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  1. Play WOLF3D in your browser! http://wolfenstein.bethsoft.com/game_NA.php

    1. Keatah


      It's so much like early doom.


  2. Somebody linked a great Tramiel history book here. What was it? It detailed how he ran the companies.

    1. roberto


      "Home Computer Wars" by Tomczyk is a great read, is it the book you are referring to?

    2. potatohead


      Yes, I think so. Thanks!


  3. Grilling hamburgers today

    1. save2600


      awesome, great weather all around for it!

  4. Here in the Bible Belt, we grow crosses. --Part of a conversation I had in Huntsville Alabama today.

    1. jaybird3rd


      As another Alabama resident, I can confirm that they do indeed grow crosses here. Mainly at the locations of fatal car accidents.

    2. HatefulGravey


      The car accident thing happens here in Ga too. We are also in the "Bible Belt".


    1. CPUWIZ


      There is no truth!

    2. potatohead


      I thought it was just that we can't handle the truth!

  6. Unstoppable. Good movie. Recommended.

    1. AtariLeaf


      Agreed. Watched it a couple weeks ago. Really liked it.

  7. Passed!! Another two years on the old, cheap car!

  8. DEQ Testing today. :(

  9. Olive oil, basel, garlic salt, rainbow peppercorns coarse ground, pat of butter, chopped spuds, bacon, cook 30 minutes, finish off with scrambled egg mixed with a scoop of sour cream

    1. CPUWIZ


      You had me until the sour cream. :P


    2. potatohead


      Seriously! For scrambled eggs, put just a scoop in, along with a little milk or cream. You won't regret it. I didn't mean put it on top! UGH!!


  10. @Cebus: NOOOO!!! 140 characters of hell.

  11. Steak, onion, clove of garlic, peppercorns, light oil, cook moderate heat, serve over rice.

    1. A_Locomotive


      Damn, sounds better then what I'm cooking. :P

    2. toptenmaterial


      lucky bastard. i microwaved cambell's chicken and stars tonight

    3. potatohead


      Yeah, Mrs Potatohead can cook, and she's taught me a lot! I don't have to eat bad food ever again!


  12. Show the software demo all nighter! (CAD)

  13. Show the software demo all nighter! (CAD)

  14. (continued)

    The 6809 / 6803 are probably the best 8 bit CPUs ever made. 100 pure Moto goodness. CoCo 3 is interesting because it's got some graphics mojo, but it's also very well designed from a systems standpoint. Cart slot, BASIC, RE-232, DISK, etc... are all open and flexible. I'm looking forward to really using the machine a little, and will connect a Propeller to it soon.

  15. (continued from post below)

    I'm actually glad I did, and want to return the thanks Briza. The fact that you were interested at all motivated me to follow through enough to get the goods out there, beyond a simple rainbow.

    And Jason jumping in with picture conversions was just sweetness! I was as surprised as STGuy1040 appears to be! And the hilarious thing i...

  16. Hey Guys! I almost never check this comment thingy out.

    Briza, yep! People are working on stuff, and that is good. It's such a great machine, and mostly unexploited too. The CoCo 3 needs a little love. To think, it almost never got posted. If it were not for some well known character here, just annoying the crap outta me, I would never have went back down that road.

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