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  1. I knew many people that had an Amiga. But I had never even registered that there was something called Atari ST. But then I wasn't looking for what else there was.
  2. No one I knew had any Atari computer or console back in the day. I have no idea how popular Atari stuff was in Sweden back in the day.
  3. I recently interviewed a guy who worked on solen XEGS games. I was interviewing him for other reasons but I always pick up any video game history I can when talking to people. I'll publish what he said about it in some form.
  4. Indeed. I can't say I like that Infogrames just changed their name to Atari. Using the brand was one thing.
  5. I thought that might be the case. I really should learn more about Atari games and not just the company history 😅
  6. I have no idea if there is an active Atari 7800 homebrew community. I bet it's hard to dive into other people's code and finish stuff if you're not really good at it.
  7. Yes you are right I used ProSystem. I'll just try to find a stand-alone version that can handle the RAM. I really don't like RetroArch that much, but it's kind of convenient to just have it all in one place.
  8. I played it on the Stella emulator on RetroArch and the game broke just a short bit into the first stage ^^
  9. I have never played the prototype. About how compete does it seem?
  10. I agree. A second source is needed when there are no other evidence.
  11. I have scans of the concept art for Missing in Action. I have also talked to four people that was involved in making the game.
  12. I heard that Richard Frick who was Director of Software development at Atari at the time was the source of the information that Kangaroo had been ported to the NES. Since I am researching the history of Sunsoft I am interested in finding out if this is true. I contacted Richard and asked him about it. What he told me was that when Jack Trimel took over Atari in 84 they cleared out some warehouses. And during that process Richard saw a cart marked Kangaroo. And I guess since he was Director of Software development he could see the difference between a Atari 2600 cart and a NES cart. But this was basically all he knew about it.
  13. There are a controller for the Famicom that can be connected in the extention port that has an extention port itself for another controller. I don't remember the brand and have no idea when it was released. I have played four players in the Kunio-kun hockey game that way.
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