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  1. I've got score on my laptop. Still need to post. Have I missed the boat ? RT
  2. I really missed oyt on this round, at I downloaded them and a quick play on Pharoes Curse. No time
  3. That is cool. I found an old Pirates! Sid Meyer map of the carribbean/spanish main. Photocopied as well. And a original Team 17 Worms box and CD.
  4. I've downloaded them all 🙂 Do you get a bonus point for that ? Pharaohs Curse King Tuts Tomb Lost Tomb Lorien's Tomb Pharaoh's Pyramid Crypts of Eqypt Pharaoh's Tomb Desert Race Desert Falcon Pharos Quest Pyramid Run Revenge of the Mutant Camels Pyramid Crypts of Plumbous Crypt of the Undead Egypt Ball Pyramid 1992 The Tomb of Death The Sands of Egypt Beneath the Pyramids
  5. A very quick video I slung together. Features a later level and a brief glimpse of the sudden speed increase after the Zaxxon kill. Top Tip. Dont forget the fuel, actully just keep hitting the fuel and nothing else later in the game. Make a note of the brick courses in the wall then adjust with the height bar on the left hand side. It does become instictive after a while 🙂
  6. Zaxxon. One of my favourite games. Top five for me on any platform. Dont like the space sections that much, but the trench section I could fly along all day. So quick and smooth. Super Zaxxon, slow and muddy as Carlson has said....should be reported to Trading Standards with super in the title. Zaxxon will always be the winner. Might fire a MAME version see what the arcade version was like. Great round, wish I could of got a bit more time Zaxxon. RT PS Where are your coloured in Zaxxon posters guys MS Paint still rocks you know
  7. Super Zaxxon .... the agony. 5,950 7,300 11,700 I reckon a Zaxxon type game would be great. Like Zaxxon with no space bit but with more Star Wars'esqe type trench bit. more tunnels, towers etc. Sort of Zaxxon 1.5
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