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  1. Ready for the next shoot . I really should playing the game rather than drawing targets 🙂
  2. 53,200 56,900 Looking like another archery target in the making
  3. I wish I had picked Shamus+. Just played Gyruss.... Mmm.. Not how remembered it 😞 Could get a bit tedious. 3 Warps to Uranus
  4. I just race every screen. Seems to work for me. Never heard of point pressing before and so it never really occured to me to use it. So I'm happy with my score so far.
  5. Max for as well. I liked the first one also. Runway Sweeper
  6. I'm going for distance into the game L7. Some screens as you progress IMO are just luck. But you got to keep having loads of attempts Fun game, bloody frustrating. I feel I have reached a ceiling now and seem to move forward much. Eye is aching now... must have a break or TRBB will tell me off RT
  7. Quick question. Are PC games allowed ? and I assume Atari and other games on a PC emulator = atari, amiga, snes
  8. Off Topic: Donkey Kong in the real world I was quite pleased with this group BTW 🙂
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