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  1. That is great, Let me know when the store is back open.
  2. What are the color options? Are there any see through solid ones with stripes?
  3. That is great. Are you going to open the store again? I need some more blank carts. Do you happen to have any 30th stickers left?
  4. Looks nice, Looks like it will work with the pi4 with that design. Are you able to access the sd card without opening it? Have you been working on updating the new features of the software yet?
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zaku-Atari-Lynx-Game-BRAND-NEW-with-cart-box-and-manual/293314181829 Just came across this in case someone is looking for a new one. Too bad shipping wasnt free, I would of bought it. I hate when people try to make a profit on shipping. I wish he took an actual photo of the game.
  6. I have purchased a few games from Karri, I find the the prices good in my opinion. I have a wife, 2 kids and bills and can't aford to pay $60 for each game to come out. I do have a bunch of Songbird games, But I have purchased them used off of ebay for a lower price. I have also purchased Der Luch games from ebay, but only after using make an offer. Even with my kids games for xbox, I wait for them to go on sale. That is just me currently with what I have going on now. If I was at the show and bought an autographed copy of On Duty I would pay $30 without issues. That is just my opinion, I'm sure other people have diferent thoughts.
  7. Are you going to be putting the labels in your store? I want to order more carts with them. I have some more shells coming from Igor.
  8. Put the files and directory in the root of the sd, I think it needs to be in the specific location.
  9. It was saying cart is 128k with a 0b block. I did 512 and it worked. Thanks
  10. How do you know what block size to use if the auto option doesnt work when you try to read a cart?
  11. The decals I was asking about if they would be precut to the proper size. My scissor cutting skills are not up to par with my soldering.
  12. I'll be interested as well, I will need more blanks soon. Will they be precut?
  13. You do know this Thred is from 2002 right? Hasnt been updated in years.
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