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  1. Same here. Can't wait. Should be a pretty great year for ColecoVision fans!
  2. Same here! Thanks for adding the INTV ROMs as well. Can't wait to try on my new LTO cart.
  3. Received both my games today. This one and Sir Ababol. Have only played a couple of minutes but I had to post. You guys do the BEST packing I have ever seen. I always worry when I order stuff especially from outside the US. They both arrived in mint condition! Thank you so much for the extra care for making sure these arrived perfect. This is the 2nd order I have placed and both showed the same care.
  4. Got mine today! Can't wait to try it later but arrived in great shape. Thanks Intvnut!
  5. Wonder if including the Intellivision ROM vault would help move people off the fence and get us to 200 :D? Assuming that there won't be another Intellivision club.
  6. Yes, Wizard of Wor and R-Type would look awesome as well....
  7. This is exciting. Looking forward to sending my money :). Can't wait until the message.
  8. Not sure what number I am, but I just signed up for 2021 as well! Hoping that the 2021 game is as awesome as the 2020 one was.
  9. Would be awesome if someone could start a thread with the latest firmware. It seems to not be on the Atarimax website and no one is answering emails there.
  10. I bought the ROM from the developer for Risky Rick and use on my AtariMax. Hopefully will get time this weekend to work on this CV. I am sure that the broken green capacitors are part of the issue in addition the the missing trace back to the BIOS. Great place to start. Appreciate all the advice from this group! Definitely have my work cut out for me :).
  11. Yeah, I noticed that as well. When I ordered the capacitors, I ordered the newer bios from Console5. Got to be able to play Risky Rick and Sewer Sam :).
  12. Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it! It looks like someone removed the RF part at some point. So, I will pull that off and see what is under that. Never know what I may find under there.
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