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  1. In another thread Retroillucid said "We have been asked to wait till the end of this week, a few people were waiting after their pay check "
  2. So learned something tonight that I am not sure has been mentioned. I have a Samung HDTV that was working with the Phoenix but there was a noticeable hum on the menu screens, title screen and during games. Was driving me nuts. I narrowed it down to the TV. The way I was able to get rid of it was to disable "auto volume" in the menus on the Samsung. Just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else runs into it.
  3. Honestly, that was one of the reasons that I joined this year. That and I want to support the CollectorVision team. The work that they have done to keep the ColecoVision alive after all these years is awesome. They have a lot of love for this system as I have since I got mine in 1982 :).
  4. Yeah, that sounds fair to me. I would buy the 2019 game from someone for that.
  5. Cool game though :). Still would love to know what the 2019 CV game was :). Been a really well kept secret. At least I will get the 2020 game.
  6. Same here. Paid in Euros as well but live in the US and got both versions. You're safe :).
  7. Yes, it opened up Windows Mail and let me send them an email. I basically put Risky Rick CV Digital version in the subject and asked for a total and their PP email address. Within 10 minutes I received an email back with the total. Sent the funds and they sent the ROM zip package over about 15 minutes later. Transaction went fine. Got both versions of the ROM pal and NTSC along with the digital manual and map. If you want to just send them an email, use [email protected]
  8. http://arcadevision.net/ bottom left corner. Was about $11 US and received the game quickly after.
  9. Just bought the digital edition over the weekend and I have to say it is a fun game. Works perfectly on my AtariMax for my Colecovision as well as my Phoenix.
  10. Just received this game myself and it is awesome. Love the whole package design with the box, card and detailed instruction manual. Just really well done and shows how much care was put into this product. Game is also a blast. Well worth picking up!
  11. How are the orders for the 2nd batch going? Is it close to the magic number? I am probably going to order another one as I love mine. Was curious how much time I have to place the order.
  12. Is there a list of passwords so that you can skip levels? Just curious.
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