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    I’m interested in developing games (doesn’t mean I’m even decent at it) and playing them. Also running miles (3-6 usually) among other stuff.
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  1. Keep up the great work! It looks really good.
  2. Fun game! I usually dont play games on iOS, but this will be a definite exception. I like the creator mode feature.
  3. Oh ok. Just checking around. I've done a bit more research. Nevermind lol
  4. So I know that Tempest on the 2600 was never completed, but the prototype was completed and is used in the flashback consoles today. But as far as that goes, would AtariAge sell it? Could AtariAge sell it? Or has it before? I would be interested in buying a copy if so or maybe a homebrew similar, I was just wondering if AtariAge Store could get in some copyright trouble if they sold it (even though selling it would most likely promote the new "Atari" game Tempest 4000.).
  5. Thanks as well! I'm just stumbling in the dark with Batari Basic, just feeling my way through things. I'm quite new to this.
  6. Oh thanks. Much appreciated!
  7. So I'm working on my first game, and when I try to compile, it doesn't work . The "error" is one of the color codes, but it is indented and correct, and nothing works. Please help. (Program has been removed as the problem has been solved. Thanks again to Random Terrain and bogax!)
  8. Where I live, the company providing fireworks for the city was going to lose their permit today so they shot fireworks yesterday on the 3rd. Happy 4th! MERICA!

    1. GoldLeader


      Ha! Whatever works! :)

  9. Oh, and a graphically upgraded version of Tempest would be fantastic. A new soundtrack and some new features would make it perfect.
  10. 2 questions: RAM? And I guess we could say Moon Patrol is a definitive launch title???
  11. Oh! You should have a Virtua Racing game entitled Virtua Racing Special Edition or something like that! That would most certainly showcase the power of the system!
  12. Also, I don't think the Prometheus should ship with any form of Donkey Kong content. The Prometheus is backward compatible with the ColecoVision, but it should be branded as its own console. I think there should be three different bundles; a Fighter Bundle, which includes Double Dragon, a RPG Bundle, which includes Ultima or something of the like, and a FPS Bundle, which includes Doom or something like that. There should at least be 2 different bundles for diversification.
  13. I would think Doom would showcase more power. Also, to add diversity, maybe a launch title like Ultima VII: Black Gate would draw different types of customers. Also, what type of audience are you targeting??? (Ex. teens, adults, retro, non-gamer, etc.)
  14. Looking into new Opcode project known as Prometheus. Looking forward to it.

  15. As far as using classic games, these would be my picks: -Bubble Bobble -Double Dragon -Doom (Most Wanted) -Pitfall Collection (Pitfall, Pitfall II) Maybe you could make special editions of those or something. As to new/homebrew games, I would suggest getting some games from the makers of the AVS. If you're looking to expand and include your own Prometheus exclusives, why don't you release the code format or a compiler and hold a contest? Maybe the winner could get a prize of a sort, and game and its properties would become yours, and you could sell them alongside the Prometheus as launch titles. Letting wanna-be developers know the type of code is essential. UPDATE: Also, with the hardware, I would like it best if there were 2 main controller types: Keyboard and Pro. The Keyboard would be similar to the ColecoVision controller, but with higher quality. The Pro would be a D-Pad with 6 face buttons and 2 triggers. This would allow for developer flexibility and ease of porting. For hardware, I would include 4 controller ports, HDMI support, and all the typical things. Maybe you could create an online modem later??? That would DEFINITELY be interesting.
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