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  1. That's I think their usual ongoing list of freebies they slowly expand with time, what's more interesting are the random days they give one up for 24-48 hours that don't hit that one. They've been generous for years with stuff, far before Epic decided to pop in and try and bait people.
  2. Yeah I don't get it. In all these years, any game I personally bought and have held onto all this time have never expired. The oldest one I have that has a touchy battery which is weird and unexplainable really, is a second hand (mid 90s) copy I grabbed of Sim City on SNES. It holds data, but every so often after some years it will screw up and torch the data back to factory. Yet I can come around, play it some more, and it's happy. I can come back a month or a year later town still there, but then maybe another gap...might be there, might be gone. The only dead ones I ever come across so far, second hand games, so I leave it up to treatment, environment, and maybe some bad luck of the draw. Well...that and those dumb pokemon games where the RTC eats the battery alive in like 3-5 years (Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire) as they just choke. I think Emerald was finally late enough it didn't do that, I'd have to look but too lazy.
  3. ^Good call, but then again, I'm kind of surprised you didn't double dip with Strider on this one as it's Capcom too and the same option to take a pretty linear and alright arcade game and made it far more awesome going into the whole adventure route.
  4. I'd argue Gameboy Color did justice as nice if not nicer a few years earlier with Warlocked. It's basically a copy cat of Warcraft Orcs and Humans, similar units, stages, amount of stages per side too. They add in special talent wizards you can find on maps, then deploy in battle on later maps after that stage. Sure it's GBC, but, good use of color, large amount of sprites, full audio spectrum here right down to every character having their own multiple clear vocal pieces just like the PC big cousin of it. It's such a magnificent and well done ripoff with perks. Here's a taste picking up the Human campaign, some nutty speed runner, right when they're about to attack the Orc/Enemy base and raise it.
  5. I have been, starting to get semi-close to what you can get away with for the final tax year this year before rates change. I'm asking less for stuff and primarily shooting for trades as I'm not paying taxes on personal property I've owned for years, screw this current government for sneaking that filth in last March. >:\ Get rid of what you can now or you'll be paying to get rid of it in part next year unless you go to all cash, which I will, no digital, no checks. I've offloaded quite a lot, trying to get to where it's like I know I want to keep it level stuff. My neighborhood should be this weekend doing the last community yard sale, I may make the poachers happy one last time this year. I figure anything I can't pop for $10 or so on ebay is going out on a table... games, toys, whatever. It'll end up a feeding frenzy if I do it.
  6. Same here, she like Kirby, not so much modern Yoshi with the crafted game on Switch not being fun to her, so I didn't bother with the others. I was thinking, if your kid is a reader Stardew Valley is a great option, mine keeps going at it, same with Terraria.
  7. Gameboy Color is basically intact. 6 moves removed from Smithy sequence, but every other board/move is intact. Lower quality audio, cut the death scenes a bit smaller, and re-animation too, it's using 2bit color, yet it's still smooth. This was wedged into a 4MByte file too.
  8. Wow how did he find that modded NGP proto? I would have loved to have taken a swing at that. Bonus on the IPS and being done by an actual employee with patents with SNK too.
  9. I got lost in Neutopia last night, first time I ever put any real time on it. Not bad, a little janky with how you can't hit stuff unless it's right on the sword, but the enemies can nip you with a far fatter hit box so that took time to get used to. Got the first 2 orbs and was starting to look at the underworld area. Not really sure where to go ...yet, and the first area was like don't go somewhere without a fire staff, but I never found that. It shows its age and it's wannabe Zelda roots being a bit more stiff, but it's actually pretty nice.
  10. I actually swapped out the PCE and accessories for a pretty 9/10 copy of Fire Emblem Gamecube. I know you were looking at 1943, Valkyrie, Shinobi which are very complete and excellent. Images are hiding in here: http://tanooki.byethost8.com/trade/PCE Collection/
  11. System, everdrive, ave 6pad, ext cord, and everdrive gone. Also Gradius 1, Gradius 2, and Ys Book CD are gone. The rest remains. I forgot I had this post, I'll edit it.
  12. Hey you inspired me to crack open a game I've had since it came out at the store, never left my hands. Maybe you'd enjoy to do some comparison here? If I read you right 8723 (on the PRG) would be the 23rd week of 1987 (Week of Sunday, April 19) which would put this in June. The other two dated chips are 8721 (Week of Sunday, May 10th) and below that 8716 (Week of Sunday, April 5th). The battery hard to read has 87-05 which would be May 1987. Is that correct? My battery still works as well which is insane given the time we're talking here on a 2032. Go Maxell! Glad I just ordered some LR44s from them for my Game & Watches. I remember when we got this game, originally was co-purchased with brother, mom brought us to the store after school the day it came out waiting in the car for it, but he never liked it in the day, turned into a sega douche eating the false advertising of 1989 and I bought him out of it then among some other games tired of the 7 year olds manipulated bad attitude. He regretted it not too many years later, never touched it again. Does yours use flathead screws too?
  13. So like a Tapper hack, you start whipping out flying tomahawks and scalp the scalpers for points.
  14. I have some of your game wants, but I don't use a PCE anymore, so trades towards that are out.
  15. Not sure how accurate this is, but while this is a deals site, you can sort by physical only. https://www.dekudeals.com/games?filter[format]=physical It lists over a 1000 physical titles. Seems it has more sorting tools for date, including future. Try this for 2021 and currently sorts from 12/31/21 and backward from there, even has a few for 2022 posted too. https://www.dekudeals.com/games?filter[format]=physical&filter[release_year]=2021&sort=release_date
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