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  1. What would be a cheap entry point for a sampler/ST set up? Ive currently got a box standard 520STFM that i might upgrade to 1mb. New to all this so apologies if this is a newbie question.
  2. That's the exact kinda thing I was thinking of making. I was thinking about adding 2 buttons though like the some of the joysticks for ST/Amiga have, not too sure on how to wire that part up though?
  3. Thanks for the link!, I didn't find that one whilst i was looking around lol. From what I've seen for the parts, I reckon it'll be far cheaper to make one? Still, that does look to be rather nice.
  4. Hi all, Recently, I've been researching and looking to get a better joystick for my recently acquired 520STFM. I have to admit, I haven't really found one which has had solid reviews in the past with even the more popular models eventually breaking etc. This brought on the idea of making one instead out of arcade components. I was thinking of getting a joystick and two buttons and just making a custom casing for the them to sit in. I have several low end crappy joysticks which i could take the cable out of and use for the new custom stick. My question is, Would the arcade stick work and have to be wired up a certain way?
  5. Yes, it is indeed a 6-switch console, keatahI shall get back to with with those reports later in the week!
  6. You do indeed assume correct 1. all the pins are straight. 2. I shall have to check 3.both controller do behave the same way when plugged into the right port. 4. It seems as if the signal drops then it powers off.
  7. Nope, It seems to be linked to just the right controller socket.
  8. I booted up the console and then jiggled the power cord lightly. It seems to flicker and fuzz, almost cutting out like no power it getting through. I then tried (when it was getting power okay etc.) plugging in another 3rd party joystick I had into the second port and it fuzzed and cut out. TV then says No signal, like there is no power to the 2600. which must mean it is shorting out?
  9. I'm using Sega Megadrive controllers, It never came with the orginal joysticks, I shall give this a try and tell you how I get on. It seems to happen as soon as you go to push the controller in when the pins make contact with the plug.
  10. Hi all, I picked up a VGS from a carboot for £20. So I plugged it all in and I managed to get it tuned correctly etc. However when I turn it on, the colour comes through strange. ( I am running it through an old Game/TV converter that I've had for years, I aim to replace this for a coaxial converter). The main issue that I have is when I play the console with just one controller in, It works okay, However when plugging in the 2nd controller into the port it will fuzz and then cut out. Does anyone have any ideas?
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