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  1. I did burn this to an EPROM, but I haven’t tried to do anything useful with it. It seemed to work just like the original for what I did do. The lot I purchased had two highly used computers, a 800XL with 256K and a 130XE with 512K. It also came with 2 modified 1050s. He must have found something it was good for. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of his disks and his son really didn’t know much about it.
  2. Thanks, I do have a desoldering station and am practicing on an old board. I’ll probably do this soon. I’ve tried a couple working drives with no luck.
  3. I just got a 1040STe in great condition, but it will not access the floppy or boot from an Ultrasatan (or my MegaFile30 for that matter.) It sounds like it is reading the disk when it boots up, but comes up with the error in the attached picture when it is accessed. (“Your output device is not receiving data.”) I’ve heard a bad DMA can cause this and there are other remedies for general issues in some of the forums I’ve read. I brought this up on Facebook as well. Has anyone seen this exact behavior or have any ideas? I have a couple DMA chips from old 520ST boards that are socketed, so I could just try that, but as you know, removing one from an STe can be risky.
  4. I found a 130XE from the same lot with this OS and 512GB of RAM, switchable down to 128.
  5. Could be. I got the computer in a lot from someone who inherited it from his father. It included a Happy modified 1050.
  6. Just a note that you hold select when you boot up to get to the menu. It doesn’t load from disk unless you go through this menu. To load from a disk drive instead of the RAM disks, just hit return and answer with the drive number you want to load from. It will then load normally.
  7. Here is the OS ROM for “The EXPANDERS RAM-DRIVE PROGRAM “. ExpanderOS.ROM
  8. I finally got everything to fit! 64k upgrade, UAV, and U1M
  9. I’ll try to get that this weekend.
  10. Has anyone seen/used this OS? It allows multiple RAM disks and the ability to boot from a RAM disk. How would this have been used? I used RAM disks to improve performance back in the 80s, but it was just as a second drive used for data reference files. I did find articles referring to the OS. It was on one of my 800XLs stacked on the original ROM. https://www.atarimagazines.com/atariclassics/v2n4/moonlight_workshop.php?fbclid=IwAR2Eo1qz5gvfEF4b8U6moM4C3E3GQHgdz0E5Rik4nEeiZp4NynpuNYu_2W0 https://www.atarimagazines.com/v6n11/empowering8bit.html?fbclid=IwAR0jXsuE8yEUY7PzQgClXUZwrWx7nAvXnYrTEZc7ZpNpNx-__CMAy51cmC0
  11. Just an update. Steve responded very quickly, especially considering the holiday weekend. He is sending a new chip. Again, thanks for the help on troubleshooting the problem. Leech, I hope you get your issue resolved as well.
  12. I have a TL866, so I could reprogram it. I just burned some OS EPROMs for my Ramrod XL 800XL. If you want to look at it, I could exchange with you, or could I pull an image from it and send it? I tried the original 1200XL MMU and it did not behave like the GAL. It just went to a blank screen while the GAL went to the Atari test screen.
  13. I’m happy to say I did not mix them up. The picture attached shows the original MMU (right) and the one I got with the kit. It looks like it was desoldered at some point. My MMU from a spare 800XL board works great.
  14. The MMU was the problem. I didn’t have time this morning to see if I might have just put the old one back in by mistake. Anything is possible. I’ll check that later and post here. Anyway, it is working! Thanks
  15. Yes, I used the MMU that was with the upgrade kit. I could try a spare I have from an 800XL.
  16. I am having a similar issue with a RAMBO 256 upgraded 1200XL and super video 2.1 upgrade as well. It boots into self test and passes the ram test. Holding down option just gets a scrambled screen as does option and select. Replacing the 32 in one board with a RAMROD XL EPROM boots to basic, but the keyboard doesn’t work. Holding option boots to the usual OMNIMON XL memo screen. Holding down option and select brings up OMNIMON XL. The keyboard works in both those modes. Carts work as does FujiNet. Leech, did you give up?
  17. I used the eraser to clean the 3 pads, added a little of the conductive paint to the 2 pads and added the tape as recommended by yorgle. At this point I have a working 1200XL! Thanks to all who responded with suggestions.
  18. The keys do work according to the multimeter, but the resistance must be too high to be read by GTIA. Any idea what it needs to be?
  19. Yorgle, that worked. It has to be the keyboard. Doing the RAM test now. Looking for broken traces.
  20. I found a spare GTIA and replaced it. No difference. I doubt it is the Mylar connections to the PCB because the reset works and it uses the same connector. What they have in common is they connect back to the GTIA. I tested connectivity between the carbon pads and the connector strips and it looks good all the way through, so it shouldn't be a broken trace.
  21. I originally had issues will all keys, but did the keyboard fix. All keys now work except for Start, Option and Select. Reset works. Could this be the GTIA?
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