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  1. Bingo, I expanded the memory to 192K in the emulator. Thanks I did look at the SPX manual and it's actually quite good. I just haven't been able to figure out how to edit a ROM (CAR:) in the emulator. You seem to be suggesting that the A:config.sys will allow the change. I'll try that next. Oh, and a manual for the emulator would be nice. I'm still working on the CLI options. I accidentally found some information that the ROMs need to have the correct CRC for me to use them. Still working on that one. Thanks
  2. Same error: RAM under ROM is not available. Thanks
  3. Hmm, looks like I'll need to purchase a special cart. I may need to fall back to another DOS in the meantime. Thanks
  4. Newb with SpartaDos, but not with the Atari's. The last DOS I worked with was DOS XL which I purchased new at the time. :-) I've decided to resurrect my Atari 800 collection (much of which I can't seem to find, weird). And while waiting for parts to fix my 600XL and 800XL I've been busy with the Atari800 emulator (XE, 128K). I have Omnimon XL, Atasm and CC65 working under Linux (and hope to have my Pi Zero hooked up to my A8's soon) but I'm having trouble with the DOS part. I finally got SpartaDos X working with the emulator by booting the cart rom: SDX448_sdx128.car. When I attempted to load UBI.EXE (U-Basic) I get the error: RAM under ROM is not available. That seems pretty obvious, I don't know what I'm doing. Now my questions what do I need to config to get SpartaDos X (SPX) to work with my emulator so I can put SPX in the extra RAM (emulator set to XE and 128K)? Next question is how will I get this working with the 800XL & 600XL when I've got them on my SIO2Pi board (wifi to my Linux server, plenty of space). I see everyone saying use SPX but I can't see how I can set it up. So what am I missing or is it not going to be possible to use SpartaDos without putting it in ROM? PS: This is all working toward getting the Atari's working with Commodore 64 on a gaming network at VCF's ( http://infoage.org/wp/infoage/exhibits/vintage-computers/) museum @ Infoage in Wall Township, NJ. A very cool place.
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