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  1. I see you posted this last year...find a solution?
  2. I use MAMEoX (v84b3). I heard coinops is good and I don't know much about visionary. In order to weed out all the games that don't run well on an xbox I just put the view to "single detailed item" and filter by "favorite status" and strongly like the games that run well and strongly dislike the ones that don't, or the ones I just don't like. Then take screenshots of the "strongly liked games" and then you'll have a nice list with screenshots....I'm sure coinops has better interface then mameox but I'm too scared to mess with it now that I filtered out so many nonworking games and have it looking decent....good luck
  3. Hi there...I'm kinda new here. I read through all 17 pages and am confused about the video output mods. RGB means red blue green as in the component video cables? HDMI means an actual HDMI port on the coleco or is it VGA and you use a vga to HDMI adapter?
  4. Greetings all. I grew up with Colecovision and was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this community. I didn't know there was so much love for the colecovision out there. My favorite colecovision games are Frogger II, Carnival, Venture, Ladybug, Miner 2049 and Pepper II. My Mother was a HUGE Ladybug fan back in the day and when I happened to discover there is such thing as a "colecovision flashback" I was super excited, only to be super disappointed when I realized it is missing Ladybug. When I first saw the CFB i thought it would make a great Christmas gift for her but then I found out there is no Ladybug AND that the controllers are not so great (so I've heard from internet research) So in my search I stumbled upon this awesome forum. I still have my original colecovision and it still works fine, but the controllers are totally shot! I tried setting her up with the Adam Emu and a 360 gamepad but she said it sucks unless its the colecovision controller. I have been exploring several options, including just getting new controllers and maybe having someone do the AV mod, but then I stumbled upon this forum and found the pinned modding forum that refers to the HDMI mod which would be better than composite input (for a HDTV anyway). So now I have lots of questions about the different kind of options available. I'm unable to post in that Pinned thread, maybe something to do with me being new member? So I'm not sure if my questions can be answered in this thread but I wanted to get some insight on the different options I was considering. 1) get a coleco/adam controller and setup ladybug on an emu on her PC and get the adapter that lets you use the controller on PC through USB 2) get new controllers and get the AV mod for the original colecovision and call it a day and play using our original cartridges 3) (the one i'm leaning towards the most)...get the CV Flashback and send it to that modder to make it HDMI compatible and add lady bug too it and possible buy some original CV/adam controllers to use with it instead of the ones it comes with (if thats possible) I'm learning towards option 3....any suggestions? thanks for reading
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