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  1. He recycled the name from this fiasco below. Chameleon (video game console) - Wikipedia JF mentioned in a Facebook post that CollectorVision requested that Chris remove the name Chameleon from the box.
  2. Guess that would make sense with the Gorn in the right corner.
  3. Change the money to euroes and it will work fine. I had the same issue but changing that right before I ordered fixed it.
  4. So, I haven't gotten time to change out the RF box. My desoldering tool did not work all that well in what time I did have. However, I did try an Atari expansion in both of my broken systems. It came up also as B/W on this unit which tells me that this is an RF box issue. On my other unit which has garbled graphics that I was going to grab the RF box from, the Atari module came up perfect... So, that one appears to be RAM or the video chip as I suspected. Since I don't feel that I can do the RAM with my skillset ... my plan is still to take the RF box from this one and try it in the first one.
  5. So, I checked the voltage on both sides of the diode. On the top I am getting 12.4v and on the bottom I am getting 6.56v.
  6. I did try disconnecting a few of them and the CV would not display a picture. They are definitely being used. That is why I am thinking of taking the rf box from the other CV I have. It has garbled graphics but a clear picture...
  7. So reflowing the solder around the connector didn't help. Think next step is to remove the box completely. I ordered a desolder iron which will be here Friday. Also, it looks like another resistor is on the back of the board near this same area. I hadn't noticed that before. Another view of the box with the tape removed. Looks like it was there to prevent the 2 caps from shorting out stuff around it.
  8. Yeah, noticed that as well. There are 2 there. I wonder what fun there is under the RF board :).
  9. Yeah, I have no clue what happened to this in the past. When I opened it, it looked like it was wired up like a Christmas tree... lol. That is why I was thinking about moving the RF box from the other non-functioning CV and simply replacing this one. The other one has no hotwiring to it. Interestingly enough, there are no sound issues... just b&w picture. I even went as far as putting a composite mod on it and even that was in b&w.
  10. I'll give it a try! Thanks for the suggestion. The crazy thing is that it looks like someone did a lot of work on that box.
  11. Are the RF boxes interchangeable between versions? I have 2 CVs each showing different issues. One is a Rev A motherboard with a rev B RF box and the other is a Rev H2 with a Rev E rf box. The rev A CV that is only showing black and white but otherwise works fine and the H2 is showing a clear picture but characters are scrambled on the screen. H2 prob has bad RAM. So, was thinking of flipping the RF boxes to get one working CV.
  12. Yes, thank you! I just ordered 5 for my Cote games.
  13. I have one and it works well. No issues.
  14. Got mine in today... popped in a Pokey I bought a few months back from Best and everything worked great! Thanks so much Batari!
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