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  1. Seriously? I have the PD Mini game on a multicart I've got for my GBA that has like the 100 best GG/SMS games on it. I've never really given it a lot of attention so now I'm curious. When I got my r-zone over a year ago it had that average tiger fair jedi game, shortly after daytona which on starting mode I've been able to win first. I bought this lot for $125 which had the same XPG and 2 games, but 7 more I didn't, and the 2 I didn't are in nicer shape and all had the dust clips. I've yet to dig into them largely, but I did add PD, MKT, Batman & Robin, Battle Arena Toshinden, Indy 500, and the other 2 Star Wars (MF and Rebel Forces) to play. I get it, I truly do dumping on Tiger. MOre than 1/2 their segmented og games are utter crap, strangely some of their better ones shouldn't be, or are the generic junk like baseball and pinball. The XPG is much the same, nothing truly rotten, some mediocrity, and strangely a few games that shouldn't by any rights be engaging but are. Most people rail on the RZone due to that atrocious headset and it ends there, probably never tried the other two improved variations which make it all the more better.
  2. Ok I am mixed on this one, positive mixed, but mixed. I'm quite versed in playing GnG and Ghouls too, SNES game as well. That said, on Legend this game is unreasonably handing my ass to me as is Knight nearly the same, hard to feel the difference other than maybe stuff taking a few more hits or maybe 1-2 less bad guys on screen at any time. It's not GnG hard, it's GnG on a steroids, crack, meth blend hard. Squire in all fairness feels as hard as the old games do. I'm not wanting to put it on baby mode or whatever it is, immortality is a cheat even if it would allow one to experience the stages and enemies in a way.
  3. BEEP? I ordered it from that british outfit Strictly Limited Games and it's not even listing as shipped. I figured it would come mid this year, so whenever...I'll live. Cotton is fun, it's brutal if you're out of practice, which I am. I've had it on SFC, TG CD and NGPC too over the years.
  4. For me that crap is up to 123.45 economy shipping from Morrisville, PA to Louisville, KY -- Perspective? 690mi, 10 1/2 hour drive if you follow speed laws exactly according to google. What the hell is really in those train cars? Coke smuggling operation?
  5. Wait you got your Switch version of the game? I wonder when mine will appear as I've had zero communication outside of the receipt/thanks for buying it email.
  6. For a brief set of times around Nov/Dec it was at $50 flat shipped. I felt the same bout it when it was $100-120 range. But seriously for $50 it's actually good, quite good, better than one should expect from such a desk top style of device. I mean if you're a priss about not having click sticks and buttons, nothing will change your mind, but it plays fine other than the somewhat odd button layout.
  7. I'll throw the big gorilla in the room here. Almost all the conversions of popular arcade and Nintendo games of the 80s and earlier 90s to the Tiger original handheld, Game.com, and even R-Zone format. There are exceptions, strange anomalies that oddly work when they shouldn't like Daytona USA, or the wii like light gun game of Virtua Cop. But most range from good at a generic level, but then rapidly downwards towards a range of what the hell, to this is straight f'ing awful depending on the game it's supposedly trying to play homage to. I recently got some R-Zone games, and strangely I have to give a nod for the game being the worst version, but also an accurate enough to still be passably good game of Panzer Dragoon. You can shoot all over, use all 4 view angles, has the bosses it's strange because it works. Daytona is the same on there, despite being segmented, if you see the bend in the road and hold the d-pad the direction of it, you stay on course and it works, while not will smash a wall or into another car. Then you get stuff like MK Trilogy and it's like what the hell man?!
  8. Yes it's just less crappier than the rest, but still damaged. That's why I kind of went in the direction of wondering if it's the rarer 2nd version that is a bit more free on loading up standard carts instead of custom multicarts Nintendo did for it. $800 if it's just another of those as I said, way out there. Obviously if it were mint, no real damage other than some like general scuffs and light stuff then sure it's worth a good bit more than something that looks like it was dropped or cracked intentionally to get inside being too damn lazy to get a locksmith to open it up right.
  9. I added, then realized I also had not updated my SD2SNES in a bit, and the HiDefNES kit had a slight revision so I just spent some time doing all that.
  10. Good range there. I get the $800 price concept but it's way out there unless it's the second version of the unit which is far more scarce. The general one that's cheaper it uses a Nintendo made multicart, and inside there are 2 slots. One, the one with Mario Collection has to be in there no matter what as the bootrom, and it has 3 games, the other 2 on screen slots are it and that's a second swappable cart with +2 titles. The harder to find one that's revised, it can boot on its own and it's multislot so you can just fire up whatever SFC game you want to jam into it which makes it more like my multi-slot MVS description from before. That one has far more value, maybe the $800 one is that, or the dude really thinks it not being cracked makes it worth over twice the price.
  11. Oh you're talking jailbreaks. I've kept mine stock. That's probably why I hadn't heard anything since I keep tabs on their site of kevtris gets to making changes. If I were to toss this on my system, if I wanted to go back to stock, can I re-flash a legit setup to it at a later date since it would be considered reverting to older information? Well look at this it was uploaded this Monday!: https://support.analogue.co/hc/en-us/articles/360000557452-Super-Nt-Firmware-Update-v5-0
  12. I have, they're quite hard to come by so I'm maybe surprised he just wants $250, even with the cracks, given it clearly works. It's like a hotel/kiosk Japanese version of like the NES M82 of sorts or like the Neo Geo MVS, a multi-slot version of a single slot device used to show off and play a few games. Shame the key is lost, but I guess if you right the right good locksmith a replacement could be made without ruining it. The worst of it is really the cracks. The controllers if you crack it open should be plugged in inside there so someone couldn't just walk off with them so replacing those with clean nice non-funked out SFC pads wouldn't be too terrible either. That $85 shipping charge is what stings.
  13. (1861) Positive Feedback (last 12 months): 100% Member since: Jun-09-97 in United States Just a fun fact, I've been with them since they were AuctionWeb which was based out of just California at the time starting in 1995. Originally they only served in state auctions, originally northern part of the state too as a local thing but expanded fast south to cover the whole state. Taken from the wikipedia on ebay: The company officially changed the name of its service from AuctionWeb to eBay in September 1997.
  14. Within the last week I've done 2 full and 1 partial trade/cash mix and so far it has all worked out well. Sometimes it's better, sometimes worse, depends on the item. I know from history though I used to have a sales/trade thread and despite having variety (though a lack of atari) and a price under the usual going rate a little I barely got bites so I stopped bothering with it. So maybe your luck like mine just sucked.
  15. Well if they have, got a link to some official upgraded firmware? I'd be curious to see the patch notes.
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