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  1. Very exciting!! I just preordered Alpine Games - can't wait!
  2. 5320 for me! I think that's better than when I first got the game!
  3. So us normal people will have a chance to buy Alpine Games? Awesome! When is it coming out?
  4. Actually I'm in New Zealand My was sent on the 17th, so took a week to get to me
  5. I received my Flappy Bird cartridge in the mail today. The game plays very well, the fact the the high score is saved is fantastic, the colours are vibrant and the frustration is real! I would like to thank all the people who collaborated to make this game and its cartridge release possible! My current high score is 51
  6. Oh okay, in that case, my score is 144,120. On the off chance that level zero does refer to the 'bonus vault' level zero, then I got 318,380 in that.
  7. Hi Can I just clarify which level is meant by level zero? Do you mean the first level when you start playing the game, or the 'bonus vault' level which can be accessed by the password 'ZERO'? Thanks
  8. Hi there! Just wanted to say hi after signing up to this forum - I've recently 'rediscovered' the Lynx (I've had one since the 90's), and after finally finishing Rygar (took me long enough!), I decided to start collecting all the officially released Lynx games when I found out how doable a task that might be. I was also surprised to learn how easy it is to find new, sealed games relatively cheaply (the less common ones are, obviously, more expensive)! I've attached a photo of a few new purchases Also, I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but has anyone else noticed how the evil tomatoes in 'Kung Food' look like a certain politican?
  9. Hi, I'm new here, can I join in? I've been a fan of the Lynx since way back! I got 15,680 (beginners, no continues)
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