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  1. I hope Tank Commander gets a look in, but not looking likely. Highly playable on the emulator with the speed ramped up to 198%. Just noticed you can turn the turret independently whilst holding the fire key. Nice game.
  2. Space Invaders 4450 Quite like this version, clean and straight forward. Gorf 3280 Only loaded and played once, so far.
  3. Runner Bear 219 Busy Baby 640 Could'nt even get of the first platform 😞 Feeble scores, only played once. Been somewhat busy to give a good crack of the whip.
  4. @Dope Good to see you around again. Hope all is OK with you
  5. I dont feel the love for these games yet. But I voted for the them....so stuck with them for a term Back to Night Rescue 1941 later 🙂
  6. Got it working 🙂 Added in real roms and and did a system reset. http://atari.vjetnam.cz/index.php?frame=roms Score on PL 1530
  7. Has this thread gone invisable on the main board ? Its me, clicked ignore by accident. Doh!
  8. I cant get Pheonix Lair ro work on Altirra at the moment. Anyone else succeeded ? Best I can get on PL:-)
  9. @rra Dont apologise. This is a great game. The fixed version would be awesome. Ever thought about a new version....NR 2 ? I have some great ideas floating around in my head. Some thing from OIDS on the ST could be raided....borrowed
  10. Just tried NR (Basic).....Pheww What a difference. Almost impossible to play on the keyboard. 500 I think I forget the basic version. NR41 is Awesome 🙂 Looking forward to NR 1942 (Battle of Stalingrad) ?????? and 1943, and 44
  11. 1:8700 I guess 108,700 could be 118,700 not sure now. The digits get corrupted or just display odd. Looks like L5 carries on fowever.
  12. @therealbountybob Have you solved the NR41 fine tuning movement to get onto the landing pad ? I use the keyboard (most of the time). The fire button makes for fine movement, dont really know why it's required. Just a pain. Seems like an invisable wall, then use the fire button. This might make sense 🙂
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