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  1. Sadly missed the game :(. Watching the movie tonight and very cool seeing the ColecoVision in a movie!
  2. I didn't see anything before on this but what is the easiest way to remove the silver disc on a CV controller without destroying it? I just bought a few broken controllers and one has a disc in perfect condition but the housing is cracked. Thought I saw someone said to use heat, but wanted to ask before I destroyed the plastic :). TIA
  3. This power supply is awesome. It doesn't get hot and works as a perfect modern replacement. Love mine!
  4. Same here. I ordered the regular version and waiting for it.
  5. Sure. Will report back. I am sending it off today.
  6. Think I am going to send it to Ruggers. I want to have one with all his mods and some are above my solder abilities :).
  7. No changes when I hit reset. Yes, I have a multimeter.
  8. I just got another ColecoVision from eBay. It powered up and worked perfectly. I took it apart, cleaned it and then installed the Ruggers DB-9 antistatic boards. Everything seemed to work. Then when I put the case back together, all I am getting is a black screen with a tone. I took the Ruggers mod back off, cleaned the switch and still black screen with the tone. Tried different power supplies, no go. The Atari expansion work. Did I kill it :(?
  9. My high so far is 88900... yes I know I suck but still having fun with it :).
  10. JP called it out in another thread....
  11. Just ordered. Love your other 2 ColecoVision releases! Can't wait to get this one :).
  12. It was Christmas in North Carolina! Awesome job JP, Toby and the rest of the CollectorVision team! It was actually what I was hoping it was. Can't waiting until my next conference call today so that I can start playing it! Definitely first round is on me when we have those beers!
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