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  1. It was Christmas in North Carolina! Awesome job JP, Toby and the rest of the CollectorVision team! It was actually what I was hoping it was. Can't waiting until my next conference call today so that I can start playing it! Definitely first round is on me when we have those beers!
  2. Sounds like next year I need to schedule a trip to Montreal around game release time to pick it up and get some great Canadian beer :).
  3. Having to repair 2 broken original ColecoVision power supplies last week, I figured that I would order one of these so that I would have something as a backup. Got it in today and it works great. Will continue testing, but it seems to be a great modern power supply addition to my ColecoVision. I will probably use it as my primary power supply moving forward.
  4. Where's my spy camera... I mean club game :)? Hopefully next week... It is like Christmas in July if you didn't know what day is Christmas...
  5. If this brings more money and development budget for CollectionVision that would be great. However, it looks like all that has happened is that Coleco Cardillo bought a few systems to rebrand. Would be interesting to see which controller he bundles with it. To me the Phoenix is a worthy successor to the original CV.
  6. Same here... I keep watching USPS informed delivery for that unidentified mail piece... Feel like Bart Simpson... "Where's my spy camera?" :)
  7. Not today, so hopefully Monday :).
  8. So is it newer that V6... like an RC for V7 or something else? Any issues running this as opposed to V6? Just curious :). Thanks again for all the hard work on this.
  9. Worked like a champ! Thanks so much!
  10. So has anyone else had an issue with using the actual Gorf cartridge with the V6 core? The ROM file works fine with the V6 core but the cartridge causes the Phoenix screen to flash Phoenix logo and Gorf name on the bottom three times. Then it goes to a black and orange striped screen. Strangely I still have the V4 core on my Phoenix as core #3 and the cartridge works perfectly with that core. I'll file a bug, but I was curious if anyone else had the issue. I also want to try with another Gorf cartridge just in case before I file the bug.
  11. You can buy access to some of the roms still. I did it last year since I missed the 2019 club. Well worth the $75... https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-vault-rom-pack/
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274391309408?ul_noapp=true These look like reproductions to me? Didn't Fisher Price games come in either red or blue shells?
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