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  1. I know how you feel. They may not be micro switches or analog even, but damn both the Advantage and Super Advantage were(and are) fantastic joystick choices for old school gaming and work nicely when adapted elsewhere as you did.
  2. My tv and NES sat at the same range, so whatever the cord length was I used. I had no problems maxing out Duck Hunt's score in the day at that range but I never owned an extension cable to go further.
  3. Best wired SNES one I'd say if you had to get third party would be from the era, the ASCII pad. It's basically the super advantage joystick(which they made licensed for Nintendo too) and jammed all the switches for turbo and slow onto a normal sized gamepad basically. It's just fantastic and highly useful because of those extras.
  4. Yup I really should track one down or just order it.
  5. I'm torn on it, but I'll flat out admit my problem with it is entirely the price given the DOCK is an added charge on top of the fact of the hardware I already have as it is. $200 isn't so much a problem, but $200 for just the handheld is even if it can with added modules (more money right?) handle the sega, atari, snk, and bandai options. It reeks of polymega pricing with add-on after add-on. As it is now I have the new handheld legend gbc drop in LCD installed into my GB Color making it the perfect 8bit Gameboy as it is now. I've got a 101 SP(brighter and not) and a Micro as well for the GBA. Then for giggles and fun I have a GB Light handheld and some old DMG and GBP handhelds too for real throwback fun. Sure it's carrying more than one system, but it gets the job as nicely done. I just don't imagine seeing 10x the resolution of the old GB making a difference on that tiny screen, on the dock most definitely, but in handheld mode seems pointless. As it is now too, I've got the SuperNT so that already can pull the high resolutions for GB and SuperGB stuff, and I have GC2HDMI with the GB Player so that gets GBC and GBA too. The only other system I have is the NGPC and I was going to drop the handheld legends LCD for that in there anyway. So like at $200 with the dock probably being another $50-100 on top it just seems like an asinine luxury item waste of time for me.
  6. I know you made your mind up, and it is a good choice, but I do have a modding suggestion as it's what I used for years before I did the hidefnes kit in my toploader. Mind you this was on an original unit but it would still work with tinkering anyway given the toploader was lousy RF alone. The old unit I had a mod done that installed a wheel in the rear of the unit and what it did was directly tap into the audio and allowed you to spin the wheel to varying degrees to split the audio between the left and right speakers. Depending on the complexity of the game it sounds a bit too obvious it's split so you could spin it where it kind of would blend between the two and not just be out of that one mono speaker, and the other spectrum of more complex audio was nuts. Games like around the Sunsoft/Nintendo/Konami/Capcom stuff from the tail end of the 80s and later would just rule as the audio would almost sound like it would pull real stereo rippling between the two and blending as well creating this amazing faux stereo. Games like SMB3, Castlevania 3, the later Mega Man or Gargoyle's Quest stuff was nuts. I held onto that modded deck until the change. Before that time though dumb luck I suppose and I still have it around here somewhere, I paid for this (then) expensive monster Y cable splitter, and I'd pop the thing into the mono jack on the NES and it was a nice quality faux stereo too, it didn't ripple so well between the two but it did a little and blended very well over both speakers faking some ok stereo sound too on a stock NES. Personally, given what I see in that image, I'd have gone with the hidefnes kit. You're already losing some potential of that everdrive without it given it can amazingly well handle all the FDS and single cart upper mapper chip extra audio channels too. I don't even need a FDS or even those carts with that ED to get some insane audio you normally would have for years only got off emulators or original hardware so I'd suggest it's still coming to consider if you end up with another toploader in time.
  7. I saw the Tetris one in a game shop a few months back and I was impressed, but to be honest having read they cut a few corners in how it plays vs like the traditional Gameboy (etc) style and asking like $25-30 for it, it put me off it. I really loved the design but had it been more friendly valued I'd have been on it.
  8. Finally another voice of reason about the modern TV. They're not all bad, you just need to shop smart and get one that minimizes (virtually negates) the display lag issue which typically for most is the 30ms barrier or less. Take that, and then you have this ultra clean and sharp image for your old stuff that kills the best of the CRT design unless you're just hug up on the old low res glow of the technology then there's no curing that. The only legit hang up I'd have really would be lack of light gun play if you're a big fan and I do miss Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley and Wild Gunman. That they don't re-issue those on the 3DS or Switch sucks as you could just tap to shoot there even if it would make it a bit easier, they could do a modern mode to jack the challenge up to fix even that.
  9. I think the Uncharted Trilogy package came out at $50 for all those games with their extras included too.
  10. No doubt blew my mind when I realized it was entirely in great shape too. So the day after I hit a double score so I'm probably screwed on finds for a bit perhaps. I went out to get a few things to play with it and when I did I also nabbed CIB North & South NES for just $25, and grabbed for that PS3 the God of War Saga set, Uncharted 1-3, and also Dragon's Crown too. I gave up on PS3 a bit before the PS4 came out buying new at least, so tehre are things I missed like that Odin Sphere remaster.
  11. Just as a crack on the second hand around here yesterday goodwill has a (to me) major pick up for the first time in like 4+ months. I thought it was another dud game, but bumped into an odd parking lot of fresh carts loaded with stuff in an odd place and under some random crap I found a PS3 Slim 250GB model, all the wires for it including USB, the ds3 controller, and also a sixaxis for just $20. I figured if it was shot I could return it as it was pretty dusty. It works, just finished watching ghostbusters on blu ray to test the drive. I've purged the old data, set my PSN acct on there I used in the PS3/PSP era so I can grab my goodies again too. I'm thrilled, not really looking at a library again but my old blu-ray player ate it a couple months back and I was using my laptop for movies which sucked.
  12. Bandai for the last few years have been selling one that looks like a bit 8bit pac-man body with a break away rear to it to hide the a/v cable in there. Battery powered only, saves your high scores, decent game selection.
  13. That makes me a bit nervous, guess IGN and friends probably have done their usual which lacks but is better than nothing. I don't have time with things as they are anymore to waste even more time, so I like the guides now for just the general map of the area, not to cheat me way to easy battle wins.
  14. I would agree without if not for one thing, Ultra Sun/Moon on the 3DS. I tried to like it but I was spent after FireRed on the GBA, tried the soul silver DS and then the X/Y(damn they're awful and slow/boring too) and it just got worse. A stale re-run over and over again with little change and no deviation from the old 8bit starting formula. I do have red, yellow, crystal and fire red today but they just are there, and that 3DS game. That game dumped the old re-run of walk, grab, do the gym wash rinse repeat style with almost no story to it. It's not a more rounded JRPG with an actual real plot, a story with twists and subplots. There are no gyms, you have islands in the chain and stuff to do on each, totem(overpowered) pokemon fights, other odd random meet up battles, the old trainer in the field is there still, no random battles on the map, quite a few other twists that make you want to see how it plays out. I've not finished it, but I do like to randomly pick it up and pick away at it.
  15. Sad that 386 will head to the compactor at some point and it could be saved but $50 is an insult given the broken things known and possibly more unknown to it too. $50 is not right for basically a parts machine. I think the thrifts/second hand around my area have dried up, not sure what's happening but i've not had anything truly noteworthy since like early summer or earlier which is strange. I mean I'll find a basic item like a cheap DS or PC game (DOS/Win9x era), or maybe a cheap audio disc but that's about it which is sad.
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