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  1. I haven’t tried with a real drive yet. I did with a tape drive as I was working on one. It starts the tape, but fails to load.
  2. I looked at the schematics and there is not much between the SIO port and the PIA and POKEY chips. Some resistors and capacitors. The resistors check fine in circuit. Capacitors are harder to check, but they are not shorted. The power board/ mainboard connector looks good. I ran Super SALT, but I don’t have the test fixture or “SIO shorting plug”, which I assume is a loopback, does anyone have a wiring diagram for that?
  3. I checked the resistors and all look good. Continuity looks good. Voltages look good at the power board/mainboard connector.
  4. I checked the resistors and all look good. Continuity looks good. Voltages look good at the power board/mainboard connector.
  5. Thanks, I will do this later today and report back here.
  6. I wonder if you had something conductive shorting something out and the air dislodged it. I had an issue recently with a 130XE and it was a bit of solder.
  7. I did that and no difference. I, at first, thought Pokey or PIA, but tried both and that’s not it.
  8. I have an 800 that works great, except for SIO. It will not boot from an S-Drive Max or FujiNet even if they are externally powered. I have tried to replace all daughter cards with spares and also all major ICs on the motherboard. Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot?
  9. I have 38 8 bit Atari Computers and 2 working motherboards.
  10. Mine was different as well. I did the same as you and remapped it. I believe he had a note not to depend on the colors.
  11. Looks like one was made in the US and the other in Taiwan. The US one had a darker shade on the Help key.
  12. One did not have the plungers and the circuit boards were a different color. Of course someone could have replaced the keyboard with a fully populated XE keyboard....
  13. One did not have the plungers and the circuit boards were a different color.
  14. Looks like they sometimes used regular XE keyboards with all the function keys.
  15. After cleaning it up, it looks like this. It was very crusty, like someone really used it, food crumbs and all. I think I’ll keep the badge as it is. A computer that was really used shouldn’t look like it just came from the factory.
  16. The thing to remember is you have to choose to boot from your SIO connected device, the same as you choose to boot from the ram disk.
  17. I used a dual dip switch and filed the existing toggle switch hole out to fit. I wanted to use my nibbler tool, but it it wouldn’t handle the thickness of the plastic. I haven’t secured it, but it is a press fit and seems secure enough as it is.
  18. I bought this computer as a lot with some 1050s and a couple XLs from a guy’s son who inherited them. I wish I had asked what he did with them. I’m sure there is quite a story behind them. Two of them were upgraded with memory and the Expander OS that allows multiple RAM disks and to boot from one of them. Someone suggested a BBS in a post I have on this site.
  19. It is the standard and the Expander OS. I have an XL with the same OS. I don’t know what he did with it. He had a very high socket of a type I’ve never seen for the OS. It looked to be high quality, but I couldn’t fit the 4 in 1 OS that I got from you under the keyboard. I removed it and replaced it with a precision socket. I had to add 4 bodge wires connecting to the BASIC ROM as I did damage the board removing it. (Works great, thanks!) It looks to me like this computer was wet at one time. See the picture of the lower shell. Posted a dump here:
  20. What do you think he as doing on U21?
  21. Has anyone seen this upgrade? Switchable from 128 to 512
  22. I like the discussion. There is a story to my first 400. I bought it at a Montgomery Wards warehouse store. I learned BASIC on the machine and how to fix it when I broke it. (Actually, a bar code reader called Oscar broke the SIO.) It got me started in an IT career. Now I work in the building where I bought it.
  23. I can see your point, but this was what I wanted to do on my first computer in 1982. I tried to buy the keyboard, but couldn’t find one. I couldn’t afford the memory upgrade. It is a nostalgic thing.
  24. By the way, the keyboard was made by Cherry. I was surprised at that.
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