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  1. Yawn, you obviously live in a cardboard box, and you're poor. Here is a FACT for you. emulation will NEVER beat the real thing. Ever. You cannot recreate the feeling of using the real thing, holding the real controllers, while using a device, CRT, it was meant to use, not some LCD TV rubbish. You like Altirra ? fine, but don't go posting shite about emulation is better, it's not. As for the rest of your shite, I couldn't be arsed to read that shite.
  2. So, just because YOU don't have room for it then thats a reason for emulation to beat it ? What pure nonsense. Do you live in a shed ? Altirra is good, but you can NEVER beat the real thing.
  3. I always used to laugh when I read, Whats the difference between a Atari 2600 owner and a Intellivision owner ? Atari 2600 owners PLAY their games, Intellivision owners just COLLECT their games. Reading this stupid thread, it's still funny even now.
  4. I personally find a complete disconnect when sat infront my my I7 6700k, 16Gb Ram, and nvidia 1070 PC when using Altirra. It just feels so empty and fake. Plus, if you want reliability then why not get a SIO2SD device ? They're fast, reliable, and you can store every single Atari game/util on a small SDCard. You can't beat sat infront of the REAL thing, a decent CRT monitor, a decent joystick, and a SIO2SD device. I have a 800XL, SIO2SD, 1010 Tape Deck and 1050 Disk Drive - if required. Philips 8833 Mk1 CRT, TAC2 & Competition Pro microswitch joystick, and emulation just doesn't come close to the experience of the real thing. I find Altirra good for times when I'm on ebay and I see a tape or disk game I have never heard of, I can then quickly fire up Altirra for a quick look at what the game looked like and get a general feel while still on ebay.
  5. Don't forget these. Pac Man Arcade http://csdb.dk/release/?id=136583 And the arcade-perfect Frogger http://www.indieretronews.com/2016/12/frogger-arcade-for-c64-hokuto-force.html
  6. Yeah it's a bit silly. I found no difference between any of the following old "dsk1.catalog" or OLD "DSK1.CATALOG" That would be most welcome of you if you could find time to explain how to do this, and perhaps links to required roms. I have spent a few hours googling this and found a few sites that said it couldn't be done because of GROM problems. Thanks. I appreciate your time. Am I right in thinking that if I want to play gameXYZ, and I have the game(s) in, for example, slots 5 and 6 using TI99Dir. I then type the following in TI-Basic. CALL MOUNT(5,6) disk 1 still has catalog on it so I can look what is on disk 5 and 6. OR Do I type CALL MOUNT(2,3) because it is only 5 and 6 in the Ti99Dir program, NOT on a real TI99.
  7. Thanks Lee. That makes sense. It was the quotes that did it. Not the capital letters, although they also work. So, old "dsk1.catalog" Followed by, run, did the trick and catalog finally ran. Nothing else on the disk volume ran, though, and I got the I/O Error 50, again. Just wondering if I either wipe the CF card and start again ? Or, try a different CF card ? Would it be best to use the PC and a specific program to wipe the Cf card ? Perhaps TI99Dir can wipe it ? I didn't see the option to do this.
  8. Ok. Read every link provided by lee. Googled every website I could find regarding the nanopeb. Ti99Dir, worked well. Popped in my CF card, read it, it had one disk called Vol1.dsk installed. Copied a couple of others across to the 2nd,3rd, and 4th slots. Clicked mount and mounted the first 3. Put the Cf card in the nanopeb, switch on the TI. Press 1 for TIBasic, and then typed the following call unmount(1) I read on one forum that the nanopeb keeps a record of the last disk you mounted, so it's good practice to unmount first. Then typed call mount(1,1) Then old dsk1.catalog And I get "I/O Error 50" and nothing else. The list of Vol1.dsk in Ti99Dir is as follows CFMGR CFMGR/O CATALOG CFMGS EXAMPLE LOAD SLOAD VCATALOG I just want to play a few games like Pitfall, some homebrew, and some that are not available in rom format. I didn't realise it was so damn difficult just to do something that should be relatively straight forward. Most of the sites linked talk as if you already are a Ti99 expert user. I'm not, and I'm regretting getting back into it. I thought my Oric Atmos can be frustrating at times, but the TI takes it to another level.
  9. Thanks for all the answers. I know it's probably easy for some of you that grew up with the TI, but I only had one late it's life, early 90's. And I haven't touched it since then, so I am really starting again on it, and it's not as easy and straightforward as other computers of it's time. C64, Spectrum, Atari800XL, Amstrad CPC6128, all these are easy to use with modern SDcards, USB sticks, and can use FAT filing system. The TI isn't easy to use, and the lack of FAT support isn't helping. Anyway, thanks again. I will plod onwards and upwards, hopefully.
  10. Well, I managed to find a USB to barrel power connector + USB 4-port wall charger and it worked. All games wanting 32k worked a treat. Sorry for the questions but I haven't touched my TI in 15 years and I am approaching it completely blind, as it were. How do you list the contents of the CF card on the TI ? Do I require a Extended Basic cart ? Or does it just help ? Can I pop the CF card in my PC's card reader and then use a program to view it's contents ? (I know the PC cannot read it via windows file browser) Do you just copy dsk files to the cf card ? I have googled for a good few hours for the answers but all I get are often very technical PDFs, or docs that are beyond my understanding at the moment. Thanks for any help.
  11. Thanks for your answers. I did google flashrom99 just after posting and saw the 171 max. I can't test the nanopeb myself yet because I don't have a spare 5v PSU lying around, hence the questions. Cheers.
  12. Hi, Will both the Flashrom and the nanopeb work together in a stock TI-99/4a ? And more importantly, will the Flashrom see the 32k on the Nanopeb ? The reason was to see if I could put roms on the Flashrom99 that require 32k, as at the moment I only have the Classic set from here. Is it correct that there can only be a maximum amount of roms per sdcard on the Flashrom99 ? Sorry for all the questions, I have only just started to get back into my TI and easily forget how to use it.
  13. The above 2 posts are not solutions to everyone, especially the Power Mod since you would either need to send your CV to Yurkie (Not helpful to those of us who live outside the U.S.), or know someone with tech skills. And the F18A, to me, just takes away the "retro" in these classic old machines and makes them look a bit like some emulator running on a modern TV/Monitor. The CRT hides the technical shortcomings of these old machines, while the F18A exposes them. Plus, not everyone want to de-solder their ram. I want to keep mine in it's original form.
  14. Thanks, Philipp. That is good news. Will keep a eye on their website.
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