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  1. It was the VicII chip... U19. I was able to swap with a working C64's and the issue followed the chip.
  2. Hi, anyone ever seen this before on a C64? I just got one and it is broken so trying to troubleshoot it. I have a working C64 as well but unfortunately the working one only has a few socketed chips. I am thinking PLA from what I have read but the PLA was socketed in the good one. Any tips out there to fix this? I will add that none of the RAM chips get very hot when I leave it on for 10 minutes or so. Thanks in advance .
  3. Replacing the 2 transistors fixed the issue. Machine now works perfect and even the picture seems clearer! Thanks so much for this thread!!!!
  4. Thanks for posting this thread. I just got a flaky Intellivision that works sometimes, black screen others. Thought it was the cartridge slot but it looks like the 2N3906 area once I got the RF shielding off as seen under that area on the pictures. The motherboard is discolored there. Just ordered replacement parts for this from Arrow. Will see if it fixes it.
  5. Sure, I am hoping to work on both of them this weekend and will post the pictures.
  6. So, I am also repairing an Atari 5200 Trakball in addition to working on my broken Coleco one. Looking at the pictures and the repair kit I bought from Best for the 5200, the optical sensors look the same minus the extra ends. Wondering if Best's would work?
  7. Thanks. That will be my plan B. I think replacing the chips and sensors is the way to go from everything I have read.
  8. Thanks, I'll either do that one or the one that just replaces the chips and opticals for $15. I have an email sent to Bradley and just waiting to hear back from him. Hopefully that gets me going.
  9. Thanks but the bearings look okay. It looks like the optical sensor is not picking up the movements.
  10. So I just picked up one of these 5200 trak-balls and it will not move from right to left. The only way it moves is up and down and right. I cleaned the optical sensors and the bearings and it made no difference. Is it time to go to Best and buy replacement parts? Thanks!
  11. Same boat as you. I know what the arcade game is but not the 5200 version. Wonder if there is a ROM we could try out before we buy it? Curious on the gameplay.
  12. Seller came back with Check wiki for crazy kong, explains the difference with pictures. 2cool
  13. I sent the seller an email asking about it. I had bought Donkey Kong 5200 from him, so like you curious what the differnece is. Will post what he comes back with.
  14. I did and they said they didn't have any additional.
  15. I just got a bronken Roller Controller today. Cleaning the motherboard now but it looks like one of the optical sensors is bad. That eBay auction doesn't look like it is available . Any other source for these?
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