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  1. Missile command and galaxian for me. RT. ps must try harder on the tower round.
  2. Both Jigsaws Complete 🙂 http://www.atarimania.com/8bit/files/British_Heritage_Jigsaw_Puzzle_Vol_One_Thorn.pdf
  3. Late entry and hardly worth bothering :-(.... failed again Been working on BOL Dox with TRBB. Anyways... Crownland = 8,700 COHC = 36,000
  4. Got lost in this game.... thanks DeTeacher https://seed42.itch.io/artillery-fodder First game I finished for ages 🙂 (Expect Lode Runner of Course 🙂
  5. Nice. Some really good games over there at Itch. RT
  6. Hobgoblin....(Troll Like and Troll Wars Quite like this one 🙂 and does Air Traffic ConTROLLer count as an extra
  7. After 37 years, I have just completed Miner 2049'er 🙂
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