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  1. Do you have a link? I cant seem to find it, only mentions of it.
  2. Anyone have the Battlezone hidden game patch?
  3. Gotya, must not be in the US. Love the bbc series. I'll check it out another way.
  4. Is this a new show? I dont see it on netflix. When I do a google search on shows i get a show from the 90s but season 5 only has 6 episodes.
  5. I got it working. I originaly downloaded them when you first posted. I had to rename the lynx dir for it to redownload the newest. i didnt know it wouldnt overwrite the old files. I have been using the romutil to compare my dupes. I had a few that didnt match, then i redumped them and then they did match. maybe dirty contacts or something caused a bad dump.
  6. I don't know who put it there, just saying it didn't work. I agree with you. Unauthorized copy's cause developers to loose out on the money they deserve and also not to want to make more games, I have seen that many times. My copy I bought directly from duranik on their last run of the game in 2015. I bought Alpine Games and the bonus cart.
  7. I dumped most of my games so far. I'll double check and see if i can get it figured out. Do I have to delete the files before I try the git again? I did originally do it a while back and redid it yesterday. My Alpine games and the bonus cart are the same type you have, 20015 release I believe they are. I also had other games as well too thick to fit in the slot. I found an alpine games image in the mame pack, but it doesnt work when written onto the blank cart. I forget if you have that one listed as one that saves on your site because it does have a save option. The one in the mame pack was 512k, might be a bad dump duno. It is called contact glue? How does it come? is it a tube like krazy glue? or a bottle like Elmers glue? I think I had some in a spray can for fabric.
  8. I used the instructions on your atarigamer.com site. i used the git clone way to download it. Maybe the link there was wrong?
  9. Turbo takes about 10 seconds compared to not using it 90 seconds. I dumped about 15 games so far. Just have to figure out the md5 so i can check out if i have any different releases. Blank carts seem to work good as well. I only tried 3 times so far. How do you attach the carts to the shells? For testing i just used tape and it works. Do you glue them? if so what type of glue do you use and where?
  10. Recieved my programer today. So far it is working good. one thing is that in the instructions it says writecart but the file is programcart and the santex is different. and i dont see romutil. maybe i did something wrong? Also my version of alpine games and bonus cart do not fit into the slot. only two i ran into with issues not fitting yet. Thanks a lot for the great job. Looking forward to getting the crcs compaired on all the games i have.
  11. One on my t-tris saves the state when you pause it.
  12. Have you had a chance to update the roms to save on the SD yet?
  13. Stupid question, but when you use -cmp they both have to be in the same format correct? It wont just ignore the LNX header and just look at the data? The best way for it to properly get the CRC is for the files to be in LYX format without the headers just because the header data isn't static meaning you can change the header info and change the CRC.
  14. I'll take a few extras. What ever colors you have made up should be fine.
  15. Nice article. I would sugest more info like the Metaos needs the headers removed and needs to be padded. The Lynx SD will run the games in a lot more formats. One feature i would like is a cheat funtion, like the game genie that most everdrives have built in. That isnt really a programers thing but more of a players thing.
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