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  2. Ok Ok I am not dead yet. I still program and yes I use a real TI and sell my programs on real 5 1/4 disks. You have my permission to copy and give out any of my programs no charge - but I keep coding copywrite. I have a few ideas in the forge I am hoping to get done by next year Chicago Faire. Gregg Lemke -- AKA Lem
  3. Wow you all that attended are in my heart and mind - a shout out to any TI99'er - God bless you all !!! Gregg
  4. I still have boxes of stuff yet from my last move. I am still in the hospital at this point. I always been looking for a keyboard adapter and a Rave99 PEB box. Now thats a hard one. Haha.
  5. I am happy to see such a great effort to keep such a long term contact point in the TI community going on. I don't do any dial out stuff but this is such a rich part of our history. I think everyone remembers AOL in the 90's - everyone was on dial up. Great job everyone involved!!
  6. The PB TUT game has been a Ti urban legend for over 30 years now. I would love to see it run in a cart.
  7. I was reading last week an old review of the TI99/4a computer from January 1983. The article explained -- the TI is 16 bit so it can access 64k memory expansion no problem. Texas Instruments marketed the 32K mem cards for memory chips cost a lot more back then. The author of the review was saying TI intended for you buy two 32K cards for full 64K expansion. I never heard this before and i never have stuck two 32k cards in a PEB for I thought the software would not address it. Anyone heard of this idea from anyplace ? Was the reviewer wrongly informed or did TI plan on something like this but dropped it? Just throwing out there for discussion.
  8. Wow great retro article-- hard to believe over 70% of the dial up was once on AOL. I had Prodigy for a while myself. Brings back some good vibes !!!!
  9. On what if type dreams -- I thought about on the internet usage - have a board or converter that would convert modern internet graphics interface to a TI compatible interface. Granted I would think the images on the TI would look pixated - but you could tell what it was just it would look boxy. We would need a GUI and a good mouse system also. This sounds a lot like RXB's post just ahead of mine. But you know nothing surprises me any more. at the Chicago Faire there was Linux based "box" running Internet a few years ago.
  10. I remember the original game and seeing it-- OK I am old ha ha.
  11. I been reading this thread, I been programming in XB for a long time and have taken classes in a lot of languages. I don't think anyone feels they are an "expert" -- if we get stuck we ask for help. Back in the hey day XB was the way to go because it had the biggest user base - now we are hobby and most people but not all can run an E/A program and we have all these wonderful languages to play with. I use to love programming in Pascal on the Apple- we are talking 30 years ago now. I am just amazed how much new stuff is available for the TI every year!!! I just do things now because I enjoy programming as a hobby. I am just amazed and in awe of our hobby base and the people in it. Maybe one day we will get that new computer that will run the old stuff and expand us into the future.
  12. I love graphics , always wanted to get into full screen bit map stuff.
  13. I know Scott he live in Platteville WI - 18 miles from me. Great guy!!
  14. I like that PEB cable splitter - maybe make a little plastic box/case for it - I don't like boards out in the open. Looks like it has mount holes.
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