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  1. So I've been downloading GDI files from archive.org only to have some that just won't load with GDEMU. If I just dump them on my SD card, I get the "Unsupported Disc" title in my game list and if I try to sync them to my SD Card using SD Card Maker for GDEMU, they just don't appear, I drag them, but they don't stay on the list. Anyway around this? One example is "De La Jet Set Radio", 2 repos on archive.org have the same non-working dump, only with a different compression (one is Zip, the other 7z). Cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply. Regarding point 1, I tried an NES emulator on that same TV on my media PC and didn't have the lags of the RetroN5, it ran as good as my original console. Not saying that there's no lag on emulation, but there's different levels of lag and the ones on the RetroN5 made me miss my jumps in SMB. As for point 6, I find it strange that the manufacturers went out of their way to remove CD compatibility from the emulators they "borrowed" from the Internet. I mean the majority of PC-Engine games are on CDs, what a dumb decision -_-
  3. Hey there, I have every original systems that the Retro Freak emulates hooked in RGB via my XRGB-Mini, but still, the idea of saving room, using save states and game translations is temping. I have a RetroN5, but I really don't like it for reasons I will state when asking questions regarding the Retro Freak. 1- How is the lag with the Retro Freak compared to the RetroN5? I've noticed a lot of lagging with the RetroN5 compared to my original systems either hooked directly on my TV or via my XRGB-Mini. As anyone tried the 240p test suite's lag test on the Retro Freak? 2- Can I use an NES or SNES Multitap on the Retro Freak? If not, can I use a USB Hub? 3- Can the Retro Freak run Sonic 3/2 & Knuckles? 4- Does the Retro Freak handle IPS patches better than the RetroN5? 5- Does the Retro Freak have an option to boot carts automatically when inserted or can they only be played when the ROMs are dumped on an SD Card? 6- I've been seeing videos of people running 32X, SEGA CD and PC-Engine CD games on the Retor Freak, are these hacks available? 7- How does VSync handle on the Retro Freak (for all the emulators)? Thank you for your time
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