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  1. I would like to preorder 1 Sophia 2 DVI for a 65xe please
  2. Of course there is Gear of War 1 and 2 both have co-op, and on 2 you have Horde mode as well wihich is great. Rob
  3. Yeah it looks really good, I got in to the GP scene back when Craig (www.gbax.com) brought over the GP32, always was a big fan of emu's on the computer, even had my Dreamcast running a few, but when the GP32 came out and I had the chance to have alot off these great emus in my pocket, it was great. Then Craig went on to co design the GP2X with Game Park, its a really good community, and now Craig and several key memebers off that community are bringing us the Pandora which should have enough power to emu anything up to an N64. Did you preodrer? I missed the deadline although I still would prefer to buy it straight from the website when they have realesed it. Rob
  4. Shouldn't be long but, I have the GP2X and the ST emu on that was great, spent many hours playing Chaos Engine and Elite 2, and the Wiz is meant to be pretty compatabile with it, I understand that the devs are porting most the the GP2X emus over as we speak, if you do get one check out the NEO GEO emu is was great full speed on the GP2X so should be as good on the Wiz. Although check out the Pandora before you spend your money, its not out yet but should turn out to be something special. Rob
  5. Does anyone have an idea how much IS2 CD yellow label (cdr version) is worth its in mint condition. Thanks Rob
  6. Hi Guys This may sound daft but if anyone has a spare 360 with the rrod fault in the uk, could you donate it to me or maybe sell it cheap? I want to try and fix one as Ive been reading up a about the fault but need a faulty machine to work on. Cheers Rob
  7. Hi Guys This may sound daft but if anyone has a spare 360 with the rrod fault in the uk, could you donate it to me or maybe sell it cheap? I want to try and fix one as Ive been reading up a about the fault but need a faulty machine to work on. Cheers Rob
  8. I don't know if I believe that the RROF has been resolved yet as the article claims, my second 360 died on sunday which was a replacement for my first 360 which had the same fault, and this one was only 5months old. Its now waiting to be picked up to take it away to be repaired, but I think its more luck than anything with the 360, I am really starting to think that every 360 carrys the same risk because of that stupid X clamp design that holds the heatsinks on, once that fails then the heatsink moves and the cpu/gpu fires. Its is a real shame, after watching many youtube videos of people fixing the 360 with just screws and getting rid of the X clamp altogther its a wonder why Microsoft doesn't do the same, cause its really put me off buying any future system Mircosoft releases. The system itself is great of all the consoles I have ever owed the 360 is by far the best, it has great games and the on line side of the things is second to none, just a pity of the reliablity. Rob
  9. Don't know about the US but in the Uk its alot to do with the way consoles are Taxed, PC games are sold as software, consoles games fall in to a different brack, for example I buy most of my games of Play.com who sell most new PC games for as little as £18 but the console games are the same price usually as the stores (around £39.99) cause of the way they are taxed, although I have noticed that most of the new 360 and PS3 titles that are to be released in March are all £29.99 which is at least £10.00 cheaper than the shops. So hopefully things are changing for the better here, can't wait for Frontlines been playing the MP demo since it went up on Xbox live. regards Rob
  10. Well the idea was to get id's view on the whole is it legal or not legal stand, to state that the future project would be free was more to show them that as a community we weren't trying to make money of their work, thats what I was trying to get across. And who's going to do the work well thats up to anyone who wants to I suppose, I for one would love to make levels for any new game, I used to make levels for PC Doom and Quake, I could never get my head round programming, hardware was always my thing, but when I got a PC and my first copy of Doom I really got into level design, graphics etc, and I am trying to track down a guy of DoomWorld who once told me he had hacked Jag Doom an wrote/hacked a level editor for it. Believe it or not in most communities there are people out there who like to work on a project for fun and for the joy of doing it not for money or profit margins, look at the other Doom related projects on any of the other scenes do you think any of those guys get paid. As I said it was to find out what id's view point was on the use of their source code, and John Carmack has confirmed that he is happy to let use the code for our communities projects. Rob
  11. For me it has to be Lode Runner I loved that game. Some classice 800Xl games I would love to see on the Jag would be Zybex, Bruce Lee, Mercenary, Castlevania and maybe something like Elite Frontiers that would be really cool, played them all to death when I was a kid love to see them reborn on the Jag. Rob
  12. Hi Guys So I have been reading with interest all the threads ref the great work Curts been doing releasing all the Jag source code he can find, and it got me thinking about the Doom source again, about reusing it to make Doom 2 or even a new game based on the code. One of the other threads highlighted legal problems with doing this so late last night I emailed Mr Carmack himself to get his view points (back in the day I used to be a bit of a Doom fanatic making levels and custom wads etc for PC Doom so I still had his email address on file). I explained in the email I sent him that the Jag Community would like to make use of the Doom source code to make future games or a revamped version of Doom for the Jag, I did say to him that any project would be free to the Community or at the most a charge to cover cost for media etc, well I got the reply about 30 mins ago, this it a direct cut and paste..... "I am sympathetic, but there is no way we can justify any official legal release at this point, we are just too busy with other things. It would definitely be a no-no to use any of the Doom media in another project, but you should be pretty safe reusing the code in any way. John Carmack" So it looks like we are free to use the source code for future projects but we can't use any of the Doom graphics etc so sadly no Doom 2, but at least this gives one of our programming teams out there a nice little engine for a future FPS or what ever. I also asked him if he had or found any Jaguar related items could he pass them on the community as you can see he didn't respond to that bit. Rob
  13. Just finished it, WOREST ENDING EVER!!!!!
  14. Hi matey Well you know i'll take one, and the mounting holes sound like a good idea, away to fit it to a back plate would be good for us pc cased falcons
  15. Hi Eeun Thanks for the info, at least it will let me get started, keep in touch would love to see how you get on, I don't have to much electronic knowledge, but can follow a build plan if its laid out easy to read. Its strange that nobody is making the Eiffel anymore to sell, going by some of the other threads ive read there still seems a demand for them. Thanks again matey Rob
  16. yeah it was him, thanks for the info, its not the money its the fact that i don't like being treated like a mug, i think we need to make sure hes blacklisted then. Rob
  17. Ok so i've given up on finding someone I can buy this adaptor off, I ordered one from a guy of Atari Forums about 3 months ago and never heard from him in the last 2 months so I guess something happend to him as he hasn't been on here since and he hasn't answered any of my emails. So what I am looking for, does anyone have a break down of parts you need to build one and a details of a suitable chip programmer, I can solder pretty well and was thinking off having a go at building one myself on vero board at least (my 12 yearold mouse has finally died). If any one knows of a step by step guide (that anyone could follow) that would be great. My falcon has been recased now for some months now and I would really like to finish the project. Rob
  18. I completed it when I got it some 10years or so ago, it was one of my favorite Jag games although the ending is crap because the Jag only shows static pictures (i assume because its on cart) the pc version has cgi movie at the end, still a great game but.
  19. Well this was always a fantasy of mine for the Jag
  20. yeah i have used it before and its pretty good, but what i mean is tos/mint becoming something like linux has become, where you get a distro on cd or download it and install it as the main os on your hardware. Rob
  21. I read somewhere (can't find it anymore) that a group were trying to port tos/mint over to pc hardware, I don't mean as a emulation but as the main os for that system, just wondered if anyone had heard if they had completed it as this would give us a very powerful Atari Clone, I know it wouldn't be the same as using our beloved Falcons but you could make a very cheap and fast Tos machine if it did work. Rob
  22. its a pity that the people who say they have these protos won't share, even if they would do a video for Youtube or something like that just to see the game running, if AVP CD is real i would love to see the game running to see what difference the CD format made to it. Rob
  23. Checking back through some old video mags, I found a page on 'Legions of the Undead', by rebellion it had a few early screens shots, and a mention of Skyhammer but nothing on AVP CD!. I really don't think this would be out there, maybe a early aplha of legions who knows but not AVP CD. The game I would see out on the Jag apart from the usual at the time (IS3, Quake, DOOM 2 etc) was Varuna's Forces it sounded pretty interesting to me, a bit more indepth that your usual shooter. Keep meaning to get the early beta of Nick to see what its like.
  24. So is there a working version of AVP CD out there, I always thought it was planned but never got started?
  25. It seems the same as the PS1 version (I bought a plaguestation one just to play it), I loved the IS games on the Jag in my top five of my most played jag games. Its a pitty it never made it to the Jag, I think the Jag could have handled it pretty easily, played through the whole of the game and didn't see anything the Jaguar couldn't handle, it wasn't much better than IS2 graphic wise.
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