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  1. Marius PAL 1 LAP M - 27300 (55”23) N - 20350 (67”55) A - 22700 (64”10) Total: 70350
  2. 176190 - Not going to do anything to improve my position in the pecking order, but at least I got the pleasure of being chased by big Chuck. (SB next - a game seemingly designed to inflict pain and misery on those who dare to play it)
  3. I agree, the one "saving grace" of our dear Chuckie Egg
  4. 21140 - panicked at 20k with 3 lives left and fell apart miserably 😅
  5. Still struggling on this one, minor improvement - 16800
  6. I setup my 1200xl yesterday and took the opportunity to play on NTSC for a while, the kill/stun is a little more frustrating than the PAL version. Maybe the speed increase is making it feel like this, I don't know.
  7. 53620. Last one for me too, quite a sluggish and frustrating port, but there is a classic in there somewhere. (First screen best score - 3990)
  8. Despite it being one of the classics, never really sat down and played this one before. First score: 14110
  9. 8420 fast (hopefully I am playing the right one, Sierra-on-Line 82 from Disk 2 of the ATR sets)
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