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  1. Good news is that it boots okay and all seems to be working, even the floppy drive. I am going to open it and check all the caps. 128k RAM upgrade also looks like a good option.
  2. Well I bought it. I'll report back how I get on with it.
  3. Good for you. Looking on eBay these prices seem reasonable, given I don't have a time machine. So about the Panasonic, it looks like it could be upgraded with more RAM. Any other issues? It has RGB out.
  4. I had a look in BEEP and they didn't have much either, just an A1 for 15,000. I guess that's the price you pay for one that they have tested and warranty for a bit, rather than in an auction.
  5. Thanks. It was Hard Off, they are randomly cheap or expensive and I didn't have a benchmark. I'll see what else I can find today.
  6. I've seen s Panasonic FS-A1F MSX2 for sale for 20,000 yen. Is it a good buy? I'm expecting to replace the drive, re-cap it etc. I have never owned an MSX but I do speak Japanese and can read it at basic level (hira/katakana and some kanji).
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