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  1. SWEET! I've been waiting on this for like two years now. I kind of archived the game and put it out of my mind because it didn't like the N8. 😕 I guess I need to grab my SD card and do an overwrite.
  2. Same here if I on a rare occasion go in there looking for something (usually they wrangled some annoying exclusivity deal) if I don't see it, I don't ask, and if I see they don't have more than one of the shelf, I don't bother usually asking either for that very reason. I'm not taking the faux new game because when you pop that cherry known as the factory seal, IT IS NOT NEW. Knowing their policy of employee try outs, it's even more likely it is quite used, not just opened, shelved and the box has been fingered. They gave up having any incentive to go in there anymore for years, so they started getting the random game sale exclusivity from the maker or because they ended up help publishing it.
  3. Not bad at all and Drill Spirits is a fantastic game (forgot about it.) I may have to hope I find one of those locally as I'm trying to be firm and more or less avoid ebay for DS games to spread the stuff out (though I'm chomping at the bit for Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk again.) Got lucky this weekend. The weekend treated me well. Evil Dead trilogy and left column was today for $22. Saturday before the flea for too hot for $5. The $5 stuff is all the GBA/GBC stuff in the center column and everything on the right one. No complaints here and if you know your stuff you know why. If anyone is curious keeping the TFs/toys, movies, little else. A rare weekend it worked out well. The most expensive item was the oddball G1, $10, but considering it's in the TF community seemingly one of the most obscure and forgotten items it's also the most expensive thing on the table there worth at least $100 given the battery cover is missing (and no it's NFS.) Darn thing is so obscure finding info on it is next to impossible and I'd like to replace the bulb in it. 😕
  4. I wouldn't trust their review entirely, even at least this time to start, they're admitting they're fans (aka: shills) for EON at least when it comes to the Gamecube. In this case having read it they seem to be a bit more on the nose, perhaps that steep price for the level of boost it gives seems to be a good reason to pause over it. In the end it has some moderately decent clean up to work on HDMI, and if you don't want to really dig in for the true HDMI experience it's a real option over the poor original style it runs under given how modern TVs handle it. I've got the UltraHDMI, and honestly I'm kind of split on this one had I been still stuck with my stock standard system. I'm not really impressed with the level of clean up, but since it ends up working out of HDMI with some limited choices, and benefits from it running at a less likely to lag output where it's not just bad conversion but really just dependent alone on the TVs general display lag rating it's a nice choice.
  5. And when they run those cuts I don't watch it because it's the pussification of quality animation. I hated Nickelodeon so much back in the 90s when the mommy boards of whining scared them into cutting every piece out so it was safe for the teletubbies age groups. It took the cartoon network coming into existence to run the non-jacked up versions to correct that mistake.
  6. I'd just give up playing all together. Pong is boring, I don't care if I were alone or not. Unless someone could think up some kind of decent drinking game and both parties were fine getting fall down drunk being the loser, there's really no value or fun there.
  7. It appears Pole Position mini arcade is out in the stores, at least some, as of now. Earlier ago someone on facebook bragged they got one and took some pictures. Annoyingly, and kind of assumed as much, the Wheel is a joke, just a different molded stick so there's no basic rotation on it. Kind of lame really given the jakks ms pacman from over a decade ago did it on their joystick even if it was larger. I've kind of lost interest, still thinking Tetris would be nice though.
  8. Two goodwills of all things, $21 for all you see. The DS games are complete and were $1/ea, they had others but not interesting to me or what I'd think my kid would like either. The TF was $11 in very nice shape. This was the usual places I look at on the weekend, but I've been a week w/out AC and even now fixed about 12hrs ago it's still ehh in here due to a week of heat and humidity so leaving was a benefit for once.
  9. I wouldn't consider that a bad thing. We need more people to sell off and get out of collecting, not gaming exactly but the collecting. The less fresh meat around the less vultures will be around to pick the bones. I know it's a dream anytime soon to see prices regress back to like 2010 levels or before, but it's not exactly out of the slim realm of possibility either. It would take more and more being fed up with what has gone wrong and escalated so much with price. If more and more see how toxic it is to stay in and continue, and if more see what the rates are and say screw it and just get a ROM box made or DIY instead, or get a console and some KITS to avoid it, all the better. We can still all in various ways not feed the cancerous beast while not dying the enjoyment of a systems library either which is a real win win situation then. If we have far less collectors it will pinch the clowns and force a price correction.
  10. Ehh if that's the case I wouldn't care, I'd start the dumping of data during my work shift to start and baby it along as I go with no time lost. I was thinking more of the slow load you get of a goodly sized game off like a microSD/SD card into a flash kit.
  11. It's a matter of time, and not the pathetic guess style one these data mining mind readers seem to elude to that truly know nothing. The Switch was very specifically designed as it was to use modern game engines so it could handle a lot of conversions from current, last gen consoles, and the android space too. With PS5 coming next year the gulf will be too wide, bad, like as it was with Wii vs PS3 other than the SD/HD aspect so you could very well kiss console conversions goodbye other than say bridge games (like where PS3/PS4 got the same titles for a time) and then android stuff. If they were to go with the next step in the Tegra line, the true with, with the smaller dye, faster CPU/GPU, the added RAM and so forth, that would still allow for that cheaper underpowered but only moderately so underpowered machine that still could handle specific lesser demanding conversions that can still use dynamic tricks to give a nice experience.
  12. Well you make it easier ignoring what you already own, or have a hard up interest in like DK Racing and Pokemon Snap, your dislike of wrestling games, perhaps sports on the whole, so I can recommend some stuff but research is up to you. I would tell you now, if you lack it, and stick to OEM first party, get the 4MB ram expansion. Also don't buy games unless you want a total collection just because they're supposedly rare and therefore expensive just because. Yet despite me making that statement, I will list some that aren't going to be in the under $30 range too. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, this I would get, but please understand it has bugs, save often, but despite that, it's a must have and far outstrips the quality of the control, visuals, oddly even audio of the Windows release which looked, sounded, and played (bad camera and control) far worse. It's an upgrade. More of a list here, but look out for Bomberman Hero, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Castlevania Legacy of Darkness, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, and Goemon's Great Adventure, Beetle Adventure Racing, Pilotwings (maybe too fugly for ya), F-Zero X, Wipeout 64, (for puzzles there's Tetrisphere, Wetrix, and Pokemon Puzzle League), Megaman 64 (Megaman Legends), Resident Evil 2 (higher res but highly compressed FMV tradeoff over PS1), Hybrid Heaven, Wave Race 64, Star Wars Ep 1 Racer, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Ridge Racer 64, Perfect Dark (needs exp pack), Starfox 64, Smash Bros, Mario Golf, Turok 2, Kirby 64, (I know I'll get groans but...) Quest 64, Aerofighters Assault, DOOM 64 (it's a unique excellent game, not doom on 64), Star Soldier Vanished Earth, and if you care to import Bangaioh and Sin&Punishment are a must, can name a few others.
  13. Dragon: Kind of actually, back in the 90s you could find some people out of the HK/China/Taiwan area pumping out small sized (I'm talking like 4-8 games in 1) multi-carts, and also just one off knockoffs of singular games, usually the most trendy things at the time that didn't need a battery like DBZ fighters. As far as now goes, those who know me know I used to get pretty pissed off some years ago over that rant in the first post. I hit the realization that I can still enjoy original or modified original hardware just all the same using what I dreaded most, flash kits. I wasn't new to it, got my first which was a BUNG 64M writer over LPT like 20 years ago, then GBA of varying flavors with docks too after. Knowing local luck aside or a friendly trade around 2012 things just got fracked badly and bitterly I got ticked. I buckled and traded into, swapped, ro even in a couple cases newly bought flash kits, many, for whatever card/cart based system I had and I'm still 2 short (DS and N64) but it has been a life saver as far as cash flow goes. Pay up a bit once, then let the predators eat each other alive in their hiking games and I can just sit back and go...I'll play this today, and that's that. It's easy, fast, far less stressful, and if you really do truly enjoy something enough you can try and seek that deal later if it's not already a considerable ($100+) lost cause. As far as Majesco goes, they have a strange history but they're 100% legit, not even like unlicensed third party shady in the least bit. They popped up in the later years of the SNES/Genesis period and got rights from third parties Nintendo side, third and FIRST party Sega side to do all sorts of stuff. For Nintendo they rarely put a game out, at least until the GBA period, that they did or published for someone new, but they would get rights to million sellers and hot IP and do cheaply run re-releases and profit share to the original. On SNES you'd get a B&W (not color) manual, a cheap sticker with no laminate, and the boxes were of a little less sturdy quality, but on the inside same board and chips. Sega though, when they got into a panic after killing their fan base greatly over the 32X/Sega CD and Saturn debacle, Majesco hit up Sega and got the rights to re-release the Genesis (Gen 3) and also the Game Gear along with a library of games for both of them with the same cheaper quality paper/sticker stuff going on, though oddly the GameGear hardware was of slightly better quality screen and all (go figure.) They're definitely not some scam company putting out pirate bs, they were totally approved of and above board.
  14. I'd take the slower load on the bigger files to have the original wheel of fun the stock GUI had and as it's not just retroarch being used. $20 is a very hard for me thing not to insta-buy, but I have to be realistic, as worthy as that value is, would I really even get that in value back out? I honestly don't have a heap of time, and a game backlog as it is anyway including real PS1 games (and PSP, and Switch, and DS, and various retro I'll get to it laters too...argh.) If my plate was relatively clear I'd have bought and hacked it back at that $30 sale, and hell if I didn't have a PSOne+LCD combo, same thing, maybe even at $40-50. I really like what people did to it middle fingering Sony on how stupid and negligent they were as it made a real turd end up being something pretty fantastic with relatively light work to do so too. I wouldn't be surprised if Hakchi was far more complicated on the Nintendo duo of minis.
  15. I'm kind of softening up to this as it wasn't clear to me a week ago that it is now, that ultimately the 50 games really isn't that but more around the 44-45 game mark as you have the regional duplicates. Basically in the end you're paying for the same hardware in a different plastic wrapper basically, one that's twice as long and a bit deeper too and fairly 80s ugly, then you have the PCE/CG style, just a little flattened cube at half the width and far less eye catching. Given you have stuff like the insanely expensive Sapphire on there covering Arcade Card, Drac X, Gradius II, Panic Bomber, Ys 1+2, and other gems of the CD/SCD style there's some expensive variety before even hitting the hucards. Sure there are some really stupid holes considering the age grade the thing gets as it is with what is there, but who knows where they'll take it in the end. I'd like to see a DF style inspection and tear down on this to see what it really is all about inside.
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