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  1. It took me a bit to track down an obscure bug in my code, which turned out to be caused by accidentally having a trailing comma in a line of data. It seems that when DASM encounters a trailing comma for a line of data, it inserts a NUL at the end. Is this intended/expected behavior? Of course, the best workaround is to not have trailing commas in lines of data, but sometimes mistakes happen when converting a large amount of data. My personal preference would be to have it either ignore a trailing comma (maybe with a warning), or have the assembler bail, yelling at me for my mistake. Thoughts?
  2. I'm really not sure what's going on. You can get rid of the garbage on the left of the screen by defining player0 and getting it out of the way. The issue with the graphic not working towards the top of the screen is a mystery to me, though. Oddly, it only happens with a bankswitched ROM. I can "fix" it by making it 4k: ; includesfile multisprite_bankswitch.inc set kernel multisprite ; set romsize 16k const _Small_Plane_down_high = >Small_Plane_down const _Small_Plane_down_low = <Small_Plane_down ; bank 1 player1x = 75 player1y = 75 _COLUP1 = $D6 COLUBK = $96 ; bB player graphics hack player1pointerlo = _Small_Plane_down_low player1pointerhi = _Small_Plane_down_high player1height = 5 ; assembler version /* asm LDX #<Small_Plane_down STX player1pointerlo LDA #>Small_Plane_down STA player1pointerhi LDA #6 STA player1height end */ player0: end player0y = 100 ; offscreen Mainloop player1y = player1y - 1 if player1y = 255 then player1y = 88 drawscreen goto Mainloop ; bank 2 ; bank 3 ; bank 4 /* asm align 256 end */ data Small_Plane_down %00011000 %01111110 %01111110 %10011001 %00111100 end
  3. I'd probably consider one of those tiny, cheap netbooks. They tend to have good battery life, and you don't have to worry about attaching a keyboard and mouse.
  4. Game Concept: Teen Driver


    You don't control the teen. Instead, you control the adult in the car. Your actions are limited to giving driving commands to the teen driver with limited/delayed effect.

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    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      They must be programmed before the world hacks them, and you better have put in some sanity checks as well as a bit of self modifying code to keep them on track and recover from such hacks... advice you need well before you discover it's too late!

    3. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      To make the teen turn left, you would have to tell him/her to turn right. :)

    4. GoldLeader


      A driving game with backwards controls!  Up is Down, Left is Right!   Gas = Brake   LOL!!

  5. Thanks. I have not revisited it since I posted that. I'll probably get around to it eventually, though.
  6. It may be a longshot since devs usually have too many of their own projects, but I suggest cross-posting to the 7800 Programming forum. If nothing else, you may get some porting tips in case you decide to learn 7800 development yourself at some point. I also think it looks like a fun game, and would make a fun addition to its library.
  7. I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole after watching a video from the 8-Bit Guy creating Attack of the PETSCII Robots for the Commodore PET. The game uses only monochrome character graphics, since that is all that can be displayed on the PET. It made me wonder how my WIP Penult would look with PET character graphics, so I made this mockup. I must say it looks pretty decent, and makes it tempting to make a PET port, just for the challenge of it.


    1. SlidellMan


      Nice mockup! By the way, David made the source code available for anyone who wants to port it to the NES, 5200, 7800, Lynx, and Super NES.

    2. sramirez2008


      That mock up looks great!

  8. I have the platinum edition. I assume that version fixes the Y2022 bug? 🤠
  9. I also wanted to say thank you for doing the tribute show. It was a service to the community for sure.
  10. Can you post your source? Maybe the path that it can't find is referenced there?
  11. I'm not asking about the enemies; I'm asking about pressing the button to mow vs not pressing it and not mowing. Will mowing be slower, or will gas go down more quickly, perhaps?
  12. Looks like it has some good potential, and keeps with your theme of "work games". Right now, is there any reason one wouldn't just keep the button pressed at all times?
  13. It's not, though. It's just that it's no longer maintained, so it's harder to help when people have issues with it. Also harder for non-Windows people like myself.
  14. I don't think @rj1307 is tracking preorders at the moment, since the parts aren't available right now. No need to fill the topic with order requests until we hear otherwise.
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