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  1. I got something after nearly rotting in customs for a month yesterday in the mail. If you want to called the supervision the handheld of the less fortunate, I'm wondering where the Timetop Gameking II would fall in line with that? 64x32 pixel POKEMON MINI-ish like display, quality of LCD about same too so it's not a blur fest, confounding is the sampled audio(seriously) which seems to have the potential to stream some quality recordings. A built in game that clones Adventure Island plays VAMPIRE KILLER ripped probably off the NES Castlevania which is a hoot. I got the model 2 which looks like a PSP, model 1 is GBA like, there was a 3rd version of the system but it went into the weeds. Surprisingly this thing has quite a lot of games, some even reissued into quite a good many 4in1 carts. It comes with 3 games built in, then a second included 4in1 cart in the box with it I'm told can be randomly chosen. Finding info is a pain, sparse at best, some places you have to hit the web archive and even that data is fairly terrible. Last good-ish site online active seems to be this one, I know the admin from facebook, but it's spotty at best. https://www.obsoleteworlds.com/gameking.html I just ordered off that facebook group out of greece a pair of 4in1 carts for the thing, that'll get me from 7 up to 15 games --wee! hah Maybe this can be your next add to the craptitude of C tier systems to list on that site.
  2. For what it's worth I had to make an amazon jp account too which bugged me, and the quotes they're throwing match up with around what I saw for the US shipping on that Astro too. But well, principle of it all, kind of fumed I didn't get in on the LRG thing, and having to pay extra, then extra on top shipping, I've blown it off. Maybe when the fun dies down and people stop caring I'll see some people get fed up collecting dust and get later if I care by then.
  3. $170 is a joke, what are they using the most expensive courier service company possible and overnighting it? Even then that seems like a stretch. In the last week, two tops, JP post has re-opened to shipping standard cheap EMS mail to the USA once more. I would imagine it could go in a box that way, pay maybe what $30-40 or so? But $170, hell no. Even on principle that's a joke, might as well just buy a domestic barcade or have one made as such in the states with a copy cat molding of the same frame and pay less still.
  4. I know, was thinking more of the international shipping times. And if I'd be unfortunate a third time in a row getting the quarter wits at chicago o'hare customs where they'll just sit on it for 3-4weeks or so, do nothing, then release it.
  5. Hah liar...you called it. I'm sure it was in storage, and that home, shed, facility burned. This is like right up there in bubbly heat flavored destruction as the desert storm gameboy that somehow along with tetris still worked in all its melty majesty.
  6. I feel the same, at least in recent years for the old or modern multicarts, have a nice handheld that despite being a clone actually works, so they are really fun to just leave plugged into.
  7. Ooof I saved the email notice, then forgot about it until a moment ago. Just ordered it. This will be awesome having those capabilities off my computer for playing on this, copy for saves etc, camera use if I get one of those (intend to, eventually) and the rest. NICE! Curious how long it takes, didn't see what the time was on the USPS but I wasn't paying dearly for 2-day, not desperate.
  8. Ok missed this topic when I made that other post. Ended up with the newer gen of the counter-cade Galaga/Galaga 88 machine. I was told you could get like a $25 part and between that, you can use a Pi or something, to get the thing to run a lot more games even within the 3 buttons it has on the face of the thing as I would not want to carve it up at all. Just curious to see what the options are in case I'd decide to make a move. I know an iCade is doable, saw that, no interest as I have one in my cocktail.
  9. Maybe a micro crash. Once people realize they spent too much, dug a bit of a hole, then panic they'll sell their crap off when reality hits them they need the money for actual necessities. Not an outright drop like mad, but I could see a retreat to 2019 or below levels as the door swings wide back the other way. Staying up just doesn't seem practical as it's just in sheer abuse territory, and the more random stuff you read on forums, social media, see among people is common bitching about prices, fed up, not bothering anymore, selling stuff, getting ROM running kits or whatever as more and more are just priced out entirely or priced out because they're finding it distasteful. The more you drive out, the harder it is to burn people with asinine prices.
  10. Nice, that didn't take much time, unless you've been at it a LOT of hours to grind away. The game is slow going, it was a learning thing, their first title.
  11. That GameGear DS bit probably is the conversion of SMS Advance to the DS version isn't it? I've got a very similar card because the setup was a huge PITA and wasn't working nice for me, so I had someone do a custom NeoGeo one using NeoDS v.21(final release) with every MVS cart on it and it runs fantastic. I do have a GG/SMS one, the far better 100in1 for GBA than the crappy 108 out there now with a terrible game list compared which is just shockingly dumb.
  12. So kind of dumb luck, but went into this close by overstock/returns style store, and bumped into what was supposed to be an overstock new arcade1up countertop for Galaga, figures, when I got home, it had a high score on it and a missing manual, but whatever $60 is a good price. I was wondering, is there a way to purge the high scores off the thing other than just doing better? Galaga 88 has a fairly high score on it, not familiar but barely with that so it's a bit grating. I've also been told you can get some kind of $25~ kit for this so you can rig a Pi up to the thing, and it'll just use the 3 buttons it already has to run various vertical arcade games. There some truth to this or better yet, links to the kit and pi exactly? I can't hardware mod this, like boring out holes and adding buttons, it would look like crap and I'd ruin it. Or better off leaving it alone?
  13. A couple weeks back and this was a $5 gamble to me, but I grabbed a copy of Wrestlemania 2000 off a table for GBC. I still have it out, it's not put into the game cabinet. It's actually kind of fun, fairly easy to learn setup with it too and has quite a few wrestlers, standard moves, and when you're pumped up enough you get their signature move as well. It flows nicely, good animation, figured it was more licensed crap but it turns out to be quite good. Might be something to look into if you want something more WWF than fire pro or wonky one off things.
  14. Metal Slug X was intentional and fits. Metal Slug 2 was rushed out and in poor shape with bugs and epic slow down in places, X is 2 with some of the stages shuffled, cleaned up, bugs and creeping pace removed so it plays right, basically it's MS2 Definitive Edition if they used such lame buzz words 20 years ago.
  15. I do like the look of that model of the 1943/42 cabinet. I'm still salty about not getting SF2 but the $50 myarcade is a good sub, Dragon's Lair would be cool too but ouch on that one.
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