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  1. i happened to come across them at a thrift store, dont know if they still work but they look new, here is what i have cx8108-stock charting cx8107-stock analysis cx8130-caverns of mars cx8131-the bookeeper-data entry diskette cx8111-formatted diskette II cx8133-the bookeeper-reporting diskette cx8135-my first alphabet cx8134-the bookeeper-sample data base diskette cx8126-microsoft basic cx8107-stock analysis cx8138-juggles house cx8142-family finances II(budget) cx8135-my first alphabet cx8132-the bookeeper cx8141-family finances (cash flow) cx8129-the home filing manager the above ones are marked atari on labels, the ones below are marked atari program exchange on the labels apx-20100-advanced music system apx-20080-family cash flow 2.0 apx-20147-stock managment apx-20079-weekly planner apx-20043-flight simulator apx-20108-family budget apx-20074-enhancements to graph-it apx-20114-recipe search n save 1.1 apx-20059-data managment system apx-20153-message display program and one labeled choplifter all these came in a 3 ring binder with atari diskette holder pages, the front and end of binder say inside atari 1982, sunnyvale ca.
  2. i too have seen quite a few around here in the thrift shops
  3. im looking for a donkey kong nintendo game and watch
  4. hey all, i just got a 3do at the local thrift shop for 5 bucks but it had no games or controllers, so im looking for some games (any 3do games) and 1 or 2 controllers, pm me if anyone has anything for sale or trade(would prefer to trade but . ..)thanx, moses
  5. thanx but i have a grey one, im trying to replace it with a DIFFERENT COLORED ONE
  6. bump willing to sell (pm any offers) trying to come up with some $$ for a clear ps2 case, thanx
  7. im looking for a colored case for either an orig. playstation console or a ps2 console(not the slim one) pm me if anyone has either for trade or sale, thanx, moses
  8. ive seen them for sale for between 70 and a 100, ive wanted one for awhile now but really havent had the cash lol
  9. i dont think these have calibration levers, just a switch to turn on or off the center return, and a center adjust button, the main plug is only 9 pin but the secondary plug has 16 prongs sticking out, but i assume they must have been for a old home computer since they came with the 9 pin to 15 pin adapters, but i dont know for sure
  10. hmmm, apparently its a konix speed king with center adjust, although the pics i saw of this show the words speed king across the top of the controller and the ones i have say 500xj epyx on the end, but other than that they look exactly the same, it says they were made for old computers, i wonder if they will work on a 2600 or 7800
  11. i think the 2600 to 5200 looking adapters might be for the amiga, i found a pic of some adapters that look kinda the same and it said they were to connect a pc controller to an amiga, but im not sure as they didnt quite look the same
  12. well i did a search on them and i couldnt find anything like the ones i have, the only things that come up when i put 500 xj epyx by konix ( which is whats printed on the end of the ones i have) is info on the single button model that doesnt have the center return or center adjust, the nes ones are different also, i found a white set but they were also 1 button, so im stumped
  13. no no rapid fire, just 2 buttons, a center adjust button, and a joystik center return switch. the little plugs have 16 little prongs sticking up out of it(damn i wish i had a digital camera)
  14. do you know where i could find more info about these? i was gonna try them out but the wierd little plugs that y off the main plugs have exposed little prongs and i dont know if they are supposed to be exposed( dont want to mess them up)
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