powers on with the flex circuit unplugged, I will try your suggestions on Monday and let you know what I find out. I am traveling with work the next few days. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I think I must of been reading the pins wrong then. 1-7 should be right but the rest 8-14 are reversed. I was reading them 1 and 8 on the top. Wasn't thinking. Heading on a trip for work till Sunday. Wasn't getting hot.
  8. From pin 7 voltages 1-4.2 2-5 3-5 4-3.5 5-3.3 6-5 8-8.2 9-.3 10-8.5 11-7.6 12-.5 13-3.5 14-5 The system does not turn off with the power off button.
  9. I revisited the Lynx 1, I gave misinformation on my second post, if I provide power to the bypass cap it comes on. It does not come on by the power button. I think that one is a broken trace on the power on button line. It seems to play correctly with the bypass cap powered. I think I am working on too many at the same time.
  10. Pins 7-10 is 9V, and 6-7 is 5V and 7-8 is 9V. That would mean the U6 is bad then? Anything else to check?
  11. Thanks guys, I will check that out this afternoon. One thing to note, the lynx 1 would power off when you hit the off button but the lynx 2 wouldn't.
  12. It did work on mine, I was just playing the game for a bit. The game is 128k if that helps.
  13. I also have a Lynx 1 with the same issue, that one looks like it was worked on before I got it, Looks like some traces may of been bridged. I'm holding off on that one till last. I also have a Lynx 2 that won't power on, I hooked voltage to the bypass cap and it did power on, but has no display or sound. I have a Lynx 2 that had an issue, but I was working with Crossbow a little while back, Looks like the issue is the cart connector, I just desoldered the old one, Going to install the replacement one and that one should be fine. I bought a few Flex cables and speakers from Best Electronics and they worked out great on a few others I had issues with. I also installed BennVenn screens on 2 of them. It is easy to do with the rev5 and with the rev6 coming out you will have the dial to control the brightness. These old systems aren't too bad to work on. Installing the power rebuild circuits are a little hard to see but are doable. Colsole5 has them for a good price. I have some work ahead of me for the next few weeks. Any suggestions on my original post would be great. I cant figure out why it is powering on as soon as power is applied.
  14. I have started to repair a few of my broken Lynx. I have a Lynx 2 that would power on once batteries are installed into the system. It also powers on once the power brick is connected. I figured it was a short in the flex cable, I have replaced it and the same thing. It even does it with the flex cable disconnected, I replaced the power circuits thinking one of them was shorted and the same thing. It does not power on with the game out. What is the next thing to check? I changed the diode, mosfet, and the two transistors and still have the same result, I don't see any shorts on the controller connector. Thanks
  15. Isn't the latest firmware still 1.03? That is what I have on mine, When I open the QR code, it says I already have the latest. Are you sure you aren't using the files from Game Drive Classic? The older card? If you are using the older card, the latest is version 2 by Igor, that is the one that supports the eproms.
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