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  1. Wow I knew that Tetris was coming, didn't know it was out yet though. That's shockingly well done, original music, high score even on battery removal still retained, and the classic moves/modes of the old Gameboy release too. The only annoyance is the tiresome beep every space the blocks make as they fall to the bottom when pushed (ugh!) I must have that. I don't even buy these things anymore, made the exception for Spy Hunter and this I would too.
  2. I doubt I'll get agreement on some of these, but for one Pac-Man on NES, didn't look right by color and design, didn't feel right either, and was just shameful against what they did just after with Ms Pac Man. I don't feel right about it because it was a launch window title, clearly rushed to get out there early and fast so it has some technical problems, but the game is otherwise truly fantastic and that is Gradius III. The game has slow down even from just a bunch of things moving/shooting without a background in the opening parts, but then when you throw in the backgrounds + larger/largest objects like the big bubbles or the giant plant boss where it both gets really slow and getting the graphical break up/drop out on the visuals too. The game is sound otherwise, very well done with stunning design, visuals, audio, it just gets crippled. Recently a MSU-1 update was done or was it SA1? Either way someone patched it to use the expanded chip and it rocks it.
  3. NTM is because the crybabies over at the Augusta Golf Course where the Masters are held are sue happy a-holes who throw their weight around whether it's founded fairly or not. SNK chose to be lazy and take the easy way out putting that awful Top Players Golf on there instead of just placing the Japanese title graphics (Big Tournament Golf) on the screen instead. They've gone as far as doing this with their HDMI TV joystick, but not on the NG Mini or this arcade1up clone. More weird, NTM IS on iOS and Android and has the NTM name too, I have it on my phone, and it hasn't been hack fixed, so I honestly can't really contemplate the spinelessness, unless Augusta threatened to SUE after that came out but allowed that to remain in some trade off deal. As far as Windjammers go, someone probably owns it since it was a DataEast game and they've since (whoever scooped it up) put that out on various services and created a sequel too very recently.
  4. At that price and look of the build on it, combined largely due to the asinine amount of fighting games vs the other rich titles the hardware had at not just $500 but even if it were half that it would be a hard pass. I see no value in that at all unless you're someone who just wants to play a dozen KOF and family games along with yet again more fighters. Remove the MS family, then what...little choice.
  5. Don't want to derail the conversation here, but if you (or anyone) has questions we can take it to private messages. I'm just in this state of entire disuse, and it's like, keep it and see if I care again, let part of it go (like the games and duo, or some games and duo), or everything but my CG2 and everdrive, perhaps ALL and get the HD device. I love what's there, but haven't the time and it's a shame given the limited hardware out there as it wasn't like super successful into insane sales figures like Nintendo and Sega did in the period. I almost think I'd probably bother more had I a handheld GT(express) and my everdrive as it would be pick up and play fast and mobile.
  6. You think it's absurd a complete GB through DS era game can hit $100? I guess, but you want really wrong insane stuff, check the new copies of the old stuff, in particular the really old Gen 1 and 2 era things. Pokemon Red/Blue Version are touching the $2000 mark. I only know this because someone said something awhile back recently since I have that (red) and my jaw dropped...and while I could use it, that won't be sold, not tempting enough.:) People can be snarky selfish ignorants about it all they care to with the newest titles, but they're fine, quality of life improvements included. I don't see the big issue over a partial pokedex as it was getting a bit asinine thinking you need to really get all 800+ of them or whatever it's at now. The games handle far better than the stuff from the DS and early 3DS (XY) back, that's for damn certain.
  7. I think I'm probably blowing hot air, but I'm slightly considering offloading some of my pce based stuff as it has sat for so long outside of some one off use. Might just be better off sticking to my everdrive+cg2 combo than the upgrade I went through which is a shame. The discs just work better using a PC based emulator at this rate and I'm not certain I'd really miss them, much of those I would the MINI hd system has anyway.
  8. Didn't want to go overkill, picked one console and one handheld (SNES and Gameboy.) I think they had the most long term impactful footprint both for lasting design and lasting fun, stuff that aged well and still stands up nicely after all this time. They both broke some solid ground and set new bars for quality in their times.
  9. Well I mean maybe a little of a stretch, but the Famicom Disk System had downloadable content at kiosks or through their local modem network. You could pick up little expansion bits or corporate swap out stuff like that hack of SMB2j to play.
  10. Ahh not at all bitter, just a realist that they fouled up and I accept it. Knowing they had the offer on the table to me-too the hardware to get proper support and they instead budget capped themselves into an underpowered system due to tablet was a gloriously stupid mistake. Sure the Switch doesn't have dual screens, not a big deal and never has been, never would have been had the DS not been a thing. Miiverse had its base but it wasn't all that large the ing grand scheme, they really just moved on. I do agree the lack of a stylus was dumb as it would be a solid option, my original Shield tablet was one that included it (shame the replacement they sent due to the battery recall removed it.) The browser, tv remote etc that's just gimmicks. Dead on about the eshop that's a hot mess they could easily fix. In the big picture of most impactful stuff, there's no real logical step backwards the Switch fixed so much against the WiiU. I do dislike the lack of free online, but at least it's a pittance compared in ways to the other guys and it has some nice benefit from it. The Switch basically compared to another thing, the MMORPG, is like how you can see the WiiU like WoW, and Switch is like Guild Wars 2, it was designed looking at the damning flaws of the older and designed something to make sense in the newer that mostly but not perfectly does it better where the positives far outweigh negatives.
  11. Pretty sure my largest is the free copy of Portal Knights I got which is an interesting game but I got tried of it awhile back, and then there's Doom which stuffs a decent chunk on the system for the useless multiplayer I won't have anything to do with (and if online is disabled, game plays just fine off card anyway.) Other than that stuff like Blaster Master 0 and a few others are just not all that big as I'm not into digital unless it's a forced thing.
  12. I had the game for the WiiU right at the end, it was around the time their massive firmware update that took it from minutes into seconds to enter/exit the system tools/menu area bricked my entire system and they sent me back not my machine but a scraped up refurb beater. Pikmin3 stayed sealed as I was so annoyed and put off, not long after sold it all in disgust. For me, like MK8, and anything else post Pikmin would be new ground. Sure it's bad you can't get the dlc for it on the WiiU, but I mean how few really do in the grand scheme care anymore, it's the WiiU. Sure the FIRST party library for it was pretty amazing, but once and for all finally that lame system proved Nintendo can't carry shit to victory without both third party (even shaky at minimum) support and fan support are vital or you're screwed. The Switch is like the anti-WiiU. Takes the solid few good things it has (an off TV device and the games) and scrapped all the crap, made it super easy instead of a nightmare to code for/port to, and picked up the ease of use of most modern gaming engines so people will be happy to bring things to it. Had the WiiU never wasted so much of its budget into the underpowered console due to the expensive handheld tethered to it, who knows where they would have gone as the industry was willing and Nintendo pulled the rug out.
  13. Hah not bad, and I thought this was going to be about Shantae's re-release due to popular demand and the insane unfounded price it has floating on it now. That disembodied hand mechanic seems like an interesting take on the point and click adventure style of play.
  14. Or more realistically saying, getting finally a true first chance at life. WiiU bombed so hard few bought it and retained it long outside of extreme fanboys of the company, then the rest kind of just got dumped out there, handed around repeatedly, people hacking them to finally find an use for it. I'm pleased so seeing every last worthy first/second party WiiU game put on a proper system where it can sink or swim on its own merits and not because it's locked to a turd few wanted and fewer held onto as intended.
  15. Well said, in general in most cases those who made out in the gold rush were those selling expensive mining gear to all the suckers who would come back for more time and again with what little they dug up. Right now it's a video game gold rush where there are few actual game owning winners, it's mostly the service provider getting the profit with minimal sales effort for the return. Why work on it yourself when you can have others hand it to you for a so called service.
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