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  1. It still froze on the mission complete screen for me.
  2. It works on bennvenn. Couldnt figure out how to beat second mission.
  3. Looks it froze after the mission, I get a shadow of a person and it doesn't get past that point. Is that where it saves? Music continues. Buttons don't seem to do anything. I turned it off and back on and it started from the beginning. That is with the new gd. Ill try on the elchepo and see if I get the same results.
  4. Just seen this on facebook. Thought it would be a funny reply.
  5. thefred

    Lost mail to US?

    Just an update, my wife told me my ElChepo has arrived today. Took a little under a month to get to me. Took 2 1/2 weeks to come from CA to NJ. Karri resent the lost package and it came in decent time. The first one is no where to be found.
  6. I received mine today. Looks nice. I haven't tried it on yet, maybe tomorrow. Thanks a lot.
  7. thefred

    Lost mail to US?

    Looks like outbound packages are an issue as well, I sent a package to Australia on July 10th, tracking still shows it has been in NY since the 13th. My El chepo lynx was shipped on the 24th and is supposed to be delivered tomorrow according to tracking estimate but last tracking update was in CA this morning. I live in NJ. I figure international packages with tracking is off by at least 4 or 5 days once it gets in the country. Good luck trying to find items without tracking. Karri sent me something late April, I still haven't seen it yet. My wife ordered some things from China, they took a little over a month. I did get my lynx t-shirt in today, it looks nice. It came in on time. From state to state seems normal from what I have shipped and received. I only ship Priority within the states, 3 days max.
  8. Where are we on the list now? First post doesn't look to be updated. Any chance to find out what position we are in like the neo game drive had? Thanks
  9. I'll take an XXL Thanks for doing this.
  10. Ok, I see that is the older one that will fit on the Pi 2,3 and not the Pi 4. The photo didn't show the side with the power/video ports. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
  11. Is that one of Igor's case? Or one you made up? It looks different then the one he posted in the first post.
  12. Have you had any time to work on the game lately? Looking for an updated gameplay video of the progress.
  13. Just ran across this video,
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