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  1. I actually started using a bidding service because of people running up TI cartridge lots. It seems when you get one bid, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Many of my auctions with the bid service, I end up the only bidder. I say it's good in those circumstances because who wants people to take notice an auction is getting attention? I use Gixen and although I was initially concerned about my credentials, I found it to be highly recommended. Plus, it works great IF you put in your REAL max bid, then walk away. https://www.gixen.com/
  2. Was reminiscing about a program I entered back in the day from Home Computer Magazine and went on a hunt for references to it. Came across the computer magazine archives at archive.org. Good quality scans and they have the type in listings (on the ones I checked), you can also download and search the issues. The Computer Magazine Archives Have fun browsing!
  3. ^^^^^^This exactly! Who wants to limit themselves to just one TI anyway? My "plain Jane" will be the one I've had sine 1982, but after coming across all the new stuff to tinker with, I picked up a second for just that. I just love the way they look, a true work of art in industrial design (my biased opinion). In fact, I had the mainboard out of one the other day and remarked to my wife "isn't that beautiful?", she just rolled her eyes and walked on by ... but truly, no need for venom on here, we all share the passion!
  4. For all the electronic hobby newbies (myself included), I found this interesting series about using KiCad (open source PCB software) from schematics to PCB. A little elementary for some of our esteemed forum members, but good info for someone just starting to get interested in it. Contextual Electronics - Getting to Blinky 4.0 I've probably spent equal time doing research on the projects on here (and the tools needed to get into them) as "official" TI stuff.
  5. "A train set to die for" made me think of the local miniature train enthusiasts running a 7 1/4" (I think) gauge railroad in the area. They give out free rides during special events during the year, lots of fun. See a video <here>
  6. Was looking at <this> Atari to TI joystick adapter from coolnovelties.co.uk ...does anyone have any experience with them? I know I should just consider making one myself.. but I was looking for something to tide me over until I get a shot at a Wico Command Control (IF EVER ) Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info, I did the swap and it functions perfectly.
  8. Picked up another TI (that's 3 ) to use the keyboard out of it for a Misumi-ectomy on another machine. What kind of keyboard is this? It doesn't match my other mechanical one (with the square holes you see when you pop the keys off). These keys seemed to be fixed or glued on. Is there any way to get at the switches in this one? Hoping someone with a collection of spares has seen this type and knows how. Thanks!
  9. Beige mechanical keyboard for the guys out their struggling with Mitsumi mylars. Might be worth taking a chance, hard to tell from the pics is complete (as long as the bag is intact, probably ok) <Link> Just picked up a week 20, '83 black TI from Craigslist... now I know why those Mitsumi keyboards are the bane of existence!
  10. This might be a little high, but for someone who has to have "like new" this is probably as close as you'll get: NEW NOS IN BOX TI-99/4A TI99 TI Expansion Box PHP1200 Flex Cable Interface
  11. I have some rudimentary programs I wrote (hey, I was 9 at the time ) as well as some other books on TI Basic and would like to start dabbling again. I haven't picked up a program recorder yet, nor have I made the investment in a PEB (yet!). Should I look to just start out with a program recorder? Since I've seen different hardware development over time, perhaps that's just "old fashioned" and there's a better way. (e.g. storage peripheral that uses SD cards?) I didn't see any though, just the units for the PEB I think. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  12. Is it ok to use denatured alcohol (methylated spirits overseas) to perform the cleaning of the cartridge contacts and the port? It seems to be getting more challenging finding tape head cleaner these days. Perhaps something like this: <Link> ? As I've been testing and cleaning I noticed my carts with upper contacts are all flaky, I can't think of it being anything than needing a good cleaning. Thanks.
  13. Here is my setup. I know, embarrassing, but here's the story... I was browsing Youtube the other day, checking out retro gaming videos (C64 stuff initially) and came across a gameplay video for Hunt the Wumpus. My wife generally tolerates me, and our kids are doing their own thing, but then my son (5 1/2 years) stops dead in his tracks and is mesmerized by the video. He starts asking all sorts of questions "What happened?", "Did the Wumpus chomp the guy?" "The Wumpus, he's a good hider?" and so on. We'll I couldn't just let that slide, so I get on the phone with my Dad "Hey Dad, do you still have the TI-99/4a?" Dad,"No, we gave that to you a few years ago..." So then I start racking my brain, do I have that in storage or did it get lost to the ages? I emptied out nearly all of my under-stair storage area, and come across this box, with just a glint of stainless showing through the closed top I knew what it was immediately. The RF modulator was broken, the two lead prong (?) connector was ripped off, so first thing I had to do is figure out how to get video. That's where these forms came in and I was able to do the RCA composite hack with my video cable. Success! I'm still looking to rebuild my cartridge collection, I have many manuals, but the cartridges have been lost over time. Also, seeing such a vibrant community on here has inspired me to designate a proper home for the the TI (In fact my 17 year old when taking out the garbage the other day asked, "Is this supposed to go in the trash?" ) I had no idea there was so much going on in this community and my wife thinks I'm crazy for spending 2 hours a night for the past two weeks "doing research", but I'm happy to be a part of it.
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