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  1. I got a fairchild channel f system II that need's repair. it turns on but when i try to play the games preloaded on it all the button's on the system won't work . please help i would love to get this system working for my collection.
  2. can anyone out there fix the old microvision? Mine is not working and i would love to get it running. i have a bunch of games i wanna try. please let me know or if you know anyone who can help
  3. i found someone to repair it . did all the troubleshooting tips to a point its internal issue . thanks for all the reply's
  4. Hello i recently got a CV lot and when i got to plug it in all my games come up in black and whiter. i tried switching from channel 3-4 and other common troubleshooting tips anyone got anymore or have experience in fixing this issue .
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